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DotComSecrets Affiliate Marketing | THANKYOU + LEADMAGNET

Hola Mis amigos y mis amigas Sorry, I'm brushing up on my Spanish a little bit as I'm heading out to Portugal then Spain Actually next week coming up anywho I wanted to make this video Khalsa thank you page method and a lot of affiliate marketers use this method And that's why they are successful the people that not use this method the reason it's a reason that they are not successful Okay, so we're going to dive deep into here dotcomsecret audiobook, dotcomsecret book, dotcomsecret review, dotcomsecret russell brunson, affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing 2017, dotcomsecret book review, dotcomsecret pdf And I'm going to draw a little diagram showing you what I'm talking about cuz I'm always a visual learner So I like to teach it visually as well so that's what we'll be talking about on this video as always before we get started if you do want to go check out my Free video training that shows you how I've been able to generate income utilizing the internet for the past Few years go ahead and Head on over to mentor with nick comm there should be a link popping up in the top right corner And then there is also a link down in the video description, so let's just jump into this type of stuff now I'm talking about affiliate marketing a lot of this channel is about affiliate marketing marketing in general, and you know other lifestyle and motivation and all that good stuff, but within affiliate marketing the Cornerstone the the thing that everything is based on is what you want to do is be building your list and you want to be? giving away a free Gift or a free Lead Magnet call it in exchange for someone signing up for your email or signing up for your email list and giving you the email to you so dotcomsecret audiobook, dotcomsecret book, dotcomsecret review, dotcomsecret russell brunson, affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing 2017, dotcomsecret book review, dotcomsecret pdf That's you know That's what your business really relies on so it all stems from that so I'm going to show you exactly how to set this tech stuff up because This is very old hat to me But I know it's because I've been doing it for so long I had students and clients and some friends I reached out to me lately asking me more details about how to set this type of stuff up So that's what I figured out with you for you here

I'll show you some examples too, but basically you know it all starts with Okay We need traffic to come to our Website okay, and what we do again is our we have a one-page website And this is where we are building our list We're given up free away a free gift okay, and you know email address right there, and some copy right here, okay, so From there you go to the thank you page after they put their email address in they go to a thank you page usually has a video and Then a button at the bottom Okay, and then This is your thank you page Okay There's always going to be your thank you page So you're welcome them in your bringing them into your world and then you are offering them over to affiliate products where you can and make Moolah okay, so right here Well first off when they're putting an email address in it it puts them on your database, okay? So I'm just drawing this all out alright forgive me if it's little elementary, but I just want to make sure everything's covered Okay, and the traffic can come from anywhere This is this video really won't be about the traffic, but will get any more Videos about that And I do have previous ones on this channel as well So right here is where you are giving away your free lead magnet your free gift Okay, and usually it's you know a free video a free Pdf for poor Maybe even a free ebook But you want to have something that's very easily consumed and something that people actually are going to value you Don't want to have it something that is huge humongous because most the time people want to go through it, especially if they're not paying for it and The big thing is that you want to give people something that's going to be able to give them quick results Okay Just maybe I'll click checklist a cook PdF report a quick video Something that's going to you know put you in a high perceived light because you help them Get closer to an end result, okay? And then you're going to tie your pdf or you tie your free gift into your affiliate offer, okay, so oh That's the whole premise okay Typically you're not making money off the free report because it is free, but I want to show you a network Kind of a network where you can actually make money on the lead magnet okay? So that's the whole rundown Again you can you know continue to email people, but you know this is the thanks page You welcome them and saying hey your free report is being delivered to you in the meantime check this out Make sure and connect me blundell blah okay, so then you have the button right there it goes to the affiliate offer, okay? So that's the whole rundown now if you don't want to create a Pdf report a free video or anything like that I've got something for you that I think you're really going to like so what you actually can do is promote a Ciliate offer let me show you pull down this and I imagine that a lot of people have heard about this com secrets book by Russell Brunson and he has a lot of different other Affiliate products or products that you can be an affiliate of and you don't need to you know pay anything to join this program? but if you're not then obvious I'm going to show you how to do it now if you do want to join up with this there will be a link in the top right corner probably popping up right about now or there will be a link down in the description Well where you can sign up to this particular so they program, so I'll come in here login to my account I'll show you how you actually get your link, okay? So there is a lot of different offers within the dot-Com secrets Affiliate area and then you'll know that to figure it out once you get in there But this is the one I'm talking in particular talking about the dot-Com Secret book It's a book it's free plus shipping offer so basically what happens is You don't get any commissions for the actual book? It's only like seems like five bucks for them to ship it out like people have to pay five dollars they could Get it shipped

