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Chicken Shawarma and Jerusalem Salad Recipe

[MUSIC PLAYING] Why not stay in tonight and save a couple of bucks by making your own takeout? Hi, everybody, I'm Kari Karch, the Kenmore in-house chef, and today we're going to make some Chicken Shawarma with Jerusalem salad First things first

We need to grab some chicken that I diced up earlier You want to make sure it's a large dice Put a bowl down and a resealable bag inside so none of the juice of the marinade runs onto your refrigerator I've got 1 pint of Greek nonfat yogurt Spices are very essential to making a Chicken Shawarma

2 tablespoons of curry powder, I've got some turmeric, garlic powder, some oregano, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and some allspice I've got some garlic here– I'm going to use about 4 cloves Just give them a nice whack with the end of your knife, and then mince it up 3 green onions Just mince them up, toss them in

A little dash of olive oil– I used probably about a tablespoon, and then some salt, and of course some fresh cracked black pepper, lemon juice– cut it and always squeeze it over your hand so you can catch all the seeds Now, what I want to do is massage the bag so you can get all of the marinade together, and keep it in the bowl when it goes in the refrigerator You're going to want to refrigerate it for two hours In the meantime, I'm going to make our Jerusalem Salad I've got a cucumber– you can use English cucumber or just regular cucumber

If you use a regular cucumber, just make sure to scrape all the seeds out first Just dice everything up, and you make sure that everything is the same exact size Next up I've got 2 tomatoes– I'm using some vine-ripened tomatoes today [MUSIC PLAYING] Some parsley And now, here's the secret ingredient today

It's tahini Tahini is just crushed sesame seeds It comes in a paste You can find it in any local grocery store I've also got some Greek yogurt that I'm going to put in here

A little bit of water for consistency Some more lemon– squeeze it right into our salad Little drizzle of olive oil, salt, and some pepper I'm just going to toss this together [MUSIC PLAYING] Now that I've grabbed this out of the refrigerator, I'm just going to skewer it

You probably will get about 10 servings– four pieces of chicken on each skewer I've turned on my grill pan, I've put a little olive oil down, four skewers on at the same time for about seven minutes each side Looks good So I have my basmati rice I put a little parsley and lime juice on it

I've got some Jerusalem salad, and then we'll top it off with these beautiful chicken skewers, and of course a little green parsley for garnish So stay home tonight and save your money Thanks again, everybody If you want these recipes and so many more, go to cookmorecom

Oh, and don't forget Kiss the cook Bye [MUSIC PLAYING]

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