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Build a business plan #7 Identify the what the how and the why when building your plan

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– Hi, I'm Jeremy I'm an experienced CFO to help you start out grow and develop your business

Working predominantly in E-commerce, retail and technology, turning short-term projects into long-term relationships And today, I'm here to speak about why it's significant to identify the opportunity your business offers when building your plan That is a vital a part of the planning process To start out, that you must concentrate on the what, the how and the why? Firstly, what? What do you do when it comes to what you sell, who you sell to, and what you charge? Secondly, how? How do you deliver it, your product or your service? Is it a traditional model, or do you do it online? What are your costs and how much do you make on every sale? And lastly, the why? Why do customers purchase from you? Is it your cost, your service or your value proposition? How do you assess yourself against the market contest? And most significantly, how often do your customers come back for more? It's significant here to seize whether your planning any major changes to either what you sell, who you sell to, or how you deliver it? And besides, protect in intellect what makes you notable What makes you stand out from the crowd? What makes your business distinct from everyone else? This must be captured here and elsewhere in your plan

Tip prior to I wrap up Attempt to protect this easy You don't want the reader bored or confused at this stage of the story, right at the onset Try it out on your partner and even your teenage kids Whether they don't get hooked at the onset, it needs to alter

Thanks for watching this video, but please take a look at LinkedIn, Facebook or my website for further tips and help for you and your business Many thanks, bye!


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