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Do not Mistake Crowdfunding As a New Way to Run a Socialist Economy

As a think tank coordinator, I and our group come up with countless potential trade start-up ideas, technologies, entrepreneurial trade service exploits and new trade models. In recent years, I've noticed a growing number of entrepreneurs who prefer as the best source of initial capital. Many of these entrepreneurs have just come out of college with visions of saving the world and their minds are often full of errors. They tell me that crowdfunding is like socialism in action: a totally beautiful and natural democracy in action.


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Wait a minute, I think; "No crowdfunding is not socialism in action, capitalism in action -" free market capitalism "in its purest form".

People vote with their own dollars by investing in a trade they believe in to make subsequent gains by taking the chance to be lucky and get into the new plan of something wonderful and great – the potential opportunity of a lifetime to invest in the start-up first all notice. It is this desire, dream and opportunity that drives it. This is free market capitalism and any gain made in such an investment – well, credit should not go to socialism or used by socialists to proclaim that "socialism works" because it doesn't really work – but still, crowdfunding is not # & # 39; t socialism besides.

Socialism would be putting everyone in common their money and the government by collecting it and then deciding where to put it for everyone's best interest, thus maintaining the benefits of that investment to reinvest as the government sees fit. Even in a socialist democracy, it would not be the individual choice, as it is in crowdfunding on where the money would go, but rather the flicker, the blurred and the fussy mood of the senseless masses – the suggestion of all those votes go to the government to consider .

In this scenario – the predetermined poll elements created by some committees, generally a groupthink committee with individual members with specific purchases – then the government would take the so-called mandate and start selecting winners or losers on the market based on those agendas for your account, actually on behalf of companies, based on their choices.

To propose that crowdfunding is how socialism shows you how the brainwashing of our academic institutions is on our next generation of entrepreneurs, worse for socialists who propose that crowdfunding is the culmination of their economic philosophies to counter what they call "capitalism evil "is absolutely absurd.

inaddition, whether we are wondering why capitalism seems to have gone astray in recent times, the socialists in the base of governmental political leadership have created an incestuous relationship with bankers, market and capitalists to elude the flow of money, capital and control the work and production to serve their will.

It seems to me that this group of people with such a corrupt thought about their organizational philosophy of society should be credited with the potential of crowdfunding – but, hey perhaps they also want to control it, but whether they do, that too will be corrupted, which, ruined in a over-regulation – yet, who will they blame then? Please consider all this and think about it.

Disclaimer: I am a free market capitalist and I base my findings on nearly 40 years of observation as an entrepreneur.

By Lance Winslow

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