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Click.org 3.0 Review 2019 (Simply The BEST Click Tracking Software) ✅


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greetings it's Chris here from Selfmadenewbiecom

Welcome to this clickorg It you're looking to optimize your website to highest degree clickorg is going to help you it basically is a tracker analytics and optimization tool there are around 50 functions and features within clickorg but main ones are real-time of clicks from your customers intelligent split testing so if someone clicks on a link on your site it can send them to two different versions of same page so you can see which one converts more there's also click tracking within emails that you send within your funnel you can target and retarget your traffic in order to increase sales and leads and there's also advanced link rotation today we're going to take a deep dive into clicked org and see just how powerful it is a lot of people have already found a lot of use in using it I feel that you however are going to get a lot more out of it you're gonna be able to hit ground running because I've got a new 10 extra free bonus products that are gonna help supplement click

org and help you get the absolute most out of it before we go into this deep dive walkthrough and we check out the bonuses a little bit more in detail that would really help me out if you drop the like on this video and if you want to be updated with new software that is coming out that's going to help you make money online hit that subscribe button and turn on the bail notification just quickly if you want to check out the bonuses that I've just talked about or clickorg on your own at any time during this video you just have to go through the link in the description click on that link and you'll be taken to my bonus page which looks like this now the way my bonus page works is when you click on any of these green buttons that will in essence lock in or secure your bonuses and then launch you off to the clickorg sales page if you do decide to purchase clickorg through that sales page then you will receive all your credentials to clickorg as well as all my bonus products altogether sent to you in one bill Bundle ready for you to access immediately now when I offer bonus products whenever I review a product I look at the product and I think okay what does it have what is it missing so my bonus products aim to just plug the holes and give you a lot more a lot more bang for your buck when you order through self McNew be calm so really quickly we're just going to go through the bonuses and the first one I've gotten for you is called affiliate marketing profit kit now affiliate marketing is a dog-eat-dog world it's hyper competitive and but it's necessary if you want to build an online business really everybody is doing some form of affiliate marketing and really it just covers how to separate yourself from the crowd in affiliate marketing there are people kind of like fighting for the little bits of money and then there's people who are at the top they're making the big money and there's just a big hole in between so this product is really going to help you to make that transition into you know someone who is not messing around and is really making money the money they want to make through affiliate marketing bonus number two is called the internet marketers handbook now this is a lot more than just a handbook and this is gonna go through you know some really cool articles exclusive articles on things like how to grow your business how to send proper emails to your customers how to build your email list effective hacks for validating business ideas that you might have so you're not wasting time how to utilize Facebook Ads for your business KPI is you should be following in order to grow your business and just a all-encompassing program on how you can you know transition from just normal creator to that online business entity bonus number 3 I've gotten for you is a two-part bonus and this is gonna hone down more on what most people generally have questions about which is how do I get traffic to my website so traffic secrets unleashed goes into some different traffic sources that you might not have thought of and boost web traffic is going to help help you to generate leads using optimizing SEO and they go into a little bit about social media Cora question answer forums and things like that and yeah these two products are just aiming to answer that question of okay I have a site it's sitting there how do I get people to it bonus number four is authority blogging so if you're producing content and you're not really sure whether it's gonna be SEO friendly this is really gonna help you out it's gonna help you create you know just tight content that Google is gonna like and it's gonna rank bonus number five is gonna work in conjunction with bonus three and four actually all the bonuses but this is gonna go specifically into different social media channels so usually these products come as a singular kind of package but I've just thrown them all together so this is a five-part bonus and you're gonna get five social media income packages you're gonna get the Facebook version the Instagram version the YouTube version the LinkedIn version and the Pinterest version so you're gonna be able to look at the nuances between those five social media channels and how to market to each how to drive traffic from each so as far as creating that online business goes and driving traffic and creating a website that is effective and SEO friendly and optimized you're really getting just everything you need here with these bonuses so if that all sounds good to you remember it's step one click the link in the description you'll be sent to this bonus page if you click on these green buttons that will lock in your bonuses and launch you off to the click

