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Congo Fever in Pakistan: Prevention, Symptoms and Treatment

After the massive threat of dengue, is now at risk of another endemic disease, the . Congo Crimea Hemorrhagic (CCHF) is a deadly viral disease caused by livestock and wildlife. Basically it is caused by Tick (Chichar in Urdu), an external parasite that lives on the blood of animals. Due to the mass killing of sacred animals in this devout setting, the danger of this disease in is increasing on the eve of Eidul Azha.


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Employees in the livestock sector and those dealing with sacrificial animals face huge risks. According to the Pakistani health department, sacrificial animals imported from Iran, Afghanistan and India pose a huge threat because these countries are facing the epidemic of the Congo virus. Lahore faces a serious risk of this disease, as most of the sacrificial animals imported from India are illegal (they are 60% cheaper than local animals). This year in Rawalpindi, Karachi and Gilgit-Baltistan reported Pakistani Congo fever patients. The mortality rate in the Congo fever is very high, nearly 50%.

Preventive measures against Congo heat/

  The disease spreads from Chichar, so healthy animals can avoid it.

  2. Limited contact with animals is also important.

  3. Buy ritual animals from a small, airy market.

  When you visit the bull market, you can cover your face and hands.

  5. Use insect repellent to protect animals from mites.

of Congo fever

  1. The patient will have a high temperature at the beginning.

  Pain begins in different parts of the joint and body.

  Gum, skin and large intestine bleeding also began to seem, and red spots appeared on the body.

  All symptoms of Congo fever are similar to dengue fever.

Treating Congo fever

  1. There is no specific drug for this disease.

  2. Early use of different drugs can save people's lives.

  It is a deadly disease that destroys platelets in the blood of the human body. It is best to take precautions to avoid this deadly disease.

By Sarim Awan
Disease Prevention

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