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Domingo Mendez (Reporo) about adult networks, affiliate marketing, video, popunder, banners in adult

Hello! We are at the Moscow Affiliate Conference in Russia We are on Mobio Talks, talking about partner and mobile marketing

I'm Cyril Makarov, the head of the media baiting department at Mobio My guest today is Domingo Mendez from Reporo, an affiliate grid with adult traffic Glad to see you! I'm also glad to see you! Thank you for invitation! Let's talk about the adult today I'll start, perhaps, with an eternal question: Adult – alive or dead? Do you want to know how things are going in this area? Of course, everything is very good This question I hear quite often

Adult – a huge industry in which about $ 13 billion is spinning We do not make content ourselves, we sell it Today, advertisers are looking for new opportunities for brand promotion Therefore, we can not promote content on only one channel There are many other opportunities for promotion


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Adult is a sphere that does not suffer from the economic situation in the world The reason is obvious – people like this content Everyone knows this So yes, the industry is on the rise, so investing in the industry is profitable I think that adult is one of the oldest channels of traffic attraction in affiliate marketing

There are many players and advertising grids on the market Tell me, how does Reporo differ from them? We have been on the market for about 9 years, and our constant principle remains working with the best publishers around the world We also enable each webmaster or site owner to monetize traffic How are we different from competitors? The fact that we help our clients optimize their campaigns We have opportunities, for example, you launch an advertising campaign in the adult

You have the opportunity through self service Optimize the campaign of a certain publisher, if you know that this publisher will be better for you We have the opportunity to launch partner campaigns, in which you have chosen to target, the country and so on After you have done the test campaign, after 48 hours, when you already see traffic from any campaign, you can see the results and you can see the id of the publisher, you can see what is better to convert Accordingly, you can increase the bid at the publisher, we work on such a system Reduce the bid for those who do not bring much or even block them if the CPA is too high

I think that's what sets us apart from our competitors In addition, we always maintain good relations with publishers, we work with the best, those who generate high-quality traffic We always try to make them satisfied with the work with us In addition, we have a large team, more than 50 people around the world They speak different languages, know their local markets

So we know what you need to promote the product And people in other offices, do they work with publishers? We have a large team: there are people who are engaged in sales, there are people who are involved in attracting publishers That is, people who attract publishers are a separate team with a head office in London But there is still an office in Spain, in America and in Canada The team is large, and it is distributed around the world to better understand and understand publishers

You mentioned the ability to manage campaigns on your own, But as far as I know, before you were a "blind grid", without a transparent breakdown by publishers It was impossible to start the campaigns independently, all through the manager Why decided to change the strategy, and why so much time spent on it? This is an interesting question Yes, we used to be a "blind grid" Basically, because publishers did not want to disclose their data

At the same time, they wanted us to protect them Because at the end of the day I buy traffic from them, that is, traffic, in fact, not ours But the market has changed, and the ways of optimization have changed There was no point in remaining a blind mesh further And people knew which sites c adult content is on the market

We decided to change our position The process took us a little longer than we thought But we did the platform from scratch Yes, now we have it Yes, now it's much easier to work with you

Yes exactly I was always interested in the question, regarding the adult: now the market has already been formed, is it worth to expect the merger of various large players with small ones? I think, do you mean, is it worth waiting for the monopolization of the market? Honestly, it all depends on the quality of the traffic that you supply, and on the quality of the services that you provide However, I do not think it's worth talking about monopolization here As I said, the market is big, and it is open to all Most likely there will be top-end publishers and top players with good traffic, affiliates and advertising grids

By and large, it all depends on the level of service We were one of the first top players in the adult industry But the competition is growing, many realize that you can earn money here So, I believe, there will be no monopolization But there will be different top players

As far as I know, last year in September MobAds, which belongs to Reporo bought Buzzcity Yes Do you think Reporo this acquisition will give any advantages? Although our net is leading in the adult industry, we decided to give our customers the opportunity to receive traffic from the mainstream resources That's why we bought Buzzcity They have good positions in South Asia, especially in Singapore

I think that was the key factor for us to go into the mainstream Not just because we wanted to take over the entire market Although in fact we want And in order to give more opportunities to our customers Work all 360 degrees

Give our customers as much opportunity as possible What else did we get from this? More qualified personnel in sales, understanding of the region, because people live and work there That is, now our platform allows you to receive traffic not only from the adult, but also from the mainstream There is an opportunity to try different traffic options for one offer So there are many benefits

