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Donuts in Your Dad’s Pickup Truck – How

So your old man's given you a bunch of shitty chores to do over the weekend That sounds like a real bummer

Here's how to not do donuts in dad's truck Step 1: Make sure your dad's got a V8 If he doesn't, he's probably your mom Step 2: Take the steering wheel cover off! Why do you even buy these things dad!? Step 3: Donuts Turn the traction control off

Then, select the lowest gear Use your left foot to apply light pressure on the brake Right foot, mash the gas, get both wheels spinning on the same time, choose the direction of the donut you want I want Boston Creme After you get a donut around, you want to keep the momentum going, try using a little bit of countersteer to the truck, and then some throttle modulation, and that should be able to keep the truck in a nice spinning action until your tires blow off

When you're locked in to about your third donut, everything's going smoothly, you got some smoke billowing off the tires, that's when you yell "whooooo!" So everybody knows you're a badass Whoooooo!

Source: Youtube

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