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Dumb Steam Plain Chinese Buns (Man Tou Ji) 馒头記


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Hello, re you, all? Today, I'm going an style=”text-decoration: underline;”>an> make Steam Plain (Man ) To me, it's actually the first time to an style=”text-decoration: underline;”>makean> buns

So, I use high grade flour & dry yeast and start an style=”text-decoration: underline;”>toan> make a dough from a sphere I am using my both hand to punch and knead up & down the dough to make it fluffy and nicely about 20 to 25 minutes, but the result doesn't seem to come out well To make buns in roll shapes, fold it to a retangcle and cut it in pieces Each piece is about 10 centimetre long It is really hard to an style=”text-decoration: underline;”>makean> buns for a beginner, I really appreciate what buns masters do a great job Finish making the dough in roll buns before start steaming them

Wait until the buns rise 2 times bigger, then you can put the buns to the steamer Then, voilà! Right, that's the video for making the buns At last, the result is not bad to me making buns for the first time It's not professional, but it's okay So I will an style=”text-decoration: underline;”>makean> the buns better next time That is everything for now, Man Tou Okay, see you all next time

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