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Hello I, uh wanted to make a statement on what I said in my previous live-stream You probably won't believe me when I say this, but whenever I go online and I hear other players use the same kind of language that I did, I always find it extremely immature and stupid and I hate how I now personally fed into that part of gaming as well

It was something that I said in the heat of the moment I said the worst word I could possibly think of And it just sort of slipped out And I'm not gonna make any excuses as to why it did Because there are no excuses for it I'm disappointed in myself because It seems like I've learned nothing from all these past controversies

And it's not that i think I can say or do whatever I want and get away with it That's not it at all I'm just an idiot But that doesn't make what I said or how I said it okay It was not okay I'm really sorry if I offended, hurt or disappointed anyone with all of this

Being in the position I am, I should know better I know I can't keep messing up like this And I owe it to my audience and to myself to do better than this because I know I'm better than this I really want to improve myself and better myself Not just for me, but for anyone that looks up to me Or anyone that's influenced by me

And that's how I want to move forward away from this That's all I had to say Thank you for watching Bye

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Unintentional Opsies #29 [REDDIT REVIEW]

Racism! OOPSIE!!! Accidental racism How could that possibly happen?? This is just a ridiculous subreddit You're either racist or you're not There's no in between! There's never any excuses

Ever! Now let's see what these PATHETIC posts on reddit have to say about themselves I am SMH'ing and disgusting right frickin' now It's a small museum, but it really captures the Australian spirit IMMIGRATION MUSEUM KEEP OU-hahahaha "This is accidentally a better piece of art than anything banksy ever shit out" Oh that's great It happens to the best of us what can I say? What else do we got? "A very interesting adjective for describing the color of a car" OK we have: "Tango Orange", We have "Granite Gray", "Fire Brick Red", "Silky Silver", And "Superior White"! Interesting, VERY interesting adjective indeed! Its just interesting! That those two words would be used together! Jesus Christ, what kinda car is this? I AM BUYING IT!!! No I'm just kidding, I'm kidding Excuse me! I would like the "Superior White" please Can you imagine anyone buying this? Like actual racists being like: "Yeah I drive a superior white" Just to be clear, I do not support these racistsism claims

Video Memes Okay? So I'm pretty much legally covered from any media as well That's a disclaimer by the way Just so

we're clear UhI didn't make these memes and I do not endorse these messages I will, however, laugh at them "These plates are colorcoded" It's accurate because the white man is happy! 😀 Okay maybe that was an unnecessary comment, but it was funny okay? Let's move on Jesus Christ Is it hot in here or is eet joost my racism? Baby K'Tan organic baby carrier Hmmmmm

😁😁😁 Hmmmmm 😂😂😂 I have no comment whatsoever, except that it's RACIST! Just to be clear, guys Sive told me to review this subreddit, and he's the biggest racist I know Alright? So I'm pretty covered by this "Looking to purchase a kitten under ten dollars Must be in mint condition" "I have a black baby" "Looking for a kitten, but thanks" "Lul it is a kitten" STILL don't want it, but thanks It must be in "mint condition"

What the hell does that mean? The German race wars Oopsie! 😂😂😂 The Fast and the Führerious Oh god this is just a bad idea isn't it I didn't think it would be like this, okay? I-I don't know what I was expecting I don't know what was gonna happen, but here we are nonetheless, and I'm definitely committing

I'm not picking anything else to do today, okay? I should be more responsible and pick another subreddit, uh, I'm way too deep in at this point, okay? I'm basically reviewing this so you don't have to So other people won't go to this FOUL, DISGUSTING subreddit "If humans are 65% water, Africans are just

35percenthuman" 😂😂😂 Smash immigrants! Welcome racism! Smash those immigrants and welcome racism! Oh wait it's Smash racism, immigrants

