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Eng Sub: Zheng Shuang's New Company and Software M77!

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Hi Boss, today I will be asking you 77 questions Why 77 questions? Because of M77 Ok Do you have makeup on today? No makeup at all When did you wakeup today? I woke up at 8:00 today Did you not want to wakeup? Nope What have you been working on these days? I've been filming

Will you be going on game shows? Maybe But I don't want to reveal anything Will you continue acting? Yes What the most happy thing on your mind these days? Because I have a company now, my lifestyle has changed! Do you study zodiac signs? Of course I do What's your favorite zodiac? Leo because I am also a Leo What personality does a Leo have? Cute and innocent What's your company like? Let's go up and see! We're here! Here! The is the other entrance This is the front door! We haven't furnished the front desk area yet Because we don't have funds This a statue that hasn't been completed yet I will be making it into a statue

The head part is over there We'll talk about that later Now I'll take you guys for an inside tour Will you host a fan meet? It depends on if my fans want it Its almost 10 years since your debut, will you be giving anything? I might give clothing That I've worn There's 4 designs, can you do take a look

Isn't she pretty? I like the first one, its more simple Ok kk Thank you! This is our production team They're having a meeting, so we won't disturb them Why is the app called M77? Because M77 is part of the water signs Its meaning is really good Do you want to drink anything? No, its fine

This place looks so good What's this place? This is the rest area for workers, and I designed these stairs I didn't buy these pillows though Because I don't think these are cute enough Is there anything you want to eat? I really want to know, how do you lose weight? I guess I won't eat these snacks then What's your favorite snack? When I'm in a bad mood, I can finish the whole basket of snacks What's your best dish? They're all my best

Things you must need when you eat hotpot Mushroom, Tofu Skin, Liu Bai Ye Will you start eat streams or live streams? Yes Will you turn a fruit into a clothing? I'll think about it What's your favorite expression these days? Smile When you're not happy what do you do? Play with leggos How do you relax after work? Leggo Have you thought about doing an album? If you guys want it, I can make one What songs have you been listening to? I haven't been listening to songs Are you going to write another book? Of course When can I see you dance again? I think you can see me dance very soon! If you go on a vacation with you parents, where would you go? I'll choose to go to the Maldives

Wow Is this an internet cafe? This is the happy hour place What's happy hour? Its for group activities oh How's your dog? This month's 23rd is his wife, Chris's pregnancy due date This is our production team So these are all work tables This is our video editor So how is it? You probably know about me making pancakes This video will also be released when our software releases, so I hope you will be looking forward for it! Do you look at fan edits? Of course, I think their editing is really good So I like it I'm gonna go Thank you Xiao Mao Do you worry about losing hair? I do when I film because the hairstyles in costumes require my hair to be very tight bun

So a few strands would fall every time But it's ok How would you help introverts talk? I'm also an introvert, so just follow me Is there any bad habits that you would want to change? Not really, but I wish I could become more extroverted What is something you regret the most? That I didn't study abroad

What do you want to say the most to your fans? I love you guys! Let's go inside What is your favorite cartoon character? Crayon Shin-chan What superpower ability do you want the most? The superpower I want the most is to be the weight I want whenever I like What would you do when you can't fall asleep? I would try hard to sleep Now I'm going to ask you some fast questions Ok Clear or rainy day? Clear day Summer or Winter? Summer Chinese or American food? Chinese Horror or Comedy? Comedy New or Remake Drama? New Bossy CEO or Little Fairy type? Little Fairy Historical or Real Life Drama? Real Life Are you bad or good at games? Not good Use three words to describe yourself? Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Three things you always need in your bag Phone, Credit Card, and ID card Make a happy face? Sad Face? What job would you choose in your company? Janitor Is your company still hiring? Of course we're hiring! Can I come? Of course I am welcoming everyone for a tour! Let's end it here!

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