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Eggless Chocolate Cake Recipe In Cooker | Chocolate Cake Recipe In Hindi At Home With Condensed Milk


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Hello Friends, I am Neha and welcome the Tricks And Tricks Of My Kitchen Today I am sharing the of eggless recipe I received a lot of request to share the recipe for eggless chocolate cake This chocolate cake recipe is dedicated to all these viewers

This chocolate cake will very spongy as well as moist You will be surprised that we do not need lot of ingredients for this cake The best part is we are making this chocolate cake in pressure If you do not have over, you do not have to worry We are making eggless chocolate cake in an easy way

Lets see the ingredients of eggless chocolate cake Friends we need 2 cups of salt Salt is needed to form a base of the cooker We also need 1 1/4 cup of plain flour, 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder, 1/3 cup sugar, 3/4 cup , 1 cup Milk should be room temperature We also need 3 tbsp Oil, 1/4 tsp Baking Soda, 1 1/2 tsp Baking Powder

1 1/2 tsp Vanilla essence, 1/2 tsp coffee adds a good flavor to eggless chocolate cake, 3 tsp melted butter Before preparing the batter for eggless chocolate cake, we prepare the cooker We will add salt in the cooker This is same salt we use for cooking We will thin layer of salt in the cooker base By adding salt to the cooker it increases the temperature of the cooker and the temperature will be just like an oven temperature

After we have created a layer of salt, we will put a stand on top of salt We have take the whistle of the lid We are going to heat the cooker Friends we have taken a cake tin and a baking paper which is available in departmental store as baking paper or parchment paper As a first step of eggless chocolate cake recipe we will grease all the sides of cake tin We will grease it properly We have cut the baking paper in circle and place at the bottom of tin

Also add baking paper on the sides Add baking paper will prevent chocolate cake from burning and we will be able to take it out from cake tin We will grease the baking paper and place the tin on the side We will proceed to eggless chocolate cake batter We will put plain flour in the strainer We have added plain flour, baking powder, baking soda, unsweetened cocoa powder and coffee It will help in removing impurities in the plain flour and air will be incorporated in the mixture will will help to make the cake fluffy

If you strain 2 times, it will be better, ever even one time is good All the dry ingredients except sugar have mixed really well Lets proceed to next step of chocolate cake recipe We will take a mixing bowl and add sugar I have used a very thin cyrstal sugar If your sugar have thick crystal then use powdered sugar We will also add butter which will make chocolate cake very moist We will also add oil to the the eggless chocolate cake batter

Then we will use hand mixer If you do not have hand mixer you can use whisk We will mix it well till the ingredients of chocolate cake mixes well Now we add condensed milk and we will mix it till the chocolate cake batter is smooth and fluffy We have mixed it for 3-4 minutes Now we add vanilla essence and milk and mix it well so that mixture does not spill out Miilk is mixed well eggless chocolate cake mixture We add vinegar and the dry ingredients to the chocolate mixture

We have to now do everything fast because vinegar reacts with baking powder and soda and creates air bubbles to make cake spongy Now we mix the chocolate cake batter well We use the spatula to take out the dry ingredients from the side Then mix the eggless chocolate cake batter well Friends if you are using whisk use it in one direction to mix chocolate cake batter Mix the batter enough to make sure that the everything is mixed well Now put the chocolate cake batter in the cake tin from the middle We will immediately proceed to next step Friends our cooker is how I do not have another stand so i am putting a tin below so that my chocolate cake does not burn from bottom Now we have put the cake tin in the cooker and put the flame on medium towards low and close the lid after removing the whistle We will allow the chocolate cake to cook for 45 minutes Friends 50 minutes are over and we will check our cake by opening the cooker The cooker is hot , so open the cooker carefully

Now check the chocolate cake We will use the skewer stick to check The stick is clean which means the chocolate cake is cooked properly Switch off the flame and with the help of pliers take out the tin from pressure cooker We will allow the chocolate cake to cool 10-15 minutes are over and cake is now cold We will flip the cake on the plate and you can see how easily cake came out

The cake is cooked so well and with the help of another plate flip the cake on the other side I do not feel like cutting the cake but I will celebrate my birthday You also sing with me "Happy Birthday to me" "Happy Birthday to me" The cake is so soft It is bit hot from inside

The eggless chocolate cake is so moist, sponge and fluffy from inside Our chocolate cake is ready We should not wait for birthday to make cake The eggless chocolate cake is so fluffy, moist and fluffy lets taste it first Yummy

Yummy The cake is very yummy without any icing I really enjoyed it The people who thinks that eggless cake are not fluffy and moist, it is not true, i just proved it wrong

If you like the video of eggless chocolate cake recipe please hit the like button Please share your experience and ask you questions in the comment section below Last bot not the least please do not forget to subscribe to my channel so you do not miss my video Thanks for watching and bye for now

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