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DsGenie Revolutionary Software – How To Make Money Easy with Drop Shipping

You What's up guys is Mark from – meaning and the purpose of Making this video basically as you can see from the if you're on YouTube you'll see the title if you're on the chip and page You'll you would not but the purpose of this video is me to share Just some of the results that our members are having it is not the boss It's not to say how We make the money or not although


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That's what's happening, but basically you would have access Daily access that these people you stopped them We help each other in the skype group because we don't compete directly because of the software and I've noticed so anyway it just Results from ten different people in the group I just sent out a message I asked for some results They are not in order by success some people are making a lot some people are talking about somewhat But I think I'll just share with you guys What's going on right so just pretty soon if you look this is that in the last 24 hours? This is not a month Um this precise 286 listings you sold $1700 the last 25, so he would have means basically $170 Whatever day that works? This is a 30 day screenshot 31 days nine thousand dollars So this person would have made about 900 bucks no night not between 900 thousand bucks to pass their duties again Again, I love these screenshots because if you look it's with 84 listings We don't list a thousand things guys this criticism make it out dollars and bucks a month, but 84 listings It's another so this persists La soul to move 21,000 530 days and as you can see it's a big difference So he made like two grand in it past month Five hundred bucks last week and seventy dollars today whatever delivers this person sold 4000 hundred significant to do 405 another month This prisons of 20,000 – this person is getting 25 million three thousand dollars a month we've seen your last 25 with a me look at the bugs This is one of my accounts so 95,000 that's ignited my profit Ostia, not properly whatever data was This is a different screen shots of espresso sold 24,000 faster it is our founders is five percent so made about two dozen I know who this person is sadly well That's sad

I know who this person is and he works in power D again I'm not saying it's a boss I'm nesting in it once you focus and get it stuff done your readers another person 16000 supposed to be fifteen parts This is a nice screenshot, so this is Rick right so this is basically when which starts in creation if you look We started in January some time I can't remember the date but Zero in December to a thousand bucks in January me 100 bucks Eleven thousand in February, maybe love money parts $13 in March they had 30 mega bucks eighteen thousand April so made almost two thousand And that's not with cash mug that says probably right so we can see he's steady again another part-timer They're doing pretty good I know who this is also one of the big guys my we sold 120 grand request Sixth year, so he's making like six thousand one And That was it so guys Just at some time to show you some of the results all these guys are also sky blue You always have access to them and yeah, hopefully you enjoyed the video and Thanks for time

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