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CKP Recipe – Tel Poli – Puran Poli


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Namaskar, I am Sushama Today we are going to see on the occasion of HOLI Style – " " Lot of families prepare 's specially the "Pith " variant of Puran But CKP Community flatten the 's on oil which are called "Tel 's" Thus this is a speciality of CKP community And to talk about the speciality of "Tel Polis" If we keep them in the refrigerator They stay good for 6 months Whenever you want to eat, remove from the fridge heat it, add ghee on top and eat it hot Ingredients required Maida – 500 gms – 2 cups Chana Dal 2 cups which is approximately 500 gms 1 cup Sugar – 250 gms 1 cup Jaggery – 250 gms Wheat flour – 1 bowl Salt 1 bowl of oil Cardamom powder – 1 tsp For the puran filling, we have taken chana dal – washed it and cook in the pressure cooker for 5 to 6 whistles and let us prepare the maida dough Now let us prepare the maida dough In the maida, add 1 bowl of wheat flour Salt as per taste and a bowl of oil post adding all this, we will prepare a soft dough We have now prepared a soft dough and this maida dough we are going to soak in oil We need to add about 2 bowls of oil This Maida we will soak in oil for 2 hours We will keep a lid on this now and in 2 hours, this will nicely swell up Now the dal is cooked Let us use a portable blender and grind this well Now we have ground this a bit Now let us add Sugar and Jaggery and cook the Puran Now we will add Cardamom powder Salt as per taste Sugar 1 bowl of Sugar 1 bowl of Jaggery We will add Jaggery based on the quantity of dal now let us mix this and in the microwave oven cook this for 5 mins first Then mix and reheat for 5 mins Mix again and heat again for 5 mins The Puran will thus cook in 15 mins We have kept the puran in the microwave oven Let us heat this for 5 mins Now let me show you a simple way of dicing puran Using Puran dicing tools available in the market Those involved in dicing complain of pain in the hands This is a sieve which we use for cleaning flour I have taken it I will keep it on this utensil based on the size of the sieve Now let me take the Puran I am going to dice it using a flat spoon If we take hot puran and dice this way it gets diced quickly This way the puran gets diced nicely Let us dice the entire puran This way our puran is ready Let us prepare balls from the same The maida dough has become fluffy now Let us now prepare the Tel Polis Now let us take some maida dough We will add oil to our palms and we will take the puran filling add it to the dough and spread it a bit Now let us prepare the Tel Polis Not everyone has the Tel metal sheet Hence, i will show you the same on Butter paper We buy Sliced Bread packs We can also use the bread packing paper instead Now i am applying oil to the butter paper And i have kept the dough ball on the butter paper If you do not have practice Then in the beginning, let us flatten with our hands slowly and post that add some oil to the rolling pin let us flatten it using the rolling pin Now this Tel is picked up by CKP's on the rolling pin itself by rolling it on the pin But it is a bit difficult and needs practice also chances of breaking up It is better to take the butter paper itself or the iron board and flip it on the flat cooking pan This is how we have not flattened the Now let us roast it We are now heating a flat pan on the flame I am applying some oil to the tawa Now since this tawa is big in size I am preparing big sized polis You can also prepare small sized ones You can prepare smaller ones like rotis Now let us move the to the tawa and slowly remove the butter paper and now let it cook on a low flame We will flip it over on the bottom side is crispy Let us slowly see Bottom side is not yet cooked We must check that it does not get stuck to the pan We can blow slightly to check it out slowly let us release it It is not yet ready In the CKP Community, on any religious occasion or festivals such Tel Polis are prepared Even during weddings these are prepared Now regarding the folding of the Tel typically we fold it in a quarter of a circle shape But CKP community fold the polis in a different way, which i will show you now Hot Tel Polis with Ghee or with Coconut Milk Kayastha's enjoy the polis The other side too must be cooked well Puran 's take time since it is cooked on a low flame Earlier, i had shown you Pith 's similar to Tel Polis Those too are crispy But to create the Tel effect, we apply some oil We do not need to apply oil to this variant since we have prepared them in oil Let us roast well to make this crispy Now i am showing you the fold We make one fold this way Then from the opposite side and this is how CKP community make the folds Now the squarish type This is how CKP community Fold the polis Now let us move it To view such traditional CKP recipes Please subscribe to my channel Thank you!

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