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email marketing |social media marketing & content marketing free online courses دورات مجانية

With you Marwa Soliman from IT Channel As we promise you, we will talk about a useful site today It is called Hubspot HubSpot is a developer and marketer of software products for inbound and sales It was founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006


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Its products and services aim to provide tools for marketing, content management, web analytics and search engine It is intelligent that this site offers training courses on e-marketing in order to accept people to buy its services As the knowledge of e-marketing grows more and how it helps to increase the spread and sales there will be a turnaround in buying services and tools that help This type of marketing is done by the site to market its products The site also offers this educational and academic service This creates trust between the site and its customers the site present 3 online free courses First one is Marketing Second the social marketing channel the different types of social channels like facebook, Twitter, instagram and linkedin The third free online course is the Content Marketing We always say Content is the king One of the largest training courses is 12 sections and many videos Although some will tell me that his English may not help him study like his courses I will tell you that you've decided to enter the field of e-marketing, you are now open to the world and you should speak the most popular languages, English, so that you can get useful knowledge from many foreign sites It does not require you to be excellent in English but you have enough to understand these courses and you can use translation programs Hubspot academy is a wealth to learn e-marketing in these areas You will learn many strategies in the three areas we talked about in the first video He will help you to know How to start to grow your business Let's know about the 3 free online courses which are presented by Hubspot academy First is the free content marketing certification It will present a certificate after ending the every course and you can add it to linkedin by the site to show others your knowledge in this field And also, you can do that with the other two courses the three certificates will make a big different to your cv on linkedin You will be certify from Hubspot Academy Free content marketing course, you can register by your google account or make a new account I will make a sign in with my google account to show the topics of the free course You will put the url of your website or your company The it will ask about some information about you, put it like your job And you will give the site the reason,why you will study this course? Congratulations , sign up is completed Your Hubspot account is ready Email marketing course as you see these are the topics of the course, short videos You will study all contents of the course by videos The site will explain in easy way to help everyone by little english understand Helps you understand email marketing and how to do our marketing campaigns And helps you read the analysis and big data And see what is the campaign helps to get the higher ROI after the certification, you will join a big community approximately 100,000 members to exchange the experience You will get the knowledge from short videos in short time Submit useful content to you and do not waste your time or time The same in Content marketing free course, you will register as the previous course As we talk in the first of our video, this course is too long than the others The content is the major factor help in the marketing process success Content helps you get the right audience You will learn about storytelling and you will learn how to generate your ideas and also how to publish the content in different shapes And finally how to make analysis to your results, it is the important thing in this process The last free online course i will talk about is the social marketing certification course And i will make a sign up with google account As you seen the topics of the course, discover it Short videos in short time You will be able to finish the course in short time Put the certifications on linked in by the site to find the good opportunities I hope that the video won your admiration to forget make Like to the video and share it with your friends If you are a newcomer to the channel do not forget to subscribe to the channel and activate the bell to get the new notifications bye and see you soon in another new video inshallah

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