They're basically paying for shipping and then there's a $37 Audiobook bump-bump offer where like they can choose to get the audio book you'll learn a fourteen dollar commission on that then there's $197 instant traffic hacks up so after that you will get paid 70 888 80 cents for that And then there's a perfect webinar system right after that where you can earn one hundred and eighteen dollars For each commission neck okay, so obviously the more books you can give away the more potential You have to make some money on the upsells again You don't really make any more you don't make any money on the table see this book actually? But it's just like the it's the lead magnet so essentially it's your lead Magnet you're using someone else to lead Magnet and Then you have the potential to earn right off right on that then you'd have to create your own lead mag Which is nice so Right here is where you create your link Okay So you have right here you want to click it's going to probably be like this first real quick, and then you select link Docom so you get booked and then you put in your affiliate, sub? Id I would definitely recommend you do this because if you want to be put in different links in different spots So I would put something like thank you So just signifying that is the link that's going to go on to your thank you page and then you could do like email warm or You know whatever it is, but just so you can track it and say okay Where are the actual sales come from or people people actually? purchasing the book okay, but once you have that will do thank you and then then the link automatically updates and Then you copy that and then that's where you can put it on your thank you page now Let's dive into the actual Software to actually create one of these things and then I'll show you where you actually put your affiliate link, so I use leadpages right now, okay? I've been using I just like them for whatever reason people keep calling me crazy if you're not using clickfunnels I probably would probably will you know before too much longer but for whatever reason


apply below, apply for the job, vacancy apply, apply now, download the application form, download now, download

I just like leadpages okay, so so anyways, if you do want to use leadpages is a little bit cheaper than Quick funnels, and it's there's a little less stuff that can go into it basically if you're just an affiliate marketer I feel like you don't really need if you no want it because there's just so much stuff that goes into like sales funnels and all that stuff and if you are in creating sales funnels That's great, but if you're not like me if you're just doing affiliate stuff Then I don't think there's that much reason to have it especially if you already have something like leadpages, okay? So let's come in here, and I'll show you one of my campaigns here, so Second and we'll use a page, and then we will view the thank you page as well Okay, so this is the page that I use and this gets a pretty good option, right? I know it is said on here like twenty-eight percent, but I don't think I don't think leadpages is always accurate That's why I do use clickmagick up there They're like a tracking service That's what they're good at so that's why I use them I think I'm getting a lot better than that, but anyhow, this is what might look like I would always follow the Actual templates see within leadpages You can come in here and click create new page and You typically like when I show people this typically they come into these one and just Actually, what do they do that? Yeah drag and drop instead I recommend the standard and Just use you know the regular one, so obviously this was the one that I use You can see that You know virtually the same Or pretty much a different background or something but then I just change out this picture change out the copy a little bit and then no, it's just That one, so you know domme secrets the underground playbook for drawing any company online and creating to freedom in your legs, okay? that's just the Copy that I use and then obviously it's a two-step opt-in so you click on here boom and it opens up the the actual Webform and you're good to go, they put their email address in and then they're taken to the thank you page Everything my friend where I have a thank you video I always like to have a video to say hey, what up like to connect with people? tell them to make sure and connect with me on social media let them know that I'm going to be send them an email and Typically whenever I create a lead magnet

I say hey your lead magnet is on the way, but in the meantime Before you go check your email Make sure and go ahead and click the button right down below this video It'll take you over to something that I certainly recommend You know something like that The whole idea is just to connect with people really but in the case of the actual Dot-Com secrets book because of the fact that you can make money off of it I do have that on Thank you page I only want stuff that I can make money off of on the thank you page, okay? I don't want to give them the lead magnet right away because they possibly could have Put in a fake email, and I wanted to actually train them to go check their emails, okay? I want that established right away, but in this case You know obstet can mention on thank you page with the book so that's what I do So this is a link to a book and then I also explained it mind a little different a little bit more complex But basically what I say in addition to the free book yum I also have a free training on addition so it's like adding a bonus and Then that's right here as well, and then I have a whole bonus training video and then on the bottom

There's another spot Where I recommend something else and I can earn money on that because it really–it offer, okay? So that's the whole you know premise like I showed you before Oops, had cleared that already, but now you're sending traffic to this page They put in their email address boom they're sent there then from there They're added to the email database Aweber usually is what I use, and then they're sent to this page right away and Then they're good to go they click on this if they purchase the book and the upsells you make a commission And then you know whatever else you want to do on the thank you page But make sure and have at least one spot You can earn a commission on okay? So let me show you how you actually do this Let's come back go and do leadpages when I say do this, I mean like Actually set it up Okay, so let's come here So right here Dupa do Alright, so you know you obviously can just you know customize all the copy I would just go to Google Google an image of comm Secrets and then upload it into here You can you know use different ones if you want? I'll just leave it the same I have it under character But here's the big thing you make sure you want to connect this to your aweber, okay? So you click on here and then you want to click on your integration settings? and You want to connect this to your actual? Camp or your email campaign so I'll come into my a wever And here you would want to manage a list create a new list Then just fill out all this information doesn't really matter to make sure you have a name and email The company website doesn't really matter next step just to test email list Obviously you want to be explaining exactly what your list is all about and then approve and create list And then what you want to do here if you want to come in confirmed opt-in Turn that off You don't want confirmed opt-ins because then they're going to confirm before they're on your list and most people won't do that So don't just trust me Don't do that

