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Dreaming of a Blogging Web App? Make It Happen With Node JS


The benefits of blogging are countless. On the one hand, commerce owners who function on the web are very successful in educating their customers about blogs and consistent content releases. On the other hand, it is a good way for non-commerce people to create powerful knowledge centers and stimulate public interaction. So blogging is a ubiquitous idea that anyone can use to create their own presence on the web and let thousands of people participate through other related post posts, comments, social sharing, likes or concerns. And interact.

whether you're developing a blogging app for your commerce or creating a personal space on the web, Node JS is a dependable tool! It helps global developers easily create great web applications, including blogs. However, before moving on to Node JS, let's take a look at the fundamental features of a blogging web application.

  • Post creation: The main purpose of a blog is to allow you and others to post text to share information. This process must be very simple and fast.
  • Image/Multimedia Posts: Blogs look beautiful and invite more readers when they are concentrating on images and videos. Therefore, your blog should allow people to upload multimedia projects on their blogs.
  • Customize the look and layout: There are a variety of tools that supply a way to configure your blog, its look and layout. Your blog must have such tools installed so you can use themes, layouts or design templates and modify your blog.
  • RSS feeds: These feeds are fundamental for users who are tech savvy to subscribe and get news, technical stories and events via MyYahoo or iGoogle or other RSS readers.

You can see hundreds of web applications for blogs on Node JS, which clearly shows how powerful and preferred the platform it is for the huge Internet world. Of course, there are many reasons behind it. So whether you want to start thinking about blogs with these features, check out some of them.

  • The core of JavaScript: JavaScript is the key choice for any form of application developer. Node is a cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment that enables them to use JS for server-side scripting.
  • Faster development: Based on the asynchronous programming model and the use of the Chrome Engine V8, it makes things very fast.
  • continual development: The node JS community has an ever-evolving carnival that promotes sharing and allows others to grow with them. Therefore, you have the right to share the library package during the official promotion, and others can even help you solve the problems you comeacross when using it.
  • Data synchronization between the server and the client: although it allows you to write JS on both the client and server side. This makes things very simple because the data is transferred between the two.

Great for socially appealing apps: Node JS is very friendly when creating real-time apps that can be used by social users from multiple sources. Its event loop makes development very easy by considering multi-user standards.


Yes! The next big thing in the on the web world is Node JS. So, whether you now think of a blog buzzing in your intellect, go ahead because it helps you create an appealing, responsive and interactive blog right absent.

By Rob Stephen

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