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GET UP & GET IT DONE – New Motivational Video Compilation for Success & Studying

Don't really want to get up and get out of bed? Yah I get up and get out of bed

I don't really want to work out, I work out I really don't want to hammer on a project, I hammer on the project As an overall rule I do not like procrastination You need to get things done but if you are going to rest that is one thing that you should procrastinate on, that's the one thing I want you to put off until tomorrow Now these could be signals that you need some time off and those signals might be right

They could be correct, but don't take today off Don't give in to the immediate gratification that is whispering in your ear, shut that down Do not listen to that little voice instead go through the motions, lift the weights, sprint the hill, work on the project, get out of bed If you only have 24 hours in a day, your success is dependent upon how you use the 24 You got to hear me people talk about Oprah Winfrey, you know Ted Turner, Warren Buffett, listen to me

I don't care how much money you make You only get 24 hours in a day and the difference between Oprah and the person that's broke is Oprah uses her 24 hours wisely That's it Listen to me, that's it You get 24

I don't care if you broke, you grew up broke, I don't care if you grew up rich I don't care if you're in college, you're not in college, you only get 24 hours and I blew up literally I went from being a high school dropout to selling 6,000 books in less than six months What happened? About 24 hours I was like okay Eric you got to get a grip on your 24 hours because you bout to be broke for the rest of your life and that's all I need you to do for me I can tell you all about your life if you just write down your 24 hours schedule for me

You let me look at it, I can tell you where you going to be in 5 years, I can tell you where you're going to be in ten years, I can tell you where you're going to be 20 years if you keep that schedule I had a teacher in eighth grade, eighth grade tell me I wasn't gonna make it to high school Eighth grade I had a teacher telling me that foolishness and what did I do I prove them right I went to high school wiling out Ninth grade year wiled out so bad that school kicked me out They was like you, we can't even take this no more, kick you out

Go to another school, I completely flunk that Go to a third school and finally begin to get my act together I've proven everybody who did not believe in me right and the few people who did believe in me, I proved them wrong Again we dealing with, it matters of the heart now A lot of times we behave in the way we behave because we don't feel like we got worth or value

We don't really recognize the heritage or who we are and what we can do so we just on that I'm just going to do whatever and get a couple of laughs but when you recognize how great you are, when you recognize that champion that's inside you you'll say you know what I got more to give There's more than life than this right here I deserve better You deserve better and then you'll say you know what, what I'm going to do I'm gonna prove everybody who didn't believe in me wrong and the few people who do believe in me imma prove them right and when you do that everything inside your life changes I just started saying before I make decisions, I just started saying okay, is this going to make my momma proud or all the people that's hating on me it's just going to make them say 'see, I told you

I'm in India speaking, I've found out the culture in India there, in Bangalore I was has the highest suicide rate because if these kids do not do well in high school they know they won't go to college and they know for the rest of their life they'll end up with poverty and they said I'd rather die than be in poverty That's what you call desperation What, you're going to settle for whatever the world gives you? You're going to settle for living how your mom and dad live now? I'm telling you all my young friends, you ain't gotta settle for that Most people think that the people that are at a very high level in society are cut from a different cloth They think that they're, they're literally a different breed than them and that they're and that they can't get those things

So that's kind of interesting right and it's always kind of a shocker to have the, the myth of that person burst but see here's the thing Although we're not cut from a different cloth, the fact that I mastered consistency is the difference and most people will never do that No one wants you to succeed right? Only your mom and even your mom doesn't want you to succeed cause she's afraid you're not gonna call her back Your brain doesn't want you to be a big success Your brain just wants to keep you alive

All your brain wants you to do is just pump out one or two kids so that the DNA can continue on, that's it Your brain will trick you You are your own worst enemy I know that if I fail to do that, that I am not instilling those habits, that's going to have, going to have a big-picture long-term goal Dudes, talent is overrated homie

There's no price too great for me There's nothing too great I would die for, for my dreams You know what I'm saying? I'm willing to risk it There's, there's nothing too great, there's no amount that I'm not willing to go but you could accomplish anything you want man

If you're willing to do it Right? But again you'll realize that what you think you are is not what you are You become something else You literally become something else If you want to be someone who's tireless you cannot be tired down, you'll become something else

So you don't have those limitations a normal human being has, you don't have that because you become something else You become something that embodies certain things that you're trying to move forward You'll go to any length you, so you're not going get tired because that because do that, at that point you have God on your side That's not even you anymore dude It's like, you know how? What I do is I focus on maybe one or two or three things at a time and then I just do it and then I get that done and then I do the next thing and then I get that done and then I do the next thing

No one's going to put you on You got, you have to put yourself on No one's going to put you on So, so you make that choice you just do your small tasks and you do it but see no one wants to hear that Success is about just quiet little actions

Getting rid of anything that's unnecessary Success is like a quiet daily set of tasks, real small Real real small It's very quiet It's a very quiet process where you're just drawing your state from within yourself doing these like simple little tasks but finding love in those simple little tasks

