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Create a new project with PROJECT complete planning software

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Within the COMPLETE line portfolio, the planning and marking software PROJECT complete is the center piece for digital project support Today we want to find out how we can create a new project with the software

If you open PROJECT complete you enter the software at this start page To plan a completely new terminal strip we click the button "Create new project" Now you can see the main work space On top we find the task bar with dynamic ribbons for all functions of PROJECT complete One the left your project structure is displayed

The intuitive search function for articles is located on the right and in the middle your terminal strip will be placed Of course, the first thing we need for a terminal strip is the DIN rail This can be inserted here You can choose between different versions For now, I will just adapt the length of the rail and insert it

To place product now we use the insert center You can either enter a product name or an article number The window below displays all articles that match to the inserted data If you found the appropriate product you can either place it on the DIN rail by double click or via drag-and-drop To provide you more details about the chosen article dedicated product information is displayed below the insert center

These are the first steps to start-up the planning of your control cabinet project If you are curious about the further functions of PROJECT complete then do not miss next week's video See you on Tuesday!

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