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Donuts Selber Machen (im Backofen) || Homemade Oven Baked Donuts (Recipe) || [ENG SUBS]


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- All ingredients & quantitive data are listed & linked in the infobox below Welcome a new videoin today's episode I s you an easy way to bake delicious donuts

we will not deep-fry thembut rather bake them in the ovenfor that first crumble ½ cube of fresh yeast into a high containerpour in 200 milliliters lukewarm milkthen stir together with a whisk or fork until the yeast has completely dissolved

after that in a mixing bowl combine the yeast-milk-mixture together with 500 grams flour50 grams soft butter, 50 grams sugar 1 sachet vanilla sugar1 egg & 1 teaspoon saltknead together with a kitchen machine or your hands for about 4 – 5 minutes until a smooth doughthe dough should be detached from the bowl wall while kneading & does not stick to the fingers anymore

then form a balllay it back to the mixing bowl& allow to rest for 30 – 45 minutes covered with a kitchen towelonce the dough doubled in volumeslightly flour the countertop

give the dough onto the floured surface& briefly knead with your handsnext, flatten the dough a bitas good as possiblethen roll out with a rolling pin

but do not roll out as flat as you canonly until you reach a thickness of ½ to max 1 centimeterthat's the thickness we are looking fornow we can start to cut out our donuts

for that I use a coffee mugto cut out small circles firstthen I use such a shot glassto cut out a hole in the middlethat's it

remove the excess doughknead together, roll out again & cut out more donuts as seen just this minuteplace the done donuts on a lined baking traycover again with a kitchen towel & allow to rest for another 15 – 30 minutesthen bake in the preheated oven at 200°C (top/bottom heat) for 12 – 15 minutes

until the donuts are golden brown & beautifully risenthen get the donuts out of the oven, allow to cool a bit & afterwards decorate themfor that I have melted chocolate hereif you like you can also use a sugar icing insteadthen pull the donuts through the melted chocolate

place the on a wire rack & decorate them with some sugar sprinkles as you want tonow the chocolate only has to hardenthen the donuts are ready to servei hope you liked the videoI wish you lots of fun baking & see you next video!

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