It's not this big rah-rah speech where you do this one thing and something big happens I'm tired I don't want to do it and I got a million reasons not to do it but what I do is I make the choice that I say if I can't make myself go do this, how am I going to live my dreams? I found that if I miss one day, I'll miss every day people are always wondering what the next step in life is and I say, ife's a little bit like a maze, you know? Until you walk down one hallway and try to open the door you don't know if it's a dead end or not and people are trying to sit back and that's where the procrastination comes in and look real far down the hallway, and I'm like, just walk small and steady wins the race what's the fastest way to change your life? for me I think it's understanding how to set up daily routines with alternating brain and body training and, killing procrastination The little win, with your family when you feel like watching TV sets you up for another win the next day a little win of getting up at 5 o'clock and running your morning routine sets you up for a habit, of a 5am club morning routine small daily improvements over time will lead you to stunning results it comes down to this Elvis, I think you have to work hard like, just so everybody knows we haven't gotten into this subject yet working hard, is the cost of entry to anything you know zero people that are successful that don't work their face off you know zero people now, they may have money as mummy and daddy made money and gave it to them but people that actually built their own success you know zero people that have had success, that did not put in obnoxious amounts of work what's the most important key to success? I think it's hunger it's not getting satisfied a hunger that doesn't go, a hunger to learn, a hunger to grow, a hunger to serve, a hunger to give a hunger to create break throughs most people are hungry until they make a certain amount of money and then they get comfortable and there's nothing wrong with that but it's not about the money, t's not about the business, it's about your growth because every one of us either grows or dies people ask me all the time, what does it take to be happy? I say one word, progress progress equals happiness because achieving a goal feels good for how long? A week, a month, three months? And then there needs to be something else and the reason for something else is because you gotta grow imagine a conversation with your future self and that, lets imagine that the you of 20 years from now shows up at your doorstep, and that you is stronger, smarter, wiser, wealthier, healthier, happier and that you shows up at your door and it looks at your life and it looks you in the eye if that future you is going to give you advice on what to stop, what to start what's the first thing they would tell you to be? Or do? take a step back right now and think about who we all admire in the world right? They're all people that punted the system, they're people that practice singing since they were five, there are people that shot 10,000 basketballs every morning it's always that it's always that 99% of the people right now that are listening to this are playing in the middle they're playing in a game that was structured for them they're risk adverse, they fear, and most importantly, they fear what other people think look, I believe that we're all born with lots of goodness in us but life throws curveballs life, the ambition of being alive, helps us dream, and if you've been given a dream don't discount that because you're not good enough yet develop yourself, weaponise yourself teach yourself to be so good at something that is necessary to serve in the area of your dream that now you're never even thinking about your comfort zones your comfort zone is irrelevant what matters is, what are you trying to do with your life? How are you trying to contribute? The one thing that discipline definitely does help you with, is it helps you get things done and when you get things done, when you actually do things you have more success if you have more success, and sometimes a big part of success is just not being lazy and just doing it it's like 90% of it is just showing up get there and start working, like you're not gonna feel perfect everyday it's pretty much the same with everybody that actually gets good at something there's gotta be those days you push through and they're probably gonna be more numerous than the days you don't and so the benefit of discipline in my eyes has always been that through discipline I get things done

Those days when I’m tired or worn out or just basically sick of the grind What do I do on those days? I go anyways I get it done even if I’m just going through the motions I go through the motions So yep you're in school, yes you probably are getting grades, etc but if it's not meaningful to you, if it's not important to you then you're not going to make it a priority

So what you have to do is find out how can you make it meaningful? How can you make it purposeful? How can how can you make it stick and when you can find that out I promise you you will get up early, you'll get there first and you'll do whatever it takes to make that goal a reality So for me, no such thing as procrastination, it's such thing as it's not a priority to you This is kinda hard to understand but sometimes you can try so hard at something sometimes you can be so so prepared and still fail and with every time you fail it's painful causes sadness and especially as I saw last night it causes disappointment I've often said a man's character is not judged after he celebrates a victory but by what he does when his back is against the wall so no matter how great the setback how severe the failure you never give up you never give up, you pick yourself up, you brush yourself off, you push forward, you move on, you adapt, you overcome, that is what I believe everybody here, everybody watching, I won't be stopped, I can't be stopped you're either committed, or you aren't you're either willing to do everything it takes whatever that might be or you aren't you either are willing to go through hell and high water and fire and brimstone to get to your goals or you aren't Work on yourself, work on your focus you cannot stop, you gotta work the problem with you is you see difficult, as something negative I want you to see difficult differently Are you hearing me? I need you to push through that stuff push through it

You can get through it the more you go through, the more difficult it is the more challenging it is listen to me, the harder it is are you hearing me? The more challenging it is all you're doing baby is building muscle in life, you're either going through a storm in a storm, or you're coming out it's a part of life There's no way around it so just be careful not to allow the trials and tribulations to consume you I don't care if you're a billionaire I don't care if you're a CEO of one of the most important companies, I don't care if you're an entertainer, like I don't care who you are, you can go to the moon we all have problems what I'm trying to tell you is this though problems are a part of life but guess what they're not life It's not going to be easy There are moments when you are going to doubt yourself there are rough times are gonna come but they have not come to stay no matter how bad it is or how bad it gets you've gotta make it your personal business to make it happen

For me, it – it has been the – to be that guy that does what people say can't be done You know and I think it started with trying to please my mother and trying to please my grandmother and they always wanted higher for me They always wanted more for me and it got to the point that I wanted to be something I wanted to be somebody and it made me choose certain roles, it made me turn down certain roles there is more than an image that I want to project I want to be the person that is the first person there and the last person to leave