Very soon the whole platform will work at a new level In the adult a lot of video content But on the other side, main advertising formats: pop-under, redirect and banners, not video Is it worth waiting for the emergence of a trend for video advertising in the adult? You ask too much But in general, yes, the plan is exactly this

Video is a hit of the season, and adult comes to this format We are working on it I can not say when exactly we will add the appropriate formats, but this part of the strategy This is very logical Yes, it is logical

If this format in the mainstream gives a good conversion, why in the adult it should work worse? I think this will be an additional format for us Banners will remain the main format in the market As well as pop-anders Also video We, frankly, should be the pioneers in the market

We can not fall behind I will share with you more information when it is available Let's look at other trends For example, inside, this segment has been growing rapidly for a couple of years On facebook, in native grids

In adult this is also noticeable? I would say that the absolute leader in VoD (video on demand), then there are deyting, chats This is the top one It's quite simple, and people are looking for it If you want a video, you upload a video, if you want to go on a date, go to the website If you want private communication, go to chat rooms

All depends on the user You want to see something and quickly download it Therefore, these offices in the top But you're right, we have about 15-20% of the increase in new offers But, once again, it is possible, first only on pop-anders

It all depends on how you position your brand We have many examples, as I mentioned For example with Uber They decided to increase their presence in the market through advertising, and decided to advertise in the adult Also in pop-anders

This makes sense, other formats could lead to incorrect perception of the brand That happens And the pop-under has been working so far, especially on deytingovyh sites When you have a date – you need a taxi So it works

The trend will grow, more and more companies will test it It is very interesting Uber is a good example of the mainstream Yes And what can you say about other innovations in the adult? Maybe new technological challenges? New banners, approaches to creatives, landings? Yes, as I said, at the moment, not everyone has come up with

What is the main thing in the market is optimization and innovation So every time you start a campaign, you should make sure that you use the correct banners with the appropriate size, because all publishers have different ways This must be remembered When you promote a product, think more about what the user wants, but not how you earn it If you think so

This is the key thing to understand if your product will be successful In fact, it's all about optimization You need to try to get the best offer from a publisher or from someone who attracts traffic You need to understand the market and understand the publishers themselves If you know that you want to promote a particular site or an off-line, look at what the site looks like, how your product will look

It's all about optimization I have one more question about adult, about politics and moderation Usually, this is the main pain of arbitrators and partner networks Traditionally, adult and pop-under traffic has a lot of Mislidis and negative feedback from users Is it also a problem for you as a grid? How do you deal with this? We have a team that moderates advertisements, and the requirements for ads are really serious

Every day we have a report, we try to control the processes If we see that something has gone wrong or is a misselid, or the advertising of forbidden sites is started In a team that checks the ads for about 10 people They check the ads every day Of course, this is not an easy process

This situation is everywhere in the market We have a team that collects knowledge about the market They know in the scale of each country what can be advertised and what not So, we are working on this We have a way to control the situation

I can say that we catch 90% of unscrupulous customers, but there are always 10% who manage to campaign But based on experience and past cases, we are trying to change the situation for the better Thank you very much for talking I have a few short questions left They are fan, not about business

I was always interested, who work in the adult They are ordinary people or they are noticeable, that they work in the adult industry For example, your office is similar to the office of a standard advertising agency or Do you have a beauty bikini in the office? Of course, I can tell As soon as you open the door to our office, You see at once a lot of naked girls In fact, I'm joking

I wonder what you're asking I have been working in the industry for 6 years Before that I worked at FMCG, I worked before in Procter & Gamble This is a completely different sphere and market But from the point of view of the internal arrangement – the same

If you look at our office, we have a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere On tables of 3-4 monitors, on them data streams are deduced, people analyze, optimize campaigns, nothing strange, unusual, relating to the adult We do not produce content, we do not make films for adults So, I'm afraid there's nothing in this job, just earning money But sometimes you can go to industry events and meet with those who make content, Sometimes they invite us

Now that's fun In the rest, everything is like everywhere else I only look at the numbers and banners, and how much porn do you have to look at work? It's like that Porn I see only on banners, and I regard them only in terms of quality, nothing more You know, there's the concept of "banner blindness"? And in adult there is something like adult blindness? That is, you stop noticing content for adults

No, in fact, everything is somewhat different Looking at the banner, we think how much the user will like it For example, you are looking for blondes, and on the banner of a brunette So we tell advertisers what to change, so that the banner liked the user That's all

Thanks for the interview, it was nice to meet you Thanks for the invitation

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