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Creating an Email List in Sendlane


well hello and welcome to another episode of my 100 day to prosperity journey this is Timesha I'm glad to see you here today we're going to be talking about how to set up your email list to your autoresponder I'm with sim lane so i'ma show you this in late way but if you're with someone else I'm pretty sure it's gonna be about the same way but if it isn't and you want some extra help please comment let me know and I'll make sure that I set up a video for that okay um but without further ado let's hit the laptop and let's get it done alright everyone and welcome to my laptop okay we are talking about how to create an email list in your autoresponder and minds is sin Lane so I'm over here at my dashboard yes my subscriber list looks a little low but right now legendary marketer has all my subscriber list and I'm still trying to figure out how to send them over here to send lanes and I guess when I do I upload that video as well but right now I have my trusty contact which is me and so that is amazing so right now we're going to set up our email list so the first thing you need to do is click list okay and then you're going to create a new so you're going to click the plus sign to create a new list and so now you're going to name the list okay so since I'm on YouTube let's use YouTube we're gonna create YouTube action takers oops that's hacker takers list okay so that's what I'm gonna call my list and then after that you need the name of your company mine is own the life of your dreams so that's what I'm going to put here and then after that you're gonna put the email address that you set up earlier remember you had to have a custom email to even set up this list so now that we have one we have our mailbox we have everything set up now we're going to put that custom email address in here so that is and my default email address when someone replies to an email this is the address their reply will be sent to they can send it to this same email address okay and enable automatic list hygiene meaning that if people aren't opening your emails or you know they're not you know clicking on your links or they're not even getting your emails then this will automatically cipher through all of those people and basically click them off your list so if you want sin Lane or whatever your autoresponder to do that for you you can click for that to happen and this sets it up automatically for 45 days so if the person doesn't do any action in 45 days sin Lane will automatically click them or kick them off your email list so you know you only have action takers on your email list so that's the cool thing too and then you just click Next and then you set up this information here so you remind people how they got on your list so basically they got on them from going so basically you are gonna write thank you for subscribing to my youtube channel or however else they found you whether they found you through your solo ads or whether they found you through you know Facebook ads or facebook Messenger you're just gonna say thank you for subscribing to my list so thank you for you know watching my video and tell them if you want special offers we're gonna send it to you or thank you for subscribing or signing up for my book club or whatever it is that you have that information is going to go here and then you hit next and then you have all this information here which needs okay that's your app and address information and then you're gonna click Add and then a new one is set up boom and it's done okay great so that's the end of this video please stay tuned for my wrap up amazing video wasn't it I told you you get a lot of value from it well I'm so glad that you joined me today if you found the content valuable make sure that you give me a like and subscribe to my channel I'm giving out fresh news daily videos you got to know what's going on alright and also if you want to find out how I'm going to fire my boss in 2019 or you want to find out more about sin lane or clickfunnels there's a link in the description box below and make sure you check it out okay but until next time my friend make sure you think a catch

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