hello everyone and welcome to your channel lifestyle sinusitis, rhinitis or rhinosinusitis and allergies are very common conditions in Today we can see these conditions in children as well as in adults and to treat them there are a variety of alternatives but the most are only soothing, soothing symptoms but thanks to products that we can find in nature has been able to cure these conditions in their entirety sinusitis is the inflammation of the membranes that coat the bony cavities of the maxillary frontals ie the hollow cavities that are around the nasal passages; these inflammations occur due to the population of the mucosa of the nose the accumulation of an infected mucous membrane caused by fungal and bacterial viruses These are responsible for the nasal mucosa becoming infected and causing inflammation and subsequently headache mainly on the forehead, the pain also occurs on the face in the frontal sinuses and jaws also these conditions are characterized by presenting with management or obstruction of the nostrils sneezing dripping salt or secretion frequent and in more severe cases the person may experience fatigue, alitosis or bad breath, cough, hyposmia that is not feeling flavors; You may also suffer of anosmia that is not to feel smells, to have discomfort in the ears, to have smell fetid and some cases present fever

to mitigate these symptoms in particular congestion and excessive production of glucose is advisable to stop using of dairy products mainly in milk and its derivatives are less harmful but it would be very good to leave the consumption in its entirety because its consumption increases the production of mucus in the respiratory tract which It will lead to more nasal congestion, phlegm and infections, so it stops consume the dairy because your breathing will improve noticeably asleep much better you will have more energy because your rest will be better also that breathing is very important because that way you can oxygenate your organism and you will avoid many infections and therefore diseases that occur in an atmosphere with little oxygen and without defenses so breathing well is very important and if you want to strengthen your system immunological and not be so prone to suffer an infection, a very natural to strengthen your immune system is consuming garlic also that garlic acts as a powerful antibiotic the natural because it fights bacteria, fungi and viruses in general destroys microorganisms that cause infections and so will also help to strengthen your immune system which is very beneficial for people who have sinusitis, a very effective way to consume garlic is add to your meals raw garlic but minced now we see the treatment with aloe vera or aloe to end this annoying disease aloe vera is highly recommended because it has regenerative properties too It acts as a tranquilizer which will help reduce pain, moisturizes and moisturizes the skin and also has healing and anti-inflammatory properties is what what we are going to do is cut a leaf or a leaf of preference that is a large leaf because these are the ones with the greatest healing properties thicker those are perfect we will cut a piece and with the help of a spoon we will remove the gel that is to say the gelatinous part We will place in a glass jar that is very clean and preferably that it is a dark bottle so that the properties of aloe can be kept longer see if it is a bottle that has this lid of dripper much better because it will be easier to use it and if you do not have a small vial with the dropper cap because you use syringe you are going to apply two drops of aloe vera in each nostril obviously the syringe without needle does not we are going to need; You can apply only these drops during nights or if you can do it if it is in your possibilities you do it three times per day but before sleep it is very important that you do it because will clear your nostrils and help you have a better rest which will lead you to feel more energized less fatigue this one no longer you will be sleepy and yawning will help a lot this treatment do it three months so that the aloe acts deeply and can clean the In the paranasal sinuses this depends on the severity of the sinusitis if it is acute you can cure it in less time perosí is chronic you must continue with the minimum treatment three months or as long as necessary Another very good way to use aloe vera is to place some pieces in the front and on the sides of the nose for this treatment we will also use a big sheet we will cut two pieces we will remove the edges of thorns and each piece will open in half we will get four parts and this we will put in a pan to fire under the pieces of aloe vera should be with the gelatinous part above, is say supported the skin in the frying pan once it is warm we will place two pieces on the forehead the other two pieces on the sides of the nose this time the skin should go up and the gel the gelatinous part must hit the skin and there we will let it act 20 to 30 minutes this treatment preferably has to be done by the nights, aloe is ideal to contribute to the cure of sinusitis because it will reduce the inflammation of the membranes lining the cavities bone will reduce the pain until they are completely removed It will also decrease the feeling of pressure on the face, reduce mucus and your nostrils will be clear anyway aloe vera is a very good remedy besides it will improve your breathing and will end with infection and good some extra recommendations for people what to say because not everyone has the same there are people who spend it worse than others in case you have halitosis with bad breath you can take advantage of aloe vera and only using six drops of aloe vera you can gargle or you can also use water with grain salt and half a teaspoon of baking soda also gargle, preferably if it can not be at night are the mornings like you, the fact is that this will help you greatly way to reduce the brave and for people who have irritated skin can frequent use of toilet paper use coconut oil or olive oil Only with the droplets will he put it on the tips of his fingers and they will pass gently around your nostrils, this will cure irritated skin and you will treat skin and preferably do it at night before sleeping because if they will not have to be using and the oil will act much better this as I said it is a recommendation for people who have irritated skin and one more way to use or to take advantage of aloe vera is doing inhalations this is also for people who wish to generate their improvement, what we are going to do is serve water in a pot can be a liter of water there we will add pieces of aloe vera pulp and if you can a sprig of Eucalyptus or half handful of eucalyptus leaves once it has boiled we remove it from the fire and we will cover the head with a towel there we will perform the facilities of the steam this treatment performed at least a month and preferably do it at night because if you can see better results maybe it can be less treatment time or more because it depends on the the severity of the condition you have can be acute and chronic and you seem less of four weeks it is an acute condition but if no longer suffer for more than 12 weeks is it a chronic condition and the treatment will be longer and if you see results there may be something more than I would be slowing down the improvement it may be that some people may not most people have the color intoxicated this how does the sinusitis because if you have the color intoxicated this accumulation of toxins subsequently reaches the blood and airways causing congestion and infections and to clear the colon to detoxify it or the time more than the fridge is excellent because it eliminates toxins promotes digestion thanks to its vitamin content of complex b, if you consume it will greatly help your digestive system but Pregnant or lactating women should not consume it because has contraindications that could even lead to an abortion so they should not consume aloe vera they should only perform the treatment external and drops through the nose to consume aloe vera can prepare a juice of the pulp of aloe vera and take it in the morning good people I hope that put into practice the use of aloe vera and see that it is a wonderful plant It can give you many uses and for our benefit this video I did have asked of some people who told me they are very sensitive to being washed with sea salt but as I had commented on the video above the sea salt video what to me it worked were the nasal washes with salt maria salt even grain until today sometimes I still do it because my case was very severe good for the people who want take the salt treatment I will leave the link in the box of the inscription this has been everything I say goodbye until the next video chau to all

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