That's what I want to be because I think that the the road to success is through commitment and through the strength to drive through that commitment when it gets hard and it is going to get hard and you're going to want to quit sometimes but it'll be colored by who you are and more who you want to be I definitely found that wanting to be an actor stems from wanting to be somebody My mom wanted me be a truck driver because that would mean I would make $24,000 a year if I went to Truck Masters and I'll be twice what my father made and she thought that would happen but something inside of me said I don't want to drive a truck There's something else that matters more to me and I decided I was not going to go for money instead of passion and the rewards been pretty amazingly better than being a truck drive It's not bad being a truck driver it's just not what I was after and I, I look back and one of the things that helped me was my original teacher Jim Rohn, who was a personal development speaker I went to hear when I was 17 he said so the first time I heard him he said 'you know it's really simple if you want life to change, you got to change

If you want life to be better you've got to get better It's the only way it happens and luck will show up for people and it will leave them but if you're constantly improving who you are and what you give, game over See if you can find some ways to multiply your value to the market and he said your income will immediately start to change See if you go through life holding back and most of us do, most of us if we ask ourselves have we done all we can do? Most of us will have to answer, no we haven't We've been holding back

We have ideas that we don't act on things we want to do, we're afraid to take chances, we go through life trying to seek security and not coming outside of our comfort zone and we take most of our stuff with us to the grave Up until then I was hoping that the economy would change, I was hoping that my company would change, I was hoping that my paycheck would change, I was hoping that circumstances outside would change and here's what I found out It isn't going to change So then my question was if it isn't going to change, how will my life ever change and here's what my teacher taught me When you change, when you change, everything will change for you and I'm saying that the fact that you're still here that you're still breathing you've got some more work and you owe it to yourself

You owe it to yourself so when you get up in the morning that you can look yourself in the face and say hey I'm living my life on my terms Change your question, change your life When it comes to planning your life I want to get you to learn to ask three questions now The question you want to ask yourself is what do I want? What's my outcome? What's my result? The word RP

M The first one is to get you focused on the target The target is not the activity, the activity can change Its what the – what's the result I'm after If you know exactly what it is you really want, what you desire, what you're really after, clarity is power

The more clear you are in specifically what you want the faster your brain can get you there but if you're generally saying things like what do I want, 'well you know I want more money', 'fine, here's a dollar get out of here' Whether you get the outcome or not whether you get that result will be based firstly of clarity and the second thing is whether you get enough emotional juice to keep going after it when things don't work out Did you achieve the outcome? Yeah, when you're that general, you might be – you think you're not getting your goal, you are The way you language your goal, the way you think about it, you're receiving it You know you know, I, you know I want to feel a bit better

I want to lose some weight fine, you lost the pound you're done When you get better, everything will get better for you and that's where I picked up that phrase: for things to change, you've got to change You don't have to change the marketplace you don't have to change the marketing plan, you don't have to change the economy, you don't have to change countries, you don't have to change circumstances out there, all you've got to do is look within and see if you can change yourself for the better and as you change, things will start to change for you What's the result I'm after, what's the ultimate result, what do I want out of this week, out of this thing, out of my business, out of my life, for my body Don't concern yourself too much with how you're going to achieve your goal leave that completely to a Power greater than yourself

All you have to do is know where you're going the answers will come to you of their own accord Here's my best advice: welcome all experiences, you never know which one is going to turn everything on Are there going to be some moments when you want to give up? Yes Will there be some moments when it's going to seem like it's impossible, the pain that you're experiencing, the disappointment that you're experiencing that you're going to say it's not worth it? Yes, that's – that's going to be right there for you It's going to be in your face telling you to go back

When we think about changing our lives usually that means changing your behaviors or retraining yourself, getting new habits, oing out and trying them out and changing your life This is about changing your thoughts and then your life will change Change your thoughts change your life Benjamin Disraeli said nothing can resist a human will that will stake its existence on its purpose Shortly put, I'll do it or die

Know that all you have to do is hold your goal before you Everything else will take care of itself and I can tell you that it doesn't make any difference what age you are, whether you're a teenager watching this or whether you're someone in your 60s, 70s, 80s or anywhere along the way, you can make that change Every thought, every feeling, every emotion you experience in this lifetime is shaped by beliefs and values All of your life is controlled by decisions you make Decisions about what to believe, decisions about what to feel, decisions about what to do and most of us are on automatic pilot letting the world trigger us instead of taking back control of our life and when you do that, just think of it this way

Anything you want to change, you want to change your body, you want to change your career, your business, your relationship what to do requires the right strategy If you want to lose weight and keep it off you can't obviously just throw your pendulum and go on some silly diet You have to know the things that're going to give you lasting results, so we teach those strategies but some people even know what to do but they don't do it and why are we able to get people to do it, to follow through because 80% of success in anything my friends, is psychology and 20% is mechanics What that means is there's how to do stuff and there's why to do stuff How to do it, is not that complex and if you really learn from somebody who knows those refined distinctions they can – they can show you those tipping points

Those things you can do where in the least amount of time, you get the biggest result As you look at yourself as a business operator, as you look at yourself as an entrepreneur as you look at yourself as a person that wants to make a mark with your life, that wants to leave a legacy, you've got to be hungry It's better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, than to have an opportunity and not be prepared You want to find people who master that because success leaves clues and that's the same thing I'm suggesting to you Whatever area that you want to go in, if it's finances and business, insurance industry, whatever area that you're interested in, find the people who are mastering that and follow their example

