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Chakalaka Recipe

Today we're making Chakalaka, a South African dish that's used as a condiment or relish Our aromatic base starts with olive oil and onions We used a finer dice on our onions so there wouldn’t be any large bites and its flavor could distribute more evenly through the relish

As our onions start to sweat and become translucent, their sharp flavor will mellow out and become sweeter We added a deseeded and deveined jalapeno for a less intense eat, but if you're a fan of spicier food You can mince the whole chili After the garlic You'll see we only incorporated half of our ginger This tablespoon of ginger is meant to help build on aromatic base and as it cooks it will be less pungent than raw ginger Ginger and garlic pair well together and add vibrancy to savory dishes We developed a special blend specifically for chakalaka that helps to complement and enhance all of its other ingredients Not quite a curry powder Chakalaka seasoning has an earthy and spicy flavor That is aromatic and has a lot of death Its warmth comes from bird's eye chili powder and cumin with some herbaceous flavours from the time fennel and organic curry leaf These spices give great contrast to the sweetness that the vegetables that we are using have and tied together all the different components We use three different sweet bell peppers to give color to our dish But if you don't have options for colors, we recommend going for the red which tends to be slightly sweeter Most of the base of our relish comes from shredded carrots, which we have cleaned and peeled before grating in a food processor If you don’t have a food processor you could get the same results from a box grater, just be careful grating too close to your fingers Shredded carrots will cook faster, so you want to make sure you stir frequently so they are done evenly After our carrots are mixed in we use two different types of tomatoes to add different levels of flavor Fresh chopped tomatoes are brighter while tomato paste is richer and has more intensity The two work well together for the most optimum tomato flavor Our chakalaka blend is salt free so you can season according to your taste We're using the rest of our fresh ginger now to help give the pungency We spoke about earlier Like the tomatoes, there's levels of intensity Depending on how long your ingredient is cooked for so to show us full spectrum we used both Our last ingredient is cannellini beans that have been combined with granulated molasses Other more traditional recipes for chakalaka call for baked beans that have been stewed with ham But we went with some creamy white beans and molasses to make the dish vegetarian friendly We're serving ours with sausage But you can add it to any grilled meats or grilled polenta to add great contrast to smoky flavors If you want to find this recipe or any of the seasonings used visit our websites spicesinc

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