Well I'm just confused Which one is it? "I'm at a grocery store and a guy looks at me then turns to his wife and says "'Oh ya we need

naan bread" I'm always happy to help" 😆😆😆 Okay that's kinda funny Come on, he was just memeing it as well "Stirring a square mug creates an interesting shape of coffee" Aaaand I'm clickin away! Alright! The amazing race, Black family: last place Is that their actual name? Like Black? I'm so confused Celebrating single moms! 😆😆😆 Ohw

is it racist to laugh at them? I can't tell Where do the lines go at this? I'm not makin it "Kanye says slavery was a choice, gets owned at the end of the video" Gets "owned" He gets "owned"

Kanye gets "owned" Kanye gets "owned" Oh no Oh no no no! *sniff* "ADD? ADHD? Sign up for concentration camp now!" Yay! 👏👏👏 So that's what it's for! 👏👏👏 "Don't do this to my boy Franklin" Ah! Fraaanklin! I mean at least he'll have more food on his side so

"The only white mouse Razer makes" Ultimate supremacy Just checkin' I'm just checking

"I'm gonna say it" The N-Word Oh, 'cause brown flipped is n-word? This is probably the greatest discovery the internet has ever made It's the ultimate meme-r

You ever seen brown? It's basically the new 420 Or 69 It's just that hidden epic reference that people just can't stop laughing at "Did you know that brown says n-word if you flip it?" Incredible! My life has been brought new meaning My life- what in the world? What color? Crazy old

Okay? I guess that's a color How is that unintentional? Hahaha "Adobe knows what's up" "Display all blacks accurately" OR "Display all blacks as rich blacks" Jesus Chirst! How does this keep happening? I guess I shouldn't be asking that question "Would you believe me if I told you that this was the same plaza as an Anne Franke exhibit?" "Ju-Tox" Moving on everybody! HAHAHAHHA 😂😂😂 Sorry, I read it and then "I don't mind spiders or cockroaches, it's the MOSQUES I frickin hate" I just love how they capitalized it as well

Those goddamn mosques! Oh great this is Swedish so that makes it even funnier Lekkamrat $1299 $9

99 Well I mean it's simple supply and demand really "Don't mix up your 'n' words!" Don't worry, I never do Nucleus, Neutron, Nucleon, Nuclide It's easy as ABCD

Popular: Rob the jew HmMmM Oh god Are we uploading this? Am I actually Black child play pen Oh god 69! That's a great price! That's the *beepboop* number

Mexican Chinese Crackers And who said racism against white people isn't real? Shakin My

Frickin Head Right Now I don't like this song

I don't like- So keep moving on! HM Ohhohoho It's so bad! How did they not see this? Microsoft office 2013 The basic essentials

Microsoft office, Introductory! Microsoft office, Advanced! It's so obvious, I feel like it's intentional racism Someone just snuck it in there Can I get the white one? Six different colors Gimme the white bracelet please! I stand for power! I don't by the way Just for the record, okay? "Stop pretending your racism is patriotism

" RACISM! I want that shirt Where can I buy that shirt? That's a great message that I stand for Dove, nourishing lotion For normal to dark skin Normal skin everybody! Welcome to the normal club

Proud to be part of it "Got an item on World Of Warcraft today" Sandals of the blackest Jesus Christ! "The placement of YouTube's play button" Hehe 😀😀😀 Oh man That looks strangely a lot like Jacksepticeye

There's an Indian version of Jacksepticeye? Goddamn! Hey! Could you just move a little bit to the left please? "But why? I wanna stand next to the truck" "Just-Pl-Just-Just-Just move a little bit" "But why? Tell me what it says" "Just move please Just move

" Heyyyy! Good uh choice of silhouette as well Jesus Christ

Oh my god Stop Playable Swarm! Playable SwarmChinese! So lame! Oh god "Black Panther: the only movie in all of Walmart with an anti-theft device" Wow! 😉 Great Walmart! The Oprah Winfrey Show! An ape has conversations with humans Jesus Christ! "LEGO Marvel Super heroes minifigure- Spider-Man with white power blast" God effin dammit, stop! Saudiskills Saudis God dammit! Stop! Time for a bath Clean baby! STOP! Did someone blink? STOP! Really Target? Stop! Please! Ahh God!!! Dammit it's everywhere! It's everywhere, God dammit Please I can't look anymore! *panting* Okay We had a good time here today