Watch your relationships They are nourishing relationships and there are toxic relationships Nourishing relationships, they bring the best out of you, they inspire you Toxic relationships, they drain you People that are hungry, are willing to do the things that the others won't do, in order to have the things tomorrow others won't have

People that are hungry believe always strive to get on top in life because it's the bottom that's overcrowded People that are hungry know if you want to be successful, you must be willing to do the things today others won't do, in order to have the things tomorrow others won't have If you do what is easy, your life will be hard Complain, point at your circumstances, give up your power, blame the government, blame the economy If you do what is easy, your life will be hard but if you do what is hard, your life will be easy

It's hard to make a radical change in your behavior It's hard to take ownership, it's hard to swallow the bitter pill that wherever you find yourself, at some point in time you made an appointment to be there It's hard It's hard If you do what is easy, your life will be hard

If you do what is hard, your life will be easy

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One Day It Will Be Over – LIVE NOW – Motivational Speech

I wish I had not taken life so seriously I wish I had not taken life so seriously I wish I had not taken life so seriously I wish I would live longer I wish I would give more happiness for my family I wish I knew how precious life is How do they pass How special and at the same time fragile and unimportant I wish I had not given up my dream so easily One day your life will pass before your eyes, make sure it's worth watching! When we look back on our life In our last breaths We will all be surprised Does my life say anything? Does my life say anything in this world? That I loved

Did I have an impact on someone else's life Am I important? We do not take care of our accounts We do not care about our hair And without a doubt we will not care about our preferred TV show We do not stop for a second to think about other opinions and reviews Am I important? Before you reach the last breath Maybe today is the time to make a change Make your life better! One day all this will be over There will be two dates from the race side

Make sure the race is not empty Make sure these are full lives Exhaustion !!! Oscar Wilde once said "Living is the most rare thing in the world Most people exist, that's all" And he was right Do not live like everyone else

to exist Be exceptional! Live every minute With passion and amazement Do not take anything or anything for granted! What is important to you? What are the dreams you have? Go and get them! What are you waiting for? You only have one chance If you miss the goal At least live proudly knowing you have no remorse who do you Love? who loves you? Tell them Tell them now You will never know when this will be your last chance Do not take this magical thing called life for granted

Keep your head, while everyone else loses theirs Trust yourself while everyone else doubts you Control your dreams while everyone else gives up Be the captain while everyone is happy to be the team Be the lion while everyone is playing the sheep Be the leader while everyone follows Live every day as if it were your last day on earth It could be Live your vision!

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6 Minutes to Start Your Day Right! – MORNING MOTIVATION | Motivational Video for Success

What would be your perfect day? I mean, your ideal day A day that you went to be that night and you just thought "That was the most incredible day"

"That's how I want most of my days and my life to be, just like that" What would that perfect day be like for you? I'm the one that controls whether or not I'm gonna have a good day All of us, we are the ones that define if negative impacts are gonna have a good or a bad impact on your life It's your mentality, your mind is a battleground Nobody can affect whether or not you're gonna have a good day, but yourself and your own mind

You must come up with a morning routine that you do every single morning or at least more mornings than not That puts you in control of yourself and in control of your day This is what I do and I cannot explain the power that I get >From starting my day off and being bigger than my excuses and being in control First and foremost, wake up on time

When that alarm goes off, get your butt out of bed 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Go Why is that important for persistence? The reason why is because the first decision that you're making of the day is to actually get up and get moving That means you are persistently bigger than your excuses You are persistently bigger than feeling lazy And you are persistently beating the feelings that typically stop you

You no longer need to be a victim to the past You no longer have to be a victim to a future in which you are projecting negativity You no longer have to be a victim to anything that anyone has ever said about you You no longer have to be a victim to the things that you said about yourself You no longer have to be a victim to anything

Affirm your vision every day And don't affirm it as: "I'm trying", "I wish", "I want to" "I AM!" Every single day "I am" as the creative force of the universe Whatever you attach "I am" to, you will become You say "I am" you know, "tired", "I am frustrated", "I am lonely"

I think you're inviting more of that in that So the principle is to turn it around, invite what you want into your life Three questions you wanna ask yourself on a regular basis You wanna ask: "How can I grow?" "What can I give?" And "What can I celebrate?" Those are three questions you want to live with Because you are evolving unique being

You want to ask every day: "How can I grow?" So at the end of that day you're not the same person that got out of bed You've had an insight You've had a revelation You've practiced something new You've tried something new

So that you have become more of yourself "How can I grow today?" "I don't wanna be the same person 365 days from today" "I wanna evolve" "I wanna become more of myself" "I wanna express myself better

" The second thing that I want you to do Before you look at your e-mail, Before you answer your phone, Before you start surfing Vox and Vice and BuzzFeed and you know, team stream And checking out the sales on Zappos and looking at your Facebook newsfeed, Before you pick up the damn phone, please, please, please, Figure out your two priorities for the day These are the things that matter to you Whether it's saving money and making sure you're focused on that Or showing up at work and being a contributor Or whether it's changing how you treat your spouse or your kids or the person that you're with Or getting in the gym because you said you would

