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Chocolate Chip Banana Crumb Muffins | Now You're Cooking

Hello everyone! It's Monique from nowyourecookingca and today we'll be making chocolate chip banana crumb muffins

This is the perfect on-the-go snack that also freezes very well The base ingredients for this recipe are pretty simple: 3 bananas, an egg, all-purpose flour, oil, baking powder, sugar salt, and of course chocolate chips Sometimes I forget to eat the bananas in my fruit basket, so when they end up blackity-black due to my negligence I make a big ol' batch of banana muffins Just make sure they aren't moldy, because then it's spoiled Over-ripe bananas have all their starch converted to sugars

They're sweet, soft, and perfect for baking! Once you've gotten all the bananas out of their skins, mash it in a large bowl using a fork or a whisk You can leave a few larger chunks if you like Pour in your oil (I like to use canola), and in your white sugar and continue mixing If you have vanilla extract on hand, you can add it in this point as well Whisk in your beaten egg until combined

The batter doesn't have to be perfectly smooth In fact it add some depth to the muffins if there's little chunks of bananas in it Set your wet ingredients aside for a bit Add the baking powder to your flour, along with the salt (pink Himalayan in the house) And whisk all the dry ingredients together

Now what I also like to do when I have add-ins like chocolate chips in my baking is toss it with a little of the flour mixture, to help prevent them sinking to the bottom of the batter Ensuring that your batter isn't too thin , and using mini chocolate chips will help too, due to the lighter mass Now it's time to gently fold in the dry ingredients to your wet ingredients using a rubber spatula or wooden spoon Be very careful not to overmix, otherwise your banana muffins will come out dense and rubbery Ain't nobody want that I usually add about a third of the dry ingredients in at a time

Continue mixing until just combined Finally gently fold in the chocolate chips Spoon the batter into 12 lined muffin cups, making sure they're all even This is where an ice cream or cookie scoop comes in handy Let's speed this up a bit

Now you can bake these muffins as is, buuut then this recipe wouldn't be called Chocolate Chip Banana CRUMB muffins So, lets quickly grab a small bowl and mix up these ingredients For this crumb topping, I tossed in some quick-cooking oats for a little extra crunch What I'm making here is essentially a streusel– a classic combination of fat, flour and sugar A little cinnamon is also often added, and I used a wee bit of salt to help balance out the sweetness

Once all the dry ingredients are mixed pour in the melted butter until everything looks coarse and crumbly Sprinkle on top of your prepared batter and you can FINALLY bake them in a preheated oven set to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (or 200 degrees Celcius) for about 20 minutes All done! Mmm Look at these! Trust me: This crumb topping will take your banana muffins to a whole, nuttha, level These are always a hit whenever I make them So moist, fluffy and flavourful! And a great way to use up those mushy bananas you forgot about Thanks again for watching guys! Remember to like, share and subscribe to my channel if you enjoyed this recipe video You can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

For the full recipe, check out my website at nowyourecookingca See ya later!

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