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Comment améliorer votre SEO en Ecommerce Dropshipping ? L’astuce d’Espion 😎

Hi everyone, it's Dropizi Rock I hope you're in full swing form today we will talk about and I'm going to give you a crazy tip to improve the of your site by and it's going to be thanks to your competitors go i'll you do not explain right away before starting know that I made you a little video that explains all the basics of SEO so click here if you're interested today we'll talk about the pillar the more important in SEO, popularity or so the backlinks ie all the links that lead to your site and it's super important for google because the more you are popular ie more than two sites that link to yours more google will put you forward when one is an entrepreneur and we have our own online store we often tend to have our heads on the handlebars and it's not easy to take time to focus on its SEO or so to make the link and then even it's often long and tedious today the technique that I'm going give you she is super simple is super fast we will use a tool called Linkminer and it will allow you to analyze all the backlinks of your competitors from their url so concretely that's what I advise you first go on google and you type the keywords on which you want to position yourself you go fall on the results with all your competitors on the first page then for each of your competitors copy you paste the url in Linkminer and it will show you all the sites that link to the site of your competitors and at this point you just have to contact these sites to ask them to link to you the interest is that you you will be able to benefit from the months of work of your competitors it will allow you to find binder quickly easily and especially it goes allow you to spend time on who actually counts ie your online store and your conversion and focus on you to sell always more and last little advice put you as goal each week to contact two or three of these sites to make you a link regularly and you will see that your positions they will increase over the time so I hope you enjoyed this video do not forget I put you the Linkminer link in the description put a blue thumb subscribe to the chain to receive always more ecommerce tips go ciao ok so I'll do the link for my fitness shop let's see what gives my competitor Linkminer Ok, so he has a link mcdonald's pizza theo tacos bon bah here we go


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