Whatever it is that your two priorities are, put them in your head before you pick up the phone Why? The reason why is because of persistence The reason why is because I want you to have a good day Living in the moment Live for today

Be excited with where you're at Make the most of it and enjoy every moment Live every day like it's your last Cause one of these days you're gonna be right Enjoy the ride

Success is a journey, not a destination So live in the moment and enjoy the moment I still have to overcome negativity I still have to get out of bed I still am stressed some days

And there are some days I question myself Some days I make bad decisions And it's just how you get over them, how you handle it and how you go forward You know what makes for a bad day? What makes for a bad day is snoozing, starting your day off late, starting your day off tired, starting your day off by mainlining everybody else's newsfeed on social media And looking at everybody else's life and saying to yourself: "Oh my god, they're on vacation!" or "Gosh, they look so great", Or "Their friends are so fancy" or "My gosh they've got some money" You start off your day looking at that shit, you're never gonna have a good day

You gotta start off your day by getting up on time, Figuring out your priorities and then getting to work on them Do not pick up your phone until you have done those two things I think the single biggest reason why people have bad days Is because they start them off by looking around at everybody else And seeing what they're doing instead of having the focus and the discipline To actually start your day off with you in control And with your priorities front and center Subtitles by the Amara

org community

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Best Version Of Yourself – Motivational Video

Warren buffett one thing the more you learn the more you earn that That is so true? Look at successful people like Bill Gates Steve jobs Elon Musk oprah Mark Cuban and any other highly successful human They are successful because they use their time right they are successful because they are lifetime Learners they commit to learning new things every single day Warren buffett one of the wealthiest humans on the planet is famous for reading more than [5] hours every day Bill Gates read one book per week mark Cuban three hours a day Oprah well, she's just obsessed with books Notice the common theme here successful people never stop learning Think about this you have eighty six thousand and four hundred dollars to spend every single day But when the day is over the money disappears you can't give back when you try to spend all of the money Before they disappear when [you] try to use [it] wife Using assess you cool the sad part is we only have 86,400 seconds a day and most people take this time for Greg most people let this time Disappear without a second stop we'll never get this time back We must use it wise we must be productive We must use our time to do things [we] [enjoy] You to set up our life, so we could spend our futures doing more things We wanted instead of wasting your time or meaningless things you to learn new things The time you spend playing video games or partying with your friends will never come [back] once you use that time it's gone forever Use your time wisely read book Study hard and learn as much as you can Most people give up on their dreams because it gets too hard a lot of students stop chasing their dreams Because of one failed test [a] matter of fact most students don't even try their [best] when they take the test Because in their mind they have already failed the test They [stopped] believing in themselves and wants to believe [them] killed the dream is kill if you have a dream You must do everything to make it into reality

[it] doesn't matter how many times you fail a test never stop believing in yourself [light] itself is a 10 Sometimes you will fail, but the only way you could be a failure is if you stop trying Whatever dream you had use all your energy to make it into reality Push yourself to become the person you are destined [to] become If you want to get results you have never got before you are going to have to do things you have never done before The richest man in the world Bill gates was once asked which superpower [he] would like [to] have The richest man in the world said that he would want the ability [to] read books faster Success is not about the money the fame or the big house It's about becoming the best version of yourself You will fall down many times on the road to success But the most important thing is that you get back to get back up strong and why then before? create a mindset that does not allow you to quit or stop believing if you quit [our] [industry] and give up you'll never know how great you'll Never doubt you sir Now kills more dreams than failure everywhere you [oh]

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Go HUNT Your Dream – Motivational Speech

Dream This is a powerful word You will be fired many times Pursuing your dreams You will feel like you do not have this energy To Stand Up Again It's as if you do not have the power to stand up again You will feel as if you surrender It's the only option When you're hit When you're down From life It's time to kick back THIS IS YOU TO GO TO WALK! Many people They are struck by life But they never repaid Will you keep going downstairs? Or will you decide to go up? It requires courage Requires confidence It requires a strong mindset Go back up when nobody believes in you There is a lion in all of us But some people decide never to let the lion out Some people hold this lion locked in his cage Are you hungry for this dream? Will you fight for this dream? SHOULD LOVE OUT BE WATER FOR YOUR DREAMS GO TO WASTE YOUR DREAMS Talking about this dream will not take you far WORK WILL The doubters will tell you to be a "Realist" The heaters will tell you to stop You're the only one who can go and catch her THIS IS YOUR DREAM Nobody She will not chase her for you Nobody She will not hunt for you Nobody It will not help you with your dream AND YOU There is a quote that reads: "Everyone wants to eat But few will hunt! " EVERYTHING WANT TO SUCCESS BUT SMALL IT WILL INSIDE THE NECESSARY WORK Stop limiting yourself You can make your dream Your reality But it will only require ONE PERSON To believe it is possible It will require one person TO REMOVE IT IN THE WORLD THIS PERSON YOU ARE There are many people before you who have done great things Who have experienced their dream life They have done so This is proof that you can This is proof That you can live your dream If you really want it You are the most dangerous threat to your dream Because only you I decided when to stop and give up your dreams ONLY YOU You decide when to kill these dreams You are stronger than you know YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD WITH YOUR DREAMS But that requires you to get out of your comfort zone And release the lion in yourself He requires you to drop a lion from his cage Requires you to pursue your dreams IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT If you have a poor mindset, If you're afraid to take risks You will never go far in life You will never achieve this dream with a poor mindset Achieve a way of thinking that will help you move forward WHEN YOU PREVENT Life is unpredictable Full of surprises You may be closer than you think Your dream can become a reality If you refuse to surrender WERE AS LOVE NEVER GIVE UP From the challenges ahead The lion never stops pursuing his prey Until he catches her YOU ALWAYS DO NOT STOP YOUR OWN MESH IF YOU DO NOT EXCISE YOU READ MORE And never allow the little minds to convince you that your goal is inaccessible Maybe it's inaccessible to them But you know better BELIEVE IN YOURSELF If you are on the road to my goals and dreams: WE OFFER YOUR MOVEMENT

