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[Eng CC]How to a Stay-Home-Wife Make Money and Develop Career at Home | Upwork Freelancer

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Hello everyone, my name is Sunny I’m a stay home mom of two kids, three years old and a year old

We live in South California in-the United States On this video, I’ll share my story of how I turn into a stay-home-mom from a full-time professional working woman and how I managed to get over this career crack and make some income using my unique business skills while being a full-time stay-home-mom There are such a lot of ways of how to make money as a stay-home-mom, but today I specifically discuss how to make money using your professional skills that you simply gained earlier you became a stay-home-wife So using this method, you will get money by developing your professional career again at home Prior to I got married I used to be a professional graphic designer and worked for several companies in-the United States as a full-time employee and I likewise did some freelance design work as a side business

Next I got married, me and my husband had our initial daughter earlier than we planned, so we’ve got to acclimate to the modern parents like quickly without much preparation Amid my maternity leave with my daughter, I made a decision to withdraw my job and turn into a stay-at-home mom At initial as a modern mom, I had to donate up all freelance jobs that I used to work for previously just to outlive on a regular basis with a newborn Whether you’ve a baby, what I'm saying Then a few months following my initial child turned 1, I got pregnant again

Next getting pregnant moment time, my husband and I made a decision to move out of our one-bedroom condo that we were renting and purchase our initial very own house to elevate our two kids there Soon following buying our initial house, we realized that supporting four people by my husband lonesome as a single income was not an simple deal at all When our moment baby was born, we actually tried to send our 2 years old daughter to preschool full-time each day But she got ailing on and on continually and my newborn got ailing together along with her Likewise my daughter began acting out following having a little baby brother and she struggled a lot at school

It was a very tough time for all of us So I made a decision to pull her out from the preschool and save my daughter with me at home and now I'm taking protection of two kids, three years old and seventeen months old at home lovely much all by myself without nanny or much family help My husband is traveling fairly often for several weeks in a row for his business, too So for me, being a stay-home-mom is the choice option that works for our family situation right now On this situation, to bring more side income and support my family financially, I began trying to find ways online about how to make some money while raising babies at home when my baby boy was around eight months old

I had two options to work at home Introductory, I could work as a freelance graphic designer Or I could work as a translator between Korean and English Currently I’m making most of my income from the freelance translation jobs After I began trying to find online freelance translation jobs, at initial, I made my account a many online freelance translation job website that I could possibly find at the occasion

And I applied for a lot of translation jobs that I could try Out of all of the online freelance job web sites, the one which I've been using essentially the most until now could be "upworkcom" It's not advertising or sponsorship at all Next trying many online job sites by myself, this specific one is actually essentially the most useful one to me personally

So I'm recommending this website to try to you guys I can highlight a few things that make this specific website notable Introductory, out of all of the online freelance job sites I've tried, "upworkcom" is the one which shows the most important variety of freelance jobs in real time through various form business areas It covers software development, IT, engineering, design, writing, translation, legal service, sales, marketing, account, customer service, you name it

Secondly, there's a notable system at UpWork that may help both freelancers and clients to get the work done perfectly and finalize the cash settlement transaction on time in a honest way to both parties In other words, freelancers who make contracts through UpWork will likely be fully supported by the UpWork team to receives a commission on time from their clients using their unique cash settlement system Using this method, you may be assured that your firm work will receives a commission off even while you need to work for brand-new clients who you never worked with earlier But this isn’t free In return, UpWork is taking 20 percent service fee from all of the cash settlement transitions between clients and freelancers

You’ll be able to check all the small print of how to use UpWork while you make your personal account of their website And lastly, since UpWork is posting countless freelance jobs in various areas each day, you may pick definite jobs to apply that suit your professional skill set and you get to control your personal flexible working schedule as your personal boss You be your personal boss on this deal! There are numerous sorts of translation jobs posted each day on UpWork with distinct project scale, due time, and specifications I've worked for various project with distinct rates roughly from $10 per hour to over $100 per hour You will get paid hourly or receives a commission by milestone under the equivalent project

Easy translation jobs offer relatively lower hourly rate But whether the interpretation contents are very intricate and require specific background knowledge or experiences, the pay rates will get increased, after all Likewise many consumers that I worked for through UpWork would really like to contact me again to hire me for his or her modern translation project And this manner I’ve been qualified to build lengthy partnership with my clients, too Likewise, both freelancers and clients can leave their reviews towards one another every time each contract ends at UpWork

You’ll be able to donate a definite variety of stars of up to 5 and write your comment about your work experience with the buyer in your review, and equivalent thing happens to your clients Whether you get superb review with higher variety of stars and positive comments, you’ve higher chances to get modern jobs from other clients, too In-the freelancers' profile page, you may see their work history and feedback from their preceding clients Fresh clients can see this information and determine who to hire for their very own project Freelancers can likewise check reviews of modern clients on their job posting page and determine to work for them or not

The review of buyer shows whether the clients communicated well with the freelancers or set realistic two times, something like that Just a few months following I began working as a freelancer in UpWork, I got picked as a "Top-Rated Freelancer" by UpWork There are a lot of benefits for those top rated freelancers Sometimes they suggests definite jobs to those top rated freelancers that will fit their skillsets or interest Likewise getting this title may be very helpful to advocate for freelancers themselves to other clients for modern hires

I could work on my freelance business only following my kids went to bed around 8 pm Since both kids are usually not going to preschool or daycare yet, my daytime is lovely much fully occupied with my stay home mom job Due to this fact, I all the time all the time check estimated working hours per week and the entire project length earlier I apply for any jobs Sometimes I couldn't work for jobs that require more working hours that I could handle

Or I had to decline some job invitations from clients whether the job scale is just too big for me to work for Since I could control my flexible working schedule, I’m the boss of my very own business and I’ve been qualified to work as a freelancer using UpWork consistently for over a year, so far I likewise have seen other stay-home-moms who’re working at home using UpWork as an illustrator or a professional writer or a voice actor, some form of unique professional roles On this way, stay-home-moms like me are qualified to start out our own online business without much hassle and develop our professional career and bring more income to the family Today I've shared my story of how I make money at home and develop my career as a stay-at-home mom of two young kids

Whether you’ve any questions or suggestions for me with this video, please leave your comment I’ll do my choice to reply to your questions or opinions Whether you wish me to make videos of this kind, please of this kind video, so I can persist making videos with similar topics Thanks a lot for listening to my lengthy words I actually hope this video may be useful to any certainly one of you

I wish the choice of luck in your loved ones and your business Bye!

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