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wow! Doge dog meme 3D drawing

Marcello (M): Let's go drawing the Doge (M) Let's start drawing the contours in pencil (M) Now I apply a base layer of watercolor Doge (D): wow (D) What r you doing (D) so wet (D) much watercolor (D) such color base (M) Now, let's go applying the frisket for …

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When a Girl Texts you hey or heyy

A lot of girls are masters at being subtle Fellas you ever have a girl text you outta the blue just saying "hey"? Totally innocent But if she texts you saying hey with two y's she's DTC 'Parently it's been code since the Myspace days Why has nobody told me …

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Is PewDiePie a Racist?

Guys I just got off the group chat with my parents (facepalm) My Dad says PewDiePie is an antisemite My Mom says "What did he say?", my Dad says "Kill the Jews" I regret to inform you, Felix, that I will be dropping you from my Twitter follows *dramatic music* …

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