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Don’t Throw Away Money on Facebook Ads

Today I am going on: underline;”>to talk about social media return on your investment Stay tuned

Hello friends of the internet, Lorri coming ong>toong> you today with a quick chat about social media marketing Now if you don't know, I have been a social media specialist since 2011 when I embarked on this world of being a social media manager and consultant and speaker and I love on: underline;”>to teach, and in fact I've had a couple of really amazing teaching engagements in the last week and it's just been so so fun, I love ong>r team I do get a lot of questions from them asking for tidbits of help along the way, and I'm happy to do that so I got a question the other day from a team member and she was explaining to me her situation and what she's doing with Facebook Now I love Facebook It is my number 1 for everything I have in the last year or so branched out a lot into Instagram and of course YouTube videos but Facebook is my number one love and that's where I do concentrate a lot of my time there marketing as well

Anyway, so she says, this is a direct quote "my issue has been, I'm getting lots of engagement on my boosted posts and conversations but they are not converting inonth in Facebook advertising "but I'm clearly doing something wrong" Thank you so much for that question I'm sure this is a common theme out there, you're spending money on Facebook ads and it's not converting So my reaction ong>toong> that is, you're taking all the right steps but, and this is just me, but there's a difference between social media marketing and marketing in general You are doing all the right things as far as social media, you're being consistent, you're branding yourself, you're making the posts, you're tweeting, you're doing whatever you're supposed on: underline;”>to be doing but you're not seeing that return on investment and that ong>makeong>s me turn around and go, well, perhaps is her target market not set correctly, is she doing more selling than she should be Those are more marketing concepts than actual social media concepts, and I hope you can get the emphasis that I'm placing there

Marketing is providing a solution ong>toong> someone's pain It's not always just about sales, do you get where that difference lies? If your social media posts aren't converting the way you would like them ong>toong> you need ong>toong> back up a little bit and sort of reverse engineer, and that's a concept that comes from of course Gary Vaynerchuk, reverse engineer look at it from their perspective what is their pain what are they looking for it's not about just putting out what you want to say, but it's about putting out what they need on: underline;”>to hear and what they're looking for so it goes a lot deeper than just posting links on: underline;”>to the minds of your target market and that takes time and research and understanding so for this individual she's spending a lot of onth on Facebook ads and it's not converting, my recommendation would be Facebook ads budget on that knowledge so I hope this makes some sense if you did find this video useful and helpful if you're seeing it on Facebook I would love you to share it with those that are perhaps on the same team as you or if other people in your world are having challenges with marketing share it with them and see if it will help them at all and of course if you're seeing it on YouTube please give it a thumbs up subscribe ong>toong> my channel as I on: underline;”>make two new videos every single week because I love ong>toong> keep you updated in the world of Jeunesse and being an entrepreneur and social media and all that kind of fun stuff thank you so much for your time in fact, speaking of being thankful, we just celebrated Thanksgiving here in Canada this last weekend so I am so thankful for you, you are a blessing in my life I am loving onderful day, bye for now *bloopers*

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