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Comment faire un Business Plan utile ? – L'exemple d'Imad

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Imad is a young entrepreneur who sells Moroccan cultural products, and his business is developing lovely well And whether Imad's project is expanding, it's due to his strategy

A year earlier, he decided to cease his job as a technician, desiring to understand a dream: Advocate for Moroccan cultural products Earlier his launch, Imad had prepared savings, but furthermore benefited from advice, and support of his family He took the time to review the local and global craft market By observing handicrafts consumers, he saw that Morocco was not the one market The international market is much more huge in opportunities He began with Morocco, being easier to search out customers He opened a shop of traditional products in-the Medina, the location many residents and tourists walk His shop offers inexpensive prices and quality products

Following his strategy, he decided to develop his sales out of his shop, by opening accounts on the choice shopping sites in Morocco He furthermore considered boosting relationship along with his audience, by finding tourists and offering them tour guides A few of them could visit his shop amid their trips

For his international market, he decided to Accessible an online store, in French, English and Spanish He learned global trade laws, and that benefited him In a number of months, his shop quickly became flourishing, And Imad became a conventional products seller like no other Imad is succeeding, because he all the time had a method In other words, he has a Business Plan


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