org sales page that looks like this I'm not gonna go into the clickorg sales page in-depth with you because we'll be here all day quite frankly but you can go in there check it out look at the functions features demos there's a few testimonials too on there I think and I recommend reading through it so you're able to make a more informed decision if you do purchase it you'll be sent a digital receipt and because it's in conjunction with jvzoo you'll receive a digital receipt that will lead you to a page that looks like this or if you go to jvzoocom and go to purchases you'll be taken to a page like this under the green button will be your clickorg credentials and purchase and under the blue button will be the bonuses that I just talked about a word of warning though this is a special that is only available during launch week so keep your eye on this countdown timer because when it does run down the bonuses will no longer be available nor will any discount pricing that you get through South Main you be calm so if you don't want to miss out I do recommend getting in sooner rather than later if you do decide that clickorg is right for you so just quickly now we're going to get into an in-depth demo from the makers of click

org and take you through the main features that features that are gonna be the most useful to you I feel although remember there are just a whole bunch of features it's a massive product but we're just gonna go through the main ones because I think you're really gonna like those all right let's check it out welcome to this video tutorial on how to create a tracking link in this tutorial we will show you step-by-step how to create your first link as you can see I've logged on to my clickorg account and I'm currently on the dashboard this is the page that you will see as soon as you log in to your account for this demonstration we will just perform setting up a basic link and as you can see no links have yet been created you can either click here to create one or go to the sidebar on the Left where you can click on links and then on new this will take you to the create new link page first you need to enter a name for your link this will only be visible to you and it will help you to identify each of your links next enter a destination URL the destination URL is where the person who clicked on your link will be redirected to so this may be a website or the landing page of a product that you're promoting once you've entered that information you will need to select a tracking link format you can either use one of clickorg domains a premium domain or your own custom domain for now we will just use one of clickorg domains you will also need to enter a name for your tracking length by default all tracking links are added to the Uncategorized group however if you will be setting up a number of links that belong to the same product or the same campaign that you're working on it would be useful to add a new category so you can keep all your links together you can do that by clicking on the add new button enter a group name and click on create group once you have done that you'll be able to see the groups that you've created in the drop-down menu if you would like to hide the actual destination URL from showing up in the browser's address bar you can check the Enable link cloaking checkbox if you'd also like to stop search engines from following your tracking link you can check the hide from search engines checkbox at this point what we have entered is the most basic information that you need for your link to be set up and active there are a number of additional options that you can do before you save your link such as redirections and link expiration however we will go into these in further detail in later tutorials for now click on the Save Link button the link code box will appear on your screen this is where you can click the copy to clipboard buttons to copy the link or the HTML code for your tracking link once you have copied these you can insert them into your emails or onto your website click on Save Changes and your link is now saved on the left hand sidebar if you now click on the links tab you will see the link that you have just created in this video tutorial we will show you how to create do targeted tracking links once you have selected the link that you would like to edit click on the geo tab across the top with clickorg you can easily track where your clicks are coming from and use that information to redirect people from different countries to different pages click on the green plus sign to expand the menu by default all your traffic is redirected to the destination URL that was set up with your tracking link to redirect traffic from certain countries select the countries from the list provided you can select multiple countries by holding down the ctrl button on your keyboard and clicking each individual country once you have selected your country you will need to enter the URL that you would like to redirect this traffic to if you would like to add more redirect URLs for other countries click on the blue add more button and repeat the above step once you have entered all your information click on Save Changes now that your link is successfully updated the traffic from each country selected will automatically be redirected to its respective URL in this tutorial we will show you how to set a redirect ID and how to create an expiring tracking links on your manage links page select the links that you would like to edit when creating or editing a tracking link you can choose to set it up as either a permanent or as a temporary redirect click on the green plus sign to expand the menu a temporary redirect will tell search engines that your link is only temporarily redirected to its destination and may change in the future a permanent redirect will tell search engines that your link is permanently redirected to its destination this is good for SEO but only choose this option if you do not plan to change your destination URL in the future choose the radio button to your selected option and click on Save Changes next we will look at how to create an expiring tracking link click on the green plus sign to expand the menu clicked org has a nifty feature where you can set your tracking link to expire and stop redirecting traffic after a certain date or after a number of weeks have been reached this is handy if you are promoting a limited time offer or you only want to allow a certain number of signups you will also be able to send the remaining traffic to any other URL of your choosing to set your link to expire on a certain date click in the field to bring up the calendar you can now choose the exact days that you want your link stop redirecting to its destination URL if you would like to redirect to a different URL after the link has expired enter the new URL in the field below to display a custom message after the link has expired you can enter a message in the field below alternatively to create an expiring tracking link that expired after a set number of clicks enter the number of clicks you would like to link to expire after and choose whether this would be the number of total clicks you need clicks or after a number of hours weeks months or years once again you can add a different URL to redirect your traffic to once the link has expired or enter a custom message if preferred once you have entered all your details click on Save Changes your link is now successfully updated with your redirection and your link expiration detail in this video tutorial we will show you how to use split testing to find your converting landing page once you have selected and Inc that you would like to edit click on the tracking and testing option click torque built in split testing systems works with conversion tracking to help you determine your converting landing pages click on the green plus sign next to conversion tracking to expand the menu you will need to enter a name for your conversion to help to identify it in your statistics you will also need to enter a value for the conversion by default this is set to US dollars however you can change your currency in settings click on the blue add more button to enter more conversions once you have entered your conversion click on the green plus sign next to split testing the first split testing URL will always be the destination URL that you set up with your tracking link you will notice that as it is the only URL it currently received 100% of your click to add a new landing page click the blue add more button enter the URL for that landing page and using the blue slider adjust the amount of traffic that you would like to send to this page you can also enter the number directly into the box click the blue add more button to enter more URLs following the above steps you will need to ensure that the total is 100% before you can save your changes once you have entered all your information click on Save Changes the link code box will appear on your screen this is where you can copy the conversion tracking code and paste it to your page clicked-on org lets you track conversion using javascript pixel or post back select your preferred option then click the copy to clipboard button for your first conversion you will need to edit your download page for your offer or product and insert the code right before the closing body tag repeat the same steps for each of the offers that you wish to track by copying the code and inserting this on your landing page in this video tutorial we will show you how to generate more traffic through your tracking links once you have selected the link that you would like to edit click on the pop up menu across the top a great feature on click

