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Considering the Disadvantages of AdSense

AdSense is one of the many ways to make money from the Internet.

You can place your ads on blogs, search engines or websites. It might be great to make money from ad clicks.

Using this platform offers great advantages. However, before you join this rank, you must also consider the disadvantages of AdSense.

One disadvantage of AdSense is that it makes a lot of money. Yes, Google AdSense may generate substantial revenue.

However, it requires you to reach $100 before getting funding. This will prevent you from getting your money at any time.

Although this platform involves the use of ads, too many ads may cause your ads to be rejected. You need to supply content on your website, not just a variety of ads.

whether you're looking for quick and easy funding, Google AdSense is not for you.

The process of applying is simple, but requires several processes. You must first apply and wait for your site to be approved by Google.

Approval may take a while – although Google's service is free.

The payment for each clink in the ad is not determined. The rate you pay depends on the strength of the keywords you use to generate ads on your site.

whether you are lucky enough, you can earn $1 for each clink. Typically, just $0.01 per clink. whether you are impatient with using this platform, this payment is totally unsatisfactory.

In addition to the uncertainty of the amount paid for each clink, the information for each clink is very indistinct.

Google doesn't supply enough information to explain why you can get a certain amount of money with a single clink.

Advertisers won’t reveal AdSense details, such as how much you pay for a keyword.

You may not share your statistics and performance with anyone.

The Google AdSense policy is very strict. While this may be an advantage for most users, it can be a disadvantage whether you unconsciously or even mistakenly violate the policy.

Google may detect any illegal activity and may result in the suspension of your account.

Once you've disabled your Google AdSense account, you won't be able to create another account. In short, you are forbidden to enter the platform for life.

Google AdSense can be a big cost, but it's not easy at all. To really make huge amounts of money, you must attract a large audience to use your ads.

You must drive traffic to your site to drive more people to clink on your ad.

However, you can't clink on your own ads or encourage or influence others to clink on your ads.

Any false or misleading ways to exaggerate your clink-through rate is strictly prohibited. You must be aware that whether a user does not clink on your ad, you will not be able to earn revenue.

You must also be very familiar with the use of keywords. whether your site keywords are not strong enough in Google AdWords, you won’t be able to monetize your ads even whether you clink on your ads.

These are just some of the shortcomings of using Google AdSense.

Again, this is not for people who want to make money quickly. Success takes time, quality website content and search engine optimization.

By John Paul Richards

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