Hi everyone, I'm Jake, and welcome to this new video Have you ever been in a situation like this? Andrea wants to buy a TV, but he is not an expert and he does not know which model to buy

He does not want to go to a physical store because he knows that online costs less, but he feels lost among the thousand offers he finds around and can not make up his mind Then look for a site on Google, tvdellamadonnacom, which gives him a free and reliable opinion on what is the best model for him Find a site that reviews the best televisions of the moment and after made a couple of comparisons he decides to click on a link that leads to Amazon and buy TV, after a couple of days the TV arrives directly at home Andrea is happy, and does not know that someone else has just earned money from his purchase

Someone else who is neither the TV producer nor Amazon We are talking about Affiliate Marketing Three questions: What is it, how does it work, how do I start? It's simply about giving your opinion to other people to earn a percentage on their purchase For example, in our case tvdellamadonnacom has recommended to Andrea a TV of value of 1000 euros, and received in commissions say 10%, or 100 EUR


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Obviously Andrea has not paid a penny more, indeed maybe he had a nice discount There are so many positive aspects in this, first of all that it's simple: you do not have to have one of your products, you do not have to make shipments, you do not have to accept payments, there is no investment because you do not have to have products in stock, you do not have to do anything but give your opinion on products you are passionate about It is simply a positive word of mouth And in reality it is something that we already do several times a day: let's put that case be an expert photographer and your aunt asks you what the best camera is photo for beginners To give another example, think about how many times we recommend a pub or a bar to some friends and we go together to have a beer

Indeed we did earn some money at the bar thank you in our opinion, but we never received anything in return Thanks to affiliate marketing, you receive something in return How to start? The first step is to register on an affiliate site It takes a couple of minutes and it's free How many there are, there are a lot

You can find affiliate programs for anything, like Amazon, eBay, Apple, in this series we'll talk about most of Amazon Subscribe on program-affiliationamazonit It will take just a few minutes

Once inside you will have access to your dashboard, where you can create links to the products, check earnings and statistics Creating links to products is essential, listen carefully because this is very important: after a person has clicked on any of your links, you will receive a commission for any purchase he will do in the next 24 hours This means that if you have advised a pen and this person buys both the pen and a 10,000 euro stereo system, you also get a percentage on the stereo system The percentage depends on the type of product, ranging from 1% up to 10% for what concerns Amazon, different affiliate programs have different percentages, but most of the products on Amazon are in the range between 35 and 7%

The money is deposited directly into your bank account by bank transfer after 60 days, or you can decide to turn them into vouchers Amazon Until you reach 5,000 euros commissions per year you do not need to open VAT number then regarding the taxation at the beginning you do not have to worry about it, but of this will be discussed in another video Links can be promoted in many different ways, such as on YouTube, on Twitch, but the method I will explain to you in this series is based on the example I had made at the beginning to promote them via a website Now, to make this method work in autopilot we will need three things: a system, a product and an audience The system will be the website we are going to create, do not be afraid because we will do everything together step by step, you do not need to know how to program for make a website in 2017

Regarding the product, I will provide you with a way to find products that you like both you and your audience, who are required and who they are bought And with regard to the public, we will need a traffic source with a certain focus, because we can not buy a tractor for those who are looking for a stereo, and that's why we'll talk about SEO and keyword research If you have not already done so, subscribe absolutely to my Newsletter, because I will go there to give specific tips and tricks that will not be present in the videos In the next video I will show you my website and show you the results I got in this period Then we will start immediately with the guides step by step to start creating the our system

Thank you so much for your attention, and see you in the next video!

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