org is the viral bar click on the green plus sign to expand the menu the viral bar shows up when someone did it your tracking links and gives them an option to easily share your link on sites including Facebook Twitter and Google this is a great way to make your link go viral and to get more traffic back to it you will need to set up various options to your viral bar including background color and the viral bar position on the screen you will also need to enter a delay speed and a slider speed the delay speed is the time after which the viral bar will appear on the page and the slider speed will determine how quickly or slowly the viral bar slides into the page you can customize what buttons will appear on your viral bar by checking the respective checkboxes when you have made your selection click on the blue preview button you can play around with the various options until you are happy with your choices once you were satisfied click on Save Changes to save your link all right I hope you enjoyed that demo and I hope you're excited about getting your hands on clickorg see how how it can help you help you optimize your website produce more accurate analytics for you and more importantly make you a little bit more money before we close out just quickly let's take a look at the pricing so during launch week the front end pricing is $49 usually it's $299 you can also get a custom IP address upgrade from 97 and you'll get a squeaky-clean custom IP address to use for all your tracking links when using this custom domain it has shown to increase email deliverability by 30% the next upgrade you can get is called premium domains and they have spent money buying premium domains for Members Only that you can use to track links and make them look pretty and increase Lix and those domains also come with their own IP addresses to further enhance email deliverability if you're not sure what I'm talking about basically if you're emailing too much email platforms can reject your emails often unfairly so this is going to help you to be able to this is going to help your customers essentially receive your emails more often it's really out of your hands but it will help you out a lot the next upgrade is Lync uptime monitoring which is 20 dollars and if your links have a go down I'll stop working you can lose money that's why we offer link uptime monitoring by email and SMS so the two options there are check every five minutes for $20 a month or check every 30 minutes for $10 a month and they will send you warnings if anything is going wrong with your site really important if you're always on the go and you're not always able to sit at a computer and check what's going on so that's all on clickorg I hope you're excited to get your hands there really is a ton of value on offer here especially when you take into consideration this big discount from $299 down to 49 and as well as those 10 bonus products just a ton of value there is a money-back guarantee so i do recommend you check it out risk-free especially during this launch week special time period if you do have any questions concerns or comments hit me up on social media in the comments through my email or whatever you want because I do reply to absolutely everybody if not enjoy click

org hope you love the bonuses and I'll see you again on the next video take care

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