Don't Tell Anyone You saw this video Don't tell anyone! No one- If no one tells anyone, the video will be fine

It will be fine! Trust me, it's gonna be fine It's gonna be great It's gonna be okay! It'll be fine It'll be fine! Nah, for real, obviously it's just jokes And

uh I think what's funny about it is it's not even jokes, I mean

You can stop making these kinds of jokes You can forbid humor, and say that it's not okay but, Obviously, at the end of the day, unintentional racism will always exist Because people are always stupid

Just like real racism will always exist because people are stupid Unfortunately Hope that message comes across clear that I am 100% racisisist Not r- NOT Sorry I thought it'd be funny if I joke, but then I realized people will just take it out of context So I am just going to go ahead and say, I am one hundred percent

Goodbye everybody! Smash like on this video if you enjoyed Check out merch, check out Tuber Simulator, guys, the game is still very epic And as always, Brofist to ya! There we go

I have a pimple right here and it's been there the whole video Hope you enjoyed that

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If “Netflix And Chill” Were Honest

– [Voiceover] Do you wanna bang tonight? (doorbell rings) – Oh hey, can you stay the fuck in your room? – I'm pretending like I wasn't frantically cleaning for the past 15 minutes – I tried on seven outfits before I decided on this one

– [both] Bullshit about wine – I've been wine tasting once Diverting this nervous energy by looking at a screen I'm putting the burden of choice on you – Oh I'm not accepting that responsibility

– Then that case I will offer up five or six very diverse choices to show my intelligence, sense of humor, the fact that I went to college – Comment about that really popular series everyone's talking about on the internet – Yeah – [both] But starting a series together is a lot of commitment – Who cares, we won't be watching the movie anyway

– Oh yes I just wanna make out a lot – And do other stuff Alright getting ready to be nervous for 20 minutes about when to touch you – And how we decide to sit now will determine a precedent about the rest of our relationship – Ignoring the fact that my arm's gonna be numb in 10 minutes

– Oh, too close to your butt Oh, too close to your vagina Too close– (gasps) – I'm not actually scared, I just wanted to touch your leg – Commenting on the movie to start an overlapping dialogue – I'm answering but I know what you're actually doing considering how close our faces are together

– I'm just kinda talking to talk – Angling my face hoping you're gonna take a hint – Hiding my boner with my elbow – Hoping you're gonna make a move – I still can't tell if you like me

– Fuck it (romantic music) – I'm eating your cereal

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The REAL Meaning Behind ROBLOX Faces…

What ROBLOX Faces Really Mean https://wwwroblox

com/catalog/24067718/Drooling-Noob https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/28119051/Not-Again https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/29296146/Daydreaming https://www

robloxcom/catalog/7074786/Check-It "i'm new to roblox and i think i'm cool but i'm really not" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/7074764/Chill "i'm new to roblox and i'm hiigh as fuck bro" https://wwwroblox

com/catalog/7699174/Silly-Fun "i'm new to roblox and this is the best face i could afford!" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/31117267/Skeptic "i wear this face because i think it makes me look smart, but really i just suck at arguing" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/20722130/Shiny-Teeth "i wear this face because i think it makes me look cool, but it really doesn't" https://www

robloxcom/catalog/10907549/Finn-McCool "i wear this face to look cool too, but it REALLY DOESN'T" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/26424808/Know-It-All-Grin "heheh, they think i'm smiling, but they don't know that i have a banana instead of a mouth" https://wwwroblox

com/catalog/30394484/Braces "i make my roblox character look like me irl!" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/23932048/Awkward "i'm 12 and everything is awkwarrd" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/20418658/Err "i'm 12 and i'm going thru my emo phase" https://www