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DON'T QUIT – Study Motivation

Most of you won't be successful because when you're studying and you get tired you quit I'm here to tell you today if you gotta somebody came in my office the other day crying i said look don't cry to give up cry to keep going don't cry to quit you already in pain you already hurt get a reward from it

Don't go to sleep until you succeed Listen to me i'm here to tell you today that you can come here you can jump up you can do flips you can be exciting when we give away money but listen to me you'll never be successful until i don't have to give you a dime to do what you do You won't be successful until you say i don't need that money cuz i got it in here so if you want to make six figures you can't just be talking about you want to make six figures when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you'll be successful and when you get to the point where all you want to do is be successful as bad as you want to breathe then you'll be successful and i'm here to tell you number one that most of you say you want to be successful but you don't want it bad you just kind of want it You don't want it badder than you want a party you don't want it as much as you want to be cool you most of you don't want success as much as you want to sleep Some of you love sleep more than you love success and i'm here to tell you today if you're going to be successful you've got to be willing to give up sleep you got to be willing to work off for three hours of sleep two hours if you really want to be successful some days you will have to stay up three days in a row because if you go to sleep you might miss the opportunity to be successful

That's how bad you gotta want it You gotta go days without it Listen to me you got to want to be successful so bad that you forget to eat so listen to me Emma Smith said this at the end of commercial Emma Smith said that all men are created equal some work harder in pre season i'ma say it again because you might have missed it all men are created equal some work harder in preseason

So that means that there are some people who are going to see the professor going to see the TA and even when the professor says I don't meet with you, my TA meet with you you say I don't want to talk to your TA I don't pay the TA I pay you to teach me so you are gonna have to find some time to meet me if I got to meet you at the mall if I got to meet you at your house you are going to see me Listen to me all men are created equal some work hard in preseason When I went to college, guys were way smarter than me four point oh three point oh they went to the Ivy League high schools came to oak board from these great high schools, most of them are not doing what I'm doing Why? Because it's not about where you come from it's about heart you come to a place where you know being smart ain't enough you gotta have heart that's number one whats number two number two catch number two I wrote it down I want to make sure you got it It says to be watch this watch this we talking about sacrifice now

The important thing is this you're right and why I'm saying it cuz i only have about three more minutes listen to me the most important thing is this to be able at any moment to sacrifice what you are for what you will become That's the number two thing you got to catch that one to be able to listen to me at any moment some of you you can make sacrifices when monday night football is not on, you can make a sacrifice but when the game come on for some reason you just attach to it but some of you when your favorite show come on you you can leave you can make sacrifices on Sunday when they're not going on but when your favorite show comes on Monday, some of you focus until the phone ring and then you like I gotta answer it if i don't answer the phone I'm gonna die I'm saying to you today that there are some of you if you give up your cell phone you would be successful but your cell phone is more important to you than your success I'm gonna say it again I'm gonna hurt somebody I'm gonna hurt somebody some of you need to give up your cell phone because the time you spend on your cell phone could be used for your success the time you could be using to be successful you're using on the sale and the cell phone is not bringing you nothing but a bill and somebody has told you you couldn't live without it I'm talking about going deep now giving up stuff Watch what it says

To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could be I don't do well in math you're right you ain't never studied I'm not good in writing cuz you have never written before but I dare you to fail it right for a whole year to see if you can get to the end I dare you to fail I dare you to take that same class over and over guys I dare you stop dropping classes like you soft Always want to give up i'm dropping why you drop it I'm so grateful that the slaves didn't drop and quit say I'm just gonna stop I'm a slave I'm just gonna be a slave I'ma quit listen to me the slaves said we will live because one day we will become

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The Most Motivating 6 Minutes of Your Life | David Goggins

They scoffed at someone, someone lives in stress, others are notorious, there are fat men I called myself fat because I was fat People do not want this! They say – do not call yourself fat! Don't call yourself stupid! But if you are not honest with yourself nothing will change! In this sweet new world in which we live, we want to hear – you just have a wide bone No, my friend, you are still fat We surround ourselves with people next to which we feel great They tell us what we want to hear As soon as we are in the presence of outstanding people We feel uncomfortable

We are challenged – they are raised at 3:30 at night and they say – get ready, we go for a jog We are more comfortable with those to whom we speak: “You know, mate, I feel something unimportant today” And they replied: "Yes, of course, my friend" We do not want these bastards to tell us: “Uh, no brother, come on, fuck up!” Don't be a whim! ” It's all about escaping mind What is “running mind”? Say, today is the first day – job interview We all know that feeling From the evening I planned what to wear, cooked a meal

