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FunFetti Donuts | How to Make Baked Donuts | Sponsored by JORD Wood Watches Giveaway


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hey everyone it's James from funfoods and day I'm going to s you how to these now this video was requested video so thank you so much for making that request they turned out great also this video is a video and it's would watches now I've worked with them in the past they're really good company to work with last time they did a and this time they're doing a again they're giving away a hundred and eighty dollar store credit to one lucky winner on february 19th at 11:59 their gonna select the winner all you have to do is go down into the description you'll see a link that will take you to JORD watches and when you get there all you have to do is give your name and your email they're going to notify everyone whether you won or whether you lost and they will notify you all there were also be a $25 coupon that you can use right away that you don't have to wait around to check out to see if you won the contest or not now the best part about this watch is it's made with real wood and they source this wood from all over the world and they never stain it or painted this is the natural color of the wood and they come in many different varieties so make sure you check out their website because you'll be thrilled to see some of the watches they have now i really enjoyed this watch because it isn't very heavy you think it would be quite heavy with a wood watch but it's not it's very lightweight and it goes on well you just unclip it opens up and you can just snap each side in now this particular model doesn't use a battery it uses your own motion to sustain it last year when I work with young woman watches and they sent me the beautiful watch they sent last year I wore it just about everywhere so when I went to different events like VidCon playlist i wore it and I got a lot of compliments from it and people were surprised myself as a would watch and so I'm sure this year when I wear this new would watch everyone's gonna love it as well now this giveaway is open internationally they will ship anywhere they also do free sizing free shipping so make sure you enter because you only have until February19th so for right now guys keep watching and i'm going to show you how to make these funfetti donuts now the first you want to start off with a large bowl I have a box of cake mix i'm using white cake but you can use regular yellow cake it'll be fine either way I'm going to take this box and i'm just going to open up and pour out into my bowl next what I need to do is add 1 large egg one cup of water and a quarter cup of oil what i also have is a quarter-cup of sprinkles these are just colorful ones you use whatever color you want add those in there and we're just going to blend this up really now we're just going to take our batter and we're going to put into a piping bag so we're only going to do about half of the batter at that time because it's a lot unless you have a really big piping bag now I have this special baking sheet it's actually a donut baking sheet you can get it online or you get any craft store up the link below if you want to get ahold of it and I'm gonna take it I'm gonna spray it with some cooking spray next I have my batter and I want to cut a pretty large hole out of this so I'm going to go right about here and just want to fill about halfway your little baking sheet here after that has been filled up what you can do is just tap it down lightly on the counter and it will flatten it out a little bit then we're gonna take this bake this in the oven at 350 degrees for anywhere between 12 and 14 minutes now we're going to make our frosting for donuts and what I have here is two tablespoons of melted butter and then i have one and a half cups of confectionery sugar and what I'm gonna do is pour about half of this into the butter also going to add about a third of a cup of milk so we're just gonna mix this up really good then we're gonna slowly add the rest of our confectionary sugar and if you just want it to be white there you go there's your frosting I'm going to color this two different colors ok so just gonna separate this right now about half in this bowl and I just have here some pink food coloring now you can use red food coloring but you have to be careful use just a very little bit of it and that way it doesn't get to red and the next color i have is teal blue and when they come out of the oven let them cool for about five minutes in their pan after they cool for about five minutes it's still warm but not super hot we want to take these out carefully so we don't mess up their shape that's what they look like we just put them on a cooling rack now you just want these to cool for about 10 more minutes or so just so they don't fall apart we're trying to dip them into our frosting now that my donuts have cool down completely what I want to do is dip them in we gonna do three of them in the blue and three in the pink so we'll start one color out of time take my doughnuts and I'm gonna dip only the top part into the mixture here so we'll just take it dip it in and there you go now what I'm going to do is take some of my sprinkles there's still a little wet but it's better if you do this right away after you dip them and we're going to put some sprinkles on the top so now it's time for the taste test I'm going to dig into this blue one here and try it out this is good it tastes a lot like your cupcake to be honest with you but it's a fun way to make donuts well thanks everyone for watching I hope you enjoyed watching you make these funfetti donuts there's a lot of fun to make and thanks again to JORD wood watches for sponsoring this video so thank you so much JORD and I really love this watch so thank you so much and for all of you make sure you enter that contest click that link below take you right over to the contest page put in your name your email and they'll notify you at midnight on February 19th so good luck everyone and i will see you next week

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