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(eng) 상어 뚜루루뚜루 손질 How to cook sharks

Hello, I am Subingsoo of SubingsooTV, Guys! Do you know what I brought today? Live fish time, not surprisingly The live fish I brought today is~ Yeah, yeah, good boy, calm down

[Calm] Banded houndshark! [Head start] [Useless] [Chin shading] The shark I brought today is an edible shark It's called 'banded houndshark' or 'Juksan-e' (in Korean) Why is it called banded houndshark? It's called that because it has bands on it that looks like magpie stripes It looks sharp like this Look at it~ I just touched it now and the skin feels like really thick 50000 won for two~ Now with this shark I will make sushi and fly it let's get going [Yes] Let's go~ Wow this one's really strong, guys

[Leave me alone!] It's twisting and messing around I'll give you peace quickly Rest in peace I cut where the brain and spinal cord is but this one's nerves live on longer than other ones' [So don't worry] It keeps moving

[Beware of intestines] Wow the skin is really thick [ㅠㅠ] I know, I know Sorry sorry Among the intestines of sharks, the liver is considered the best [for being good for the health] They say when they eat sushi, they eat with it (the liver) Intestines here

Shark head~ On no Oh no! heart of shark~ I'll wash the insides [Compared to other intestines] the liver is really big If you see here, you can find this green here in the liver This one is the gall bladder [Blackhead] [=Shark's fin] The top-grade ingredient, shark's fin, shark's fin [Eliminating everything] I'll get rid of everything Get it off Good In China, they say they catch this one then just cut off the shark's fin and throw it back into the ocean

Then what would happen to this one? Of course it dies It can't swim! Then why don't they just eat everything, huh? I once saw a video of a sturgeon They plucked out the cartilage from the tail [Subingsoo mission challenge] I'll try that [Actually it's the third challenge] I hope I succeed this time Oh, damn [Challenge failed] [Little bro consoling] [Side episode, teeth challenge] [Fail] I guess it only works for sturgeons~ Now I'll handle this~ It's still moving, guys

Since it's hard to handle it because it moves like this, people often chop it But I'll just do it From the tail~ The shark skin is really tough Oh there we go The bone inside almost looks like eel bone, right? There's one There's no bone that stretches to the sides and there's just a cartilage bone in the middle

I'm getting rid of it like an eel bone Like this for the middle bone Bone elimination complete! [watch out for the gills] The gills of sharks look quite peculiar [They're lined up] These are the gills I'll get rid of the endothoracic fascia near the stomach [Elimination near the ribs] Get rid of it near the ribs here [Skin elimination] The skin part is really reddish

Now the handling is done Body, stomach [Twitching] Wow it's till moving, guys, this one I'll fillet the raw fish after washing it~ Now, everyone, the remaining fish I'll handle it and fry it

[Identical] [No!] [Beware, intestines] 3 2 1! Oh stop hitting me! [The nerves are alive] If you look near the mouth There're some spots there, right? These are all holes Blackheads? [Tail] [bent] Drain the blood Now because I'll fry this one I'll store this with defrost paper I'll go and get a drink Now I'll fillet raw fish I'll cut the tail thinly

I think I need to cut thinly I feel like it's going to be tough [Squirming] Cut thinly, thinly That's so annoying Hey hey! You're gonna fall down! Now I'll cut the belly flesh too Belly flesh and inside, well, obviously, [Obvs Wasabi] Wasabi~ Don't go to places were they use these things again

[Re-wasabi] But I do~ 'cause it's my home They say the shark liver is really good for the body [Salt salt] Sprinkle a little bit of salt sesame oil like this Shark sashimi plating done! [Proud] Now the shark sashimi is ready! Oh I'm dizzy The alcohol to go with shark sushi is~ If there's the predator of the sea, shark what's the predator of the land? Lion! Simba~ Open This is Stout But what I'm worried about is that it's 8

8% I'm surprised Full glass~ I personally really like Stout Dark beer What's beer? First [Black beer] I actually was planning to cut down drinking because I'm not in a good health condition but I just got cured

Gotta find the right alcohol to treat your disease Then! I'll try the raw fish The skin is reddish and pretty, right? Straight to the mouth~! Sharks basically have acidity I tried frozen shark sashimi before and the acidity was a little overwhelming but the acidity of live fish is similar to that of tuna The meat is firm but the sushi is fresh? I like it The reason the meat is firm is if you see the middle there are a lot of tendons

Other than this part the meat part is alright to chew Nananana All cured [I'm full] Now then, I'll try the liver, the liver I'm honestly a little worried a bit of wasahbi Shark live liver~ I'll just shut my eyes and go for it Eyes shut! [Disappointed] Cheers! [Relegation] Let's try the belly

Belly meat~ There aren't any particular differences to the body meat [Same same] None none [+red chili paste] Dip it like this Shark noodle~ [Slurrrp] [Jaw muscles growing] Let's go fry the shark~ Wow this is, what OMG There's a hole Guys, I'll fry it first Put some oil [Reuse] Baeksan oil~ Fire on Oil in~ I'll fry with not too much oil~ It needs some cut marks [X-fish] Done I'll fry it

[Solchan Salt] Solchan Solchan~ [No batter] I'll just sprinkle at least some starch powder Shark in~ [Got hit on the nose] [Little brother worried] [Oil sparks more than usual] [Subingsoo shield/ Sungpaek shield] [Sungpaek got hit on the face] [Camera walking showing the pain] [Straight to the bathroom] Done, let's just get it out [Bing-dolph] I'm gonna be Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer! Coming out~ Two three! I'm so scared of frying these days Shark fry is done! Now the shark fry is done Oh damn Anyways! Since the shark is newly fried we need to change the beer, right? Lager for fries~! It's 4

8% Open Full glass~ Cheers~ Love the beer Sri Lanka Beer I'm only going to drink this from now on! I'll try the tail a little bit first

Like this~ Straight to the mouth Oh good Even after it's fried, there is some acidity Oh, it's comfortable to eat because there is only one bone in the middle I should dip it in the red chili paste

[+red chili paste] Like this~ Guys, I always wanted to try the skin It's actually crispy It's good Now the belly~ Like this~ I didn't know when I was eating the sashimi, but I can just taste the oiliness when I fry it The cooked meat is okay pickled kimchi is the best! [Spark] Get one and wrap it like this Like this~ That was good~ For my Bingoos~ Now today I made sushi and fries with two sharks Guys, the shark, what is the effect of shark meat? [No] You become braver

There are a lot collagen in sharks From what I tasted, the skin and the meat there was a white part where it stretched like this Kind of like skin of Jokbal? (pork feet) Since sharks are chondrichthyes there are a lot of calcium in the bones Those of you who have knee pain it's Very good for you Well, anyways! Just try the Lion Beer not the shark~ [Dang] Just get McDonalds for 10 people I can't believe I bought two sharks for 50000 won

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