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Ado-Ekiti Federal Polytechnic Notice to Graduates of the 17th Convocation Ceremony


Important notice to all graduates of National Niplomas (ND) and National Higher Diplomas (HND) from the Ado-Ekiti Federal Polytechnic School regarding the upcoming 17th graduation ceremony.

Ado-Ekiti opinion of the Federal Polytechnic School to the graduates of the 17th concoction ceremony

Important details to all 2013/2014; 2014/2015; 2015/2016; Graduates of the Ado-Ekiti Federal Polytechnic School, 2016/2017 and 2017/2018, regarding the cash payment of the convocation fee, the rental / order of university smocks and the strategy of cash payment.

See too: Federal Polytechnic, timetable of the 17th graduation ceremony of Ado-Ekiti.

Details on the gathering of ceremonial dress and federal dress under the Poly Ado program

  1. All graduates should note that attendance on the graduation ceremony is compulsory and that it is fundamental for graduates to participate in-the academic procession and wear a packed set of approved academic attire.
  2. All graduates attending the graduation ceremony must sign the attendance sign-up upon presentation of their cash payment receipt on the office of their respective school officers, while HND the gradand who doesn’t attend the ceremony pays a fine of ten thousand naira (10,000 naira) above the normally stipulated convening fee, as indicated on the Polytechnic website, www.fedpolyado.edu.ng.
  3. Academic dresses shall be available for collection on “first come, first served” officials from the schools concerned from Tuesday 6th on friday 9th August 2019 between midday and four pm each day upon presentation of a receipt for the cash payment of the convocation fees approved for the gathering of the Invitation brochure, the parchment and the rental of the university coat. The convocation fees are N5,000.00 only.
  4. Payment have to be made as follows: by visiting www.remita.net.
    – On Remita, clink Pay FGN and State TSA
    – clink FGN: Federal Government of Nigeria
    – In the Who do you need to pay box, type / select Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti
    – Name of the service / thing: Graduation Fee
    – Description: Payment for convening
    Code Gifmis is a Federal Polytechnic School, Ado-Ekiti
  5. After making the on the web cash payment, each graduate will get to the Polytechnic Exchange to exchange the RRR print for official reception of École Polytechnique.
  6. The convocation cash payment receipt shall be verified by the respective school officials prior to the gathering of the convocation documents.
  7. Dresses have to be returned on the closing ceremony or by Monday, June 12th.th August 2019 and the non-compliance by any graduate of the dresses to its due date will lead to a fine of only one,000.00 N per day late.
  8. Any graduate who loses or damages his university coat pays a surcharge of fifteen thousand naira (15,000 naira) only as a replacement or order.
  9. Please note that the non-return of the educational blouse will result in-the non-issuance of a certificate of completion of study program, other sanction or entire denial other rights because of a earlier student.
  10. All students must participate in-the rehearsal of the convocation on the Sports Complex on Friday, September ninth.th August 2019. In addition, they need to meet in fore of the multipurpose room at 9 am on the day of the procession.

* The procession of the University and the students have to be fixed on the entrance of the sports intricate on the latest at 9.30am.

** All State Secretariats of the National Youth Service Corps in-the country are kindly requested to release serve the graduates in an effort to attend the ceremony.


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