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Buttered Pecan Whiskey Chocolate Chip Cookies – or Mookies (muffin-cookies)

hi everybody well today we are in our kitchen because we have an awesome yummy cookie recipe for you can't wait to try it hi everybody I'm Michelle LeMay and I'm Dr Mark LeMay and welcome to The Wellness Connection well Dr

LeMay we are back at our kitchen yes we are because we have an awesome very yummy cookie recipe for everybody to try and it's great because it's made with dark chocolate and almond flour and we did not use white sugar but we used a sugar substitute that will not spike your insulin or blood sugar so it's good and what else does it have Michelle? oh and a little bit of whiskey yeah just a little bit but it's really good yes really good so all right well you ready to get baking? I'm ready to get baking! I'm ready to get baking! okay we are back the cookies are done and same with the muffin cookies but we what are we going to call it? it's a it's a what a muffin a Mookie no that would mean it's cool coo coo coo fit a cookie know whatever see this it's like a cookie muffin okay cookie muffin so let's try the cookies so they're fairly still warm here when they're soft and they're soft cookie when they first come out like this so and they look slightly like pancakes but they taste great! Mmmmm! this is very good! Next! This is the cookie muffin or what will you call this? a wookie? A mucky? a mucky? because it's a cookie here let me serve you some muckys doesn't that sound good okay and cookie mookee so it's a mookie okay let's try it it's a mookie! Mind if I go first? go first, you've got the spoon you're gonna do it anyways wow this is super gooey gooey chocolate oh my gosh so these are really good!! you know it's like this is what I think you gotta let it get a little bit harder than this but boy that's good oh my gosh it's so chocolatey just a little bit of the pecan in there oh man that is good these aren't gonna last long at all so Michelle? so Dr

LeMay? You've got some chocolate right there that's okay good job these are really good all right well I hope you enjoy them as much as we did you bet and you can eat them guilt-free yep please make sure that you do share and a like for this and also subscribe to our YouTube channel we'd like to have you guys as part of our teams you can do this every single week yep okay well looks like you know we're going to be doing for a little while, so thanks for watching us on The Wellness Connection we'll see you next time bye everybody bye bye Mmm I think I want more of that get your own! hehe You're got a cookie already

You don't need another one I know but that's-that, I like that one Okayooo these are GOOD! CUT!

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