robloxcom/catalog/209994875/Smiling-Girl "i'm a laaady" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/10907541/Mr-Chuckles2 "i'm a naughty girl" https://wwwroblox

com/catalog/12145366/Freckles "i'm an innocent girl, don't touch me!" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/7074893/Drool "i'm staring at that innocent girl" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/116042990/I-Didnt-Eat-That-Cookie "i didn't touch that girl" https://www

robloxcom/catalog/19398554/Grr "HEY, STOP STARING AT HER, THAT'S MY GIRLFRIEND!" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/162068415/YAAAWWN "yaaawn i always say that i hate roblox but i still play it!" https://wwwroblox

com/catalog/18151826/unnamed "i'm content with life" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/141728790/Tired-Face "i can't handle life anymore, goodbye cruel world" act 2 https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/10907551/Dizzy "huh? where am i?" https://www

robloxcom/catalog/144075659/Smile "i speak in all hashtags" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/22877700/Whistle ooh you did not just say that, i'm telling!!! https://wwwroblox

com/catalog/20337343/Disbelief don't tell on me! you tattletale! https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/21635565/Heeeeeey did someone say, tattletale? https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/244160766/Just-Trouble "i'm an annoying kid!" https://www

robloxcom/catalog/15432080/3 "i'm a braindead kid!" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/28999228/Joyous-Surprise "i'm a naive kid!" https://wwwroblox

com/catalog/616381207/Friendly-Smile "what do you mean i look creepy! i'm just smiling!" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/32723404/I-3-New-Site-Theme "you're not creepy, pal" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/416846300/Anime-Surprise "let's go on our date! i'm not waiting any longer!" https://www

robloxcom/catalog/14861743/P "whateverr" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/8560971/Stare "whateverrrr" https://wwwroblox

com/catalog/21311601/Sigmund "i'm in a war group" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/14030577/I-Hate-Noobs "i take war group too seriously" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/10527010/Commando "i take war groups WAAAAY too seriously" https://www

robloxcom/catalog/26019070/Yum "heyyyy, who wants to hashtag?" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/236399287/Happy-Wink "i wanna hashtag but i can't afford yum" https://wwwroblox

com/catalog/20052135/Prankster "maybe if i stick my tongue out, it'll make me look sexy!" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/7317765/Slickfang "brains" https://wwwroblox

com/catalog/29532363/Vampire "Brains!" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/173789114/Angry-Zombie "BRAAAINS" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/20612949/Secret-Service "secret service, let's bomb the map" https://www

robloxcom/catalog/19396123/Jack-Frost-Face "put it in my mouth!" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/7074944/Uh-Oh "uh oh" https://wwwroblox

com/catalog/23311761/Look-At-My-Nose "uhh wat?"

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How to draw a dog. (Tutorial)

oh boi here we go i like circles so, how has your day been? oh, this is my favourite part s m o o t h my new pencils! #thankyouamazon *fails at holding a pencil* some crusty-looking dog but ok nice colouring technique oh oH HERE WE GO the one that started it all it is complete

THANKS TO THE CREATOR OF MECHANICAL PENCILS oh? a second totally a dog leg i see? :O o smexy hand :OOOO more legs?!?!?!!? w0t?!?!?!? these legs are reproducing too quickly!!! :O oh god this dog must be a mutant lmao lol u wer fooled this is chicken and chips 🙂 have a nise dae

Sketching a PUG!

