The guide you might be about to learn now was early written as an invitational lecture notice to some Christian Youth Organizations in-the Easter a part of Nigeria, West Africa in-the 2000 and 2001 AD respectively. I had been requested to mete out a lecture on “Sexually transmitted diseases”. The intention was to curbing the growing case of sexual immoralities widespread amongst our youths as we speak. I noticed this invitation as a welcome growth. Nevertheless, as a substitute of simply sexually transmitted illness, I targeted my consideration on premarital intercourse among the many youths. This focus gave beginning to what grew to become the title of this guide “CHRISTIAN YOUTHS AND PREMARITAL SEX, THE DANGERS AHEAD”. Immediately’s need for polished schooling and life, with its developmental results on the youths plus total societal, scientific, technological and socio-cultural developments worldwide, all disturb (both positively or negatively) the youths are extra and quicker than some other age bracket in-the society worldwide. That is easy as a result of at youthful stage, the extent of inquisitiveness, assimilation, understanding and studying itself seems to be quicker than some other age bracket. The mind is begin and lively at this stage and the youth is of course begin to studying fresh issues. He turns into very audacious. This guide wouldn’t have come at a greater time than now when the scourge of sexual immorality is on the very best stage in our societies even inside the church buildings presently. Christian youths maybe are start to imagine that sexual immorality shouldn’t be a sin earlier God thereby defiling their physique which the Bible says is the temple of the Lord. The second a part of the title of the guide which says: “The dangers ahead” is written to warning on the unsafe impact of sexual immorality. Spiritually, socio-culturally, biologically and many others. The subjects mentioned listed here are very fascinating and spirit crammed. Exceptional consideration has been paid to points like “Moral sex” and “Holy wedlock”. The author took time to spotlight among the sexually transmitted illnesses. With the subjects addressed, the guide turns into advantageous eight to even the married individuals. Save a duplicate in your library or bookshelves; it’s a must-read for the whole household. This guide, “Christian youths and pr-marital sex: the dangers ahead” views sexuality from a Christian perspective. It’s impressed, anointed and directed by the Holy Spirit. You’ll seavour each web page of it, from the introduction to the end web page earlier dropping it for one more reader. Could God bless you as you learn it in Jesus identify, Amen.

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