You have been preparing for an interview for more than one week You came and showed your best And you got a fucking job Merry Christmas to you! Fine! After a couple of months, you start a little late for work You look no longer with a needle Do not cook breakfast Mind becomes sluggish We create this garbage with all our life

When the New Year comes, you know what? Do it so that you do not have a “mind runner” Repeat every day Be firm I'm sure most people use only 40% of their potential The mind has a limiter, like a car If you drive a car whose speedometer shows that it can accelerate to 130 miles per hour, but the limiter is set to 91 miles per hour The car wants to accelerate The car wants to accelerate, but the fucking factory limiter says – No, we will not go faster than 91 miles per hour

We have a factory limiter in the brain – a survival mechanism, it protects us from pain and suffering Reason always has tactical superiority over us Why? He knows what you are afraid of he knows your complexes, he knows about your shameful lies And then he takes you further away from all this, he leads you to where you are comfortable Mind controls everything

As soon as you reach 40%, the brain says – that's enough Let's turn It hurts and unpleasant And you sit down You need to understand how

and we are all different, I just talk about this in the book We all know – 4 ways to achieve this, or 5 steps on the way to this But this is all superficial

It's all bullshit This is a training that is necessary this is a habit If you know that 40% hurt you 40% hurt me This is where the 40% rule comes into play

This is where it all begins “Well, it hurts me,” the mind tells me all this garbage ” He says: “Let us run, get the hell out of here” We appreciate – fight or run “That's enough we are not good enough” He tells you all this and you believe, because the mind controls everything This is the very moment when it is necessary to seize control from the mind Something like this: “Okay, let's see, maybe I can give everything 45%” And as soon as you start giving yourself more and more hope, you will understand “OK” The mind will start thinking: “Ok What are you doing? We must go to the right, and you go to the left! ” Then you will begin to control the mind

You will begin to find more in yourself And then you lay out a lot more than 40% But this is only the beginning Achieve a state where the mind says to you, “Stop!” Whatever the state, at the beginning attain it And only at this moment this crap begins to work

You start to control yourself at this moment Well, again this time of year When you are happy again Why? Because you don't have to go to work If you believe in Santa Claus and celebrate Christmas, You're waiting for Santa to come down the pipe and give you presents

This is a very good time of the year, in this good time of the year, we feel very good, Feel great We give ourselves promises: “I will lose weight” “I will learn better” I will be better in that, I will be better in this ” And what do you think will happen? This fucking happy Christmas comes when all this noise stops Silence And you are against yourself And all endorphins weathered, as well as the promise to get up early, lose weight and study better You know? Now everything is much more complicated This approach is much more difficult Many of us cannot act independently So find someone so that when you throw the towel into the ring, They threw this fucking towel a towel thrown at you and said: “You fucking have not finished yet!” What will you feel when you reach your goal, get out of this shit? Get out of fucking hell? Many people start with good positions, they have a good base

What if you can get around all these dickheads? What if everyone started fucking c such heights, but with such, and you and you started legless? And you had to grow your fucking legs to walk, and then crawl and run and then you began to overtake people despite their starting advantages Perhaps this is exactly what I need

Darkness – exactly what I need This is how you look at the situation

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USE YOUR PAIN – Best Motivational Video

I was never someone who set realistic goals, I always wanted the best, I always wanted to be the best and I always continued to work hard based on my goals But I want you to understand that when someone tells you that you set realistic and possible goals, I really believe that these people, inadvertently insult you because they believe that your small and fragile ego can withstand the pain of disappointment

And the truth is that the reason why I say that I set huge goals it's not just because I think I can achieve them, It's because I know that if I do not achieve them, those unrealized expectations hurt The disappointment you feel when you set big goals and achieve them is great, ok? You need to understand that pain teaches When you feel pain, you should give it less importance and not cry all day Maybe you cry for a whole day, ok? That is acceptable But the point is that when you have something that does not happen the way you planned it that is a trigger to create a situation in which it is impossible not to get what you want

And that is the difference between those who succeed and those who do not Successful people understand that pain teaches them to work harder They do not cry or complain about how unfair the situation is Brother, I could just be a 39 year old man crying for that woman who broke my heart at 17 Like most people

But what did I do? And you can say that I am being fussy, you can say whatever you want, but me but from the dark side, damn And that means, that when someone hurts me I assure myself Not only did he achieve what they thought he could not do, but he rubbed it in his face I was not a very motivated student, I was not a person with many achievements, I was not the most successful person okay? But that experience caused me enough pain to kick my ass and say, "You know what? I'm going to show this bitch what I'm made of, and you know what? That 's what I did And that moment probably took me forward for the first 3 or 4 years of the business

3 or 4 years I was able to look back and think: "I'm going to show you, I'm going to do this, I'm going to do that" And you can say "Oh, that's insecurity, if you were sure" You know what? I'm grateful that I was insecure, I'm grateful to have gone through that situation because I take the pain and use it as fuel I take every negative thing that someone tells me, or says about me, or whatever they believe about me and I use it to get ahead and achieve my goals

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WARRIOR – Best Motivational Speech Video (Featuring Billy Alsbrooks)

I'm not going to sit here and tell you life is going to be Ron Howard Happy Days everyday it's not going to be that way Matter of fact, it's probably going to be the opposite You see the enemy is going to throw everything he has in his toolbox at you

