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Dencia blames RMD on her breasts and post.

The Cameroonian singer and her white leader, Dencia, has criticized the Nigerian actor, Mofe Damijo, for his message about women posing as coup to impress society.

RMD had pointed out that seeking the validation of others did not guarantee true happiness. He apparently compared women to go under the knife to improve their appearance and body in relation to this statement.

RMD had written;

"Having been there and done that, I can tell you for free that weight loss, weight gain, buttocks enlargement, breast lift, marriage, order / erection from your own domestic, having children, wearing shoes and expensive clothing can not make you really happy.

Generally, the things we do to show others that we are beautiful, tough, tough and / or connected are things that amplify our insecurities. A man who is safe in himself has no desire to display wealth, I have not seen Alh yet. Dangote posts a picture of his "machines" or "cooling him in his private jet".

Michelle Obama thinks that the woman who looks safe does not hesitate to put herself under the knife to improve.

True happiness is knowing who you are (discovering yourself) and loving yourself, "even whether …" Anyone who can live without worrying about the validation of others is the one who has found true happiness. "

While a number of her fans and colleagues in the entertainment trade agreed with her comments, Dencia did have her own counterpoint and she commented on the veteran actor.

She wrote;

RMD is older than my father, I mean 10 years older, I would be so embarrassed whether my dad was talking like that on the Internet.

All of these people are constantly losing cold spots because of social media.

Parents must put an end to these social media stories. Why are you a man who comments on breasts and buttocks?

The truth is, he does not lie, cosmetic surgery does not make you feel better, that's why people continue to do it, but I do not want him to be speaking that way.

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