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Conclusion | AI Practitioners Guide for Beginners | Episode 5 | Intel Software

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[MUSIC PLAYING] Welcome to the "AI Practitioners Guide for Beginners," the video series I’m Beenish Zia

And on this episode, we wrap up our series with just a few last thoughts The goal of this series was to supply you a fast overview to the AI Practitioners Guide with a glimpse of business considerations for AI, along with a summary of steps to deploy TensorFlow on the Intel Xeon Scalable Platform I moreover showed you find out how to run example training and inference jobs This video series gave you the essential tools needed to use your knowledge of AI in real-world applications Whether it be in retail, health concern, finance, or another market segment, applying what you’ve learned on this video series will greatly assist you in being prosperous

For instance, we’ve got use cases around fraudulent bank card transaction detection, faster medical imaging analysis, in addition to online recommendation engines using similar steps which can be described in-the guide for running AI via the cloud You may get inspired from these use cases by trying out aiintelcom Intel and its many ecosystem partners supply developer resources to help you get began in your AI journey

Learn more about Intel's wealthy AI offerings, in addition to the Intel AI Builders Program, for an intensive list of AI Builder partners, blogs, solutions, reference design, and testimonials, in addition to the written guide in-the links Thanks for watching the series, and guard developing [INTEL MELODY PLAYS]


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