Now he can't stop you himself but his objective is to get you to stop you This message is for the struggle For all those going through trials and tribulations People in this world are gonna fool you disappoint you turn their back on you the closest around you are gonna give up on you And when things hit the fan everybody's gonna run you gonna look around and you will be all alone I'm just keeping it real with you because somebody out there needs to hear what I'm saying

This ain't a motivational video man this is life This ain't no game to me and I know what you're going through And I'm going to speak life into you, right now Nothing, listen to me nothing can stop you God will never leave you nor forsake you and that is all you need There's a power Inside of you that you can only discover when you are truly alone Just as the waves on a beach shore come in and out people will do the same relationships are like music and you should never make music with anybody who doesn't understand, appreciate and value your lyrics

Sometimes, you just got to let these people go you got to know your worth Sometimes you just got to let these people go You got to stop chasing people who don't appreciate you Sometimes in this life champion, you gotta remind the world just who you are And you don't do this by telling them with your mouth You tell them with your actions You make your actions speak loud and proud to who you are Don't let the world convince you that you're nobody

You're somebody who just don't know it yet You hear what I'm saying champion, I'm speaking to the champion in you Rise champion the way of the warrior Champion arise, get back up my spirit cries, fear dies choked out by the scream the desire to climb and live out my dream Take it for the team Discipline reigns I want it too bad, to listen to the pain I'm a winner To God be the glory Tragedy and setbacks, an inspirational story warriors like me, we were strategically designed for the struggle Many before me gave up and quit acted all bad, to the first time they got here But see blood don't scare me I fear not death Whatever it takes champion to be the best of the best I was made for war I cry out to heaven Blessed and unstoppable An immortal legend Climb I say the un-climbable mountain Kicking and punching I just keep on pounding I found it that deep desire to win I remember the feeling and I say "Never again" See warriors like me we were born and strategically designed for the struggle the way that a warrior, champion arise get back up, my spirit rise Fear dies, choked out by the screams the desire to climb and live out my dreams Take it for the team, discipline reigns I want it too bad to bow to pain

I'm a winner To God be the glory Tragedy, setbacks, an inspirational story Many before me gave up and quit Acting out bad to the first time they got here blood don't scare me I fear not death whatever it takes, jump in To be the best of the best climb I say the un-climbable mountain Kicking and pacing I just keep on pounding Because I'm a warrior and that's what we do I'm Billy Alsbrooks blessed and unstoppable to God be the glory What kind of life do you want to live? Success is a choice It's a decision that only you can make for you First, comes the choice then, comes the commitment

Are you willing to commit to doing what it takes to go where you want to go? A lot of people say they want to be successful But they struggle and they stumble on that commitment part A lot of times the only way we will make that commitment is we have to hit rock bottom We have to get so sick and tired of feeling the way we do before we'll ever take the action needed to crawl up out of that pit I think you're ready I think you're ready or you wouldn't be listening to me right now

I think you know that you have greatness on the inside of you and you just need somebody to speak over your life and that's what I'm gonna do right now I speak greatness over you Arise champion, I'm speaking of somebody out there The reason you feel so uncomfortable on the inside is because you know you're not being the best version of you that you can be That discomfort is trying to move you from where you at to where you belong Your destiny is playing this and you know this on the inside and that voice just keeps on calling and you're never gonna have the peace until you go become who you are supposed to be

Now, we're gonna set this change in motion for you right now I want you to say this with me I want you to say this out loud I am ready to change my life I am willing and committed to going all-in and fully commit to doing the things that it takes to become the person I was meant to be and that starts right now All excuses stop right now I will not from this point forward point the blame at anybody else for my own destiny I will take responsibility for who I want to be

I will get up every day and work toward that person that I've known that I am on the inside I pledge with all my actions allegiance to success I will search deep down inside for a Why that will allow me to run through walls with it Because I will not be denied Champions put in place the habits and daily rituals that manufacture success They push themselves constantly to the point of pain And by refusing to tap out to that pain they eventually give birth to greatness Pain is no match for a real champion the legends understand to be a winner One must be comfortable at being uncomfortable The dark, the unknown, the fears that stop each and every one of us must be faced and faced alone

For the more we go through the fire the more refined we become Those struggles, trials and tribulations, they mold and shape us prepare us for the calling of events to come We learn to perform under stress, under duress and without hesitation because perfect practice consistently makes one perfect all of the time The inner standard of a champion sets him apart from the masses the wanna be's and the uncommitted Legends refuse to settle for mediocrity for them being average is the plague and totally unacceptable Champions go all-in all the time not just on game day when the practice is over for the team the work for the championship begins They understand the process and what is required to be elite to be great, to be the best

It requires obsession, passion, focus and an unbelievable work ethic sweat becomes the friend of the 1% Success is available to anybody that is willing to work for it Success can only be bought with the currency of hard work And champions refuse to concede to anything less than leaving every ounce of themselves on the practice field the weightroom, the classroom Whatever champions do they carry that same understanding of greatness with them They don't turn it on and off depending on where they're at It is constant They never enter an environment without it

To stand next to them is to be in second Their commitment inspires, strengthens and impacts everyone who comes in contact with them They are the leaders not by word, but by actions they set the example for their teammates and exemplify the message Blessed and Unstoppable

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