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Crock Pot Beans and Meatballs Pantry Clean Out Recipe

crock pot beans and meatballs pantry clean out recipe canned food recipe budget food storage recipe easy emergency food meals prepper pantry prepping meals when there's nothing to eat hi it's AlaskaGranny are you looking for a meal that's fast cheap and easy made from the foods you have on hand reach into your pantry for a can of baked beans and into your freezer for some frozen meatballs I like to use the steak house beans they're already flavored with something that goes with beef now crock pot liner into your crock pot place a layer of frozen meatballs and top it with a can of the baked beans put on the lid set it crock pot on high and in about two hours your meatballs and beans are done you can make this pantry clean out recipe with Italian flavored meatballs but I think the steak house baked bean combination actually goes a little bit better with the frozen homestyle meatballs that don't have so much spice in them because the beans have a special flavor that make the beef taste great part of keeping a stocked pantry long term food storage is rotating your foods with meals that are simple to make and that your family will actually eat try meatballs and baked beans in your crock pot see if it's an easy meal that your family might enjoy learn more at alaskagrannycom please subscribe to the alaskagranny channel

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