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Foreign Trained Graduates Physical Evaluation – Share Your Experience



This post is for our dear NYSC 2019 Batch 2.stream II foreign trained graduates to share their experience of the physical verification for others to memorize & for us to know what they passed through.

A few days ago, a verification of Foreign trained graduates was introduced. You’ll be able to clink here to read full details.

While some have gone for the verification, others are still preparing to go. & we would like the PCMs who’ve successfully done the verification to share their experience with us.

Whether you’ve gone through the verification process successfully, kindly share the experience beneath.

Here is an experience:

Oh…. Just got there though the officials didn’t come on time but then once they got. They gave us a paper, they’ll inquire what you studied & offer you a interrogate under the course you studied. Then after that, they undergo it whether its ok. They are going to now call you & verify ur documents whether they’re OK, they then offer you a paper identical to the green card & you then sign & leave.

Not likely easy, because whether you essay shouldn’t be superb, u rewrite & whether ur documents are usually not exhaustive they send u back.



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