So here's the other thing dotcomsecret audiobook, dotcomsecret book, dotcomsecret review, dotcomsecret russell brunson, affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing 2017, dotcomsecret book review, dotcomsecret pdfis that what you want to do is you want to come in here to help and just to make sure just this is just A make sure you click on help, and then you come down here And I always do live support chat, and I started chat, and I just tell them that I would like See this I would like this particular email list that I just created I want it to be single opt-in for apI integration Okay api integration Let me just take that out Api in Declaration okay, so you want single opt-in? single opt-in for Api integration that's what you tell them you say hey can I please get this email list set for a single opt-in for apI integration and Then they'll usually do it right away if they ask any questions to say it's for my leadpages, and you know they're fine They're super quick and easy about it and again This is just to make sure that there's no confirmed opt-in okay, so that's why I do that now once you do have that all set up you want to come up in signup forms and since this is on the test email list you want to create a signup form And those can kind of be tedious in the beginning, but it's well worth it in the end I'm going to click named opps, so we just are we're just going through the email save your form Go to step two Tusu test Webform Or whatever 1 1 2 2 1 1 whatever, and then you want to do custom page query Thank you page, and this is where you want to put in your actual like com or your your thank you page So you copy this link? You put it in here Okay Boom paste boom it's good to go, and then also get right here in case for whatever reason They are already subscribed you want to do that right there? And then you save your form and Then you go to step 3 and you're all set to go there ok from now It's where are we? Okay, so here is where we do integrations you would want to reload and reload this just so it like kind of updates and then you come into list so Where is the new list let's see if it tests email list yeah, so when I create it So it's test Webform 1 1 2 2 2 1 1 That's just the one I created so you click that and then you're all set to go there I won't do it because I want to change my integration and then you also want to put your thank-you page right here So you take this this link again and put it right? here and Click ok and you're all set to go ok So that's really it ok guys again this video Wasn't really about traffic is about setting up is about Like understanding that you need a lead magnet and if you don't want to create your own read Magnet you can certainly use The Dot-Com Secret one now Just know Look at your numbers

Don't like expect to be making tons and tons of money from just 5 leads, okay? You have to know the process like I'm always looking Know the numbers you're always looking at the numbers seen you know what is converting? What's not? But you know typically you can see anywhere between a 1 and 10 percent 10 is really high Depends on the offer Obviously 1% is low But you know I've had some things that are like you know 5 6 % because it was a one dollar offer but then some of the other stuff convert that like Let's kind of less than one percent because it's like a forty seven dollar offer, okay? So you always just gotta understand that and then just you know build your list and constantly email your list and eventually You know you kind of continue to get those clicks to your website? Fixed to your affiliate operators and eventually it's going to start converting because you just have enough numbers, okay? So just to recap again trace the create the opt-in page use a lead Magnet If you want to use the dot-Com so you could certainly use that there should be a link in the top right corner or down? In video description and then you know obviously you can use leadpages they create something like this That link being top right corner down the description as well Create it use the templates on here Don't create your own drag-and-drop I just find that Very difficult and you know obviously the templates were to use the temp it create a thank you page Create a thank-you page with your video Just saying what up? It doesn't have to be complex But people always like to connect with people and just know that there's not like someone hide behind a keyboard So that's what I recommend you can just do text if you want But it won't be as effective and then just link it to something where you can make commission So if you did create your own lead Magnet just say hey your lead magnet will be sent to your email inbox Here in the next few minutes, but before you check that and make sure in Boyde You click the link below because this is the best you know product that I recommend or something like that And as all you get people to connect with you on Facebook Instagram Snapchat YouTube whatever social media platforms you have That is the rundown on this particular video All right guys Thanks for watching if you do want to go check out my free video training Mentor with Nick comm is the website thanks for watching this video connect me on any one of my social? Media Accounts Facebook Instagram Snapchat and This is my Youtube channel leave some comments down below if you guys have questions Or you enjoy this or you didn't enjoy this how I can improve on it or whatnot All the links that I talked about in this video are down in video description, but thanks for watching guys And I look forward to talking soon

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