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computer shut down automatically after some time. How to Repair in Hindi

This is Gigabyte H61 motherboard I'm sing the problem of this board Trying power on you can see power is not going on Board is not going on Now I am removing the ATX connector from board Trying to get power again Take the connector again On and off again Installed it again The board is turned on again it is off Go back again and again FF signal is coming diagnostic card a while it stopped again there is such problem again and again whenever I try to power on will ever be on and not be turned on once started , it stopped after a whilw there is such a problem in this motherboard After checking there was no problem but this PCH is getting too hits But if the PCH is bad , then the diagnostic card has the reset light that is always running But not always running the light If the PCH was short , then the reset light would be running all the Diagnostic card looks like the board is okay But PCH is getting too hit today, we will troubleshoot this problem now lets see where the problem is I told you at first, I did not find any problem on board RAM and Processor is okay and RAM section , VRM section is okay But PCH is getting to much hit there are smd component on PCH After remove this this is look like non polarised capacitor when you check them out It will show short But it's not shot diagnostic card show you that PCH is not short If the PCH was short Then display would not come But display is coming


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