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FARM STEW! What's that? Take a quick (2 min) trip to Africa!

In Sub-Saharan Africa one in three children is severely malnourished People are suffering from diseases that they can prevent with simple habits and healthy food

They don't know about sanitation, education is a necessity, kids have no hope of a better future But Jesus came to this world so we can have life and have it more abundantly FARM STEW is a recipe for abundant life that includes "ingredients" that prevent hunger, disease, and poverty Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of poor families and vulnerable people throughout the world Drawing on biblical wisdom and sound science, our African Christian trainers equip families by conducting hands-on classes, freely sharing practical skills so people can help themselves

Thanks to the FARM STEW training, people learn to live abundantly with fresh homegrown food, clean water, tidy homes, savings clubs, and strong community ties FARM STEW also supports girls to stay in school by giving them washable pads and confidence Your gifts equip desperately poor families and vulnerable people, so they can help themselves Will you give for abundant life today? FARM STEW, a recipe for abundant life!

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