hi everyone i'm back with another sketching video and for today's video I have sketched a very cute pug as you can see here look at this beautiful cute face for this a for this drawing i have used a variety of different materials and of course my go-to was the regular pencil the HB and the two HB which is a little bit darker i have also used faber castell polychromos pencil this is a believe warm grey i have also used the fabor Castelle pitt artist pen which is a cold gray I've used it to enhance some of the dark shadows and last but not least i used a tiny bit of Pan pastel artist pastel to enhance some of the dark shadows and just to make it all blends very beautifully I'm hoping to keep this video very quick throughout the video i'll be giving you some tips and tricks on how to draw dog fur on basically layering techniques so i hope you enjoy to start up i have drawn the approximate shape of the pugs head it's really up to you how you want to approach this you can basically copy from a reference photo you can sketch it yourself if you're really talented you can do it from scratch in my case i have used a reference photo and basically built up the pug face and the detail of the fur on my own based on that reference photo and this of course makes really good practice if you're an aspiring artist again practice makes perfect so don't be afraid to just directly copy from a reference photo I'm to practice your shadowing and you're layering technique and your fur creation your fur drawing skills what I usually like to do is I take one of the lighter pencils the HB pencil and I start to sketch in the fur when sketching for its really good idea to just do very short strokes depending on the type of first some dogs may have longer fur others may have short in this case the pug has pretty short hair the strokes of the of the actual pencil should be rather short and precise basically you just build up the layering with the different shades of grey so I've been building up the layering with the pencils the 2b pencil and the HB pencil as well as the dark warm grey polychromos pencil to achieve the fullness of the dogs fur you basically need to layer on the layering is key and layering with different shades of grey is what pretty much brings the picture together you can create some really cool textures for my layering i've been using the pencil crayon and the pencil as well as the marker as usual thank you guys for watching I will be creating a lot more video tutorials for sketching drawing painting anything watercolor related so thanks again and please don't forget to subscribe below yeah yeah yeah yeah

DOGS 🐶 | Draw My Life

After our video on cute kitties… its now turn for dog stuff! Dogs are the most loyal am noble pets we can have Fun, happy and friendly, the are the most loved pets in the world! Big or small, FURRY or without hair… I love dogs! Lets get to know a bit more about these adorable BARKING CREATURES! Eveeybody knows dogs are humans best friends… and we are right! They are capable of interpreting the feelings we reflect with our facial expresions, they know if we are happy, angry, sad… they EMPATHIZE with us

They can even get jealous! Same as cats, each dog’s nose is different We could compare it to our fingerprints Dogs keep their noses wet as a natural way of cooling down Their body temperature is higher than that of humans, usually between 38 and 39 celcius degrees By licking their noses they stay cool is hot days

Dogs sweat through their mouth and their footpads Their auditory capacity is of 8 thousand HERTZ, while that of humans is of 2 thousand Our puppies are afraid of thunder because their noise is deafening for them Dogs usually dont like rain either, and not because they dont like getting wet, but because the sound of each drop that falls is also magnified Everybody knows dogs have a great SENSE OF SMELL

Humans have 5 million olfáctory cells, while dogs can have up to 300 millions! Some dogs are faster than others, but there are some BREEDS that can run as fast as 72km per hour Having a dog at home is a very healthy thing to do Dogs owners live longer, suffer from less alergies and have a way to release the stress caused by their every day life There are dogs that can detect EPILEPtic fit in humans before they actually show We share ababourt 75% of our GENETIC CODE with them

Their mouth has more germs and BACTERIA that that of a person They have more than 100 facial expresions, most of them expressef by the movement and position of their ears Adorable! Dogs dont see in black and white, they see life in color, same as us Their vision is not as SHARP as ours, however, their NIGHT VISION is a lot better than that of humans, and they can hear noises from a distance of 225 meters Dogs dream

The ESPÁSM in their legs we can see while they sleep are signs that your pet is having a dream A dogs first year in their life is equivalent to, aproximately, 15 years of a human Their second year, only 9, and when the dog is an adult each DOG YEAR corresponds to 4 HUMAN YEARS Dogs are the best flatmates ever, their BIOLOGICAL WATCH is perfect They know, accurately, the hours of sleep, when its time for a walk or for food, and they even know when you are about to get home from work

There are dogs of every size and color, they are the ANIMAL SPECIES with a WIDER variety of BREEDS in the Planet These are only some curiosoties about these fascinating animals We’ve missed a loooot of things, would you like a second part! Let us know through a comment! And same question again… do you like cats or dogs better??