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GE Washer Repair – How to Replace the Hinge Bushing (GE # WH01X10025)

"Hi, it's Steve Today we'd like to show you how to change the hinge bushing on your washer

It's a really easy repair Let me show you how we do it Now, the first thing to do before we begin this repair is to disconnect power to the washer This repair will require removing the main top lid, and therefore we will have access to electrical circuits in that console We will need to disconnect the power for safety's sake

You either pull the washer far enough forward that you can unplug or locate the electrical panel, turn off the appropriate breaker or remove the appropriate fuse Once we've done that, we can start our repair Now, once we have power disconnected, our next step will be to remove the lid from the washer Just lift it up so that you can access the mounting screws on either side Now, once we removed the screws from that right-hand hinge, we'll want to support these lids so that it doesn't drop and damage the top or injure yourself

Then we can just lift that lid away from the hinges The one on the right-hand side typically will just slide out of that opening in the hinge bushing The one on the left is a little bit longer, it has a rubber stop on it so it will stay in place We'll just set the lid and the retaining screws aside Now, next, we're going to remove the front panel

Take a stiff putty knife and we're going to earn that gap between the main top and the front panel about four or five inches in from either side and they'll meet the resistance of a spring clip Just push in on that clip to release it while pulling the front panel forward Tilt the front panel out then lift it off of the two hooks on the bottom of the frame We'll set that aside Now, next, we're going to remove these two mounting screws for the main top

Next, we'll need to disconnect the lid switch On this particular model is a magnetic tight-fitted switch and it's clipped into that main top Using a putty knife we're just going to depress a little plastic tab at the back of that housing, and that will allow that to lift up out of the opening Just tilt it up at the back, lift it up straight and then we can push it down through that opening Now, when we removed this switch before we took the main top off, we simply pressed up against that plastic tab of the screwdriver, allowing it to pop up through the main top

We pulled it towards the back of the washer and pivoted then slid it down through We'll basically do the reverse when we reinstall it We'll push it up through that opening, then snap it into place Now, the main top is hooked into the console with three plastic hooks on the console that fit into slotted openings across the back of that main top If we lift up on the top at the front, just lift it up until the console moves

You should be able to push it to the left while holding the console steady, and that will disengage it from those plastic corks on the console If you have difficulty sliding that off, just remove the three retaining screws through the back panel and then move the console away from the main top You'll see the three slots in the back edge of that main top Now, next, we'll go ahead and replace the hinge bushing Now, if we flip that over, you'll see the rubber bumper on the end of that hinge

You'll simply twist that off and set that aside Then we can spread that hinge through that hinge bushing Set the hinge aside Now you'll need to remove the old hinge bushing if it's still intact Simply depress those plastic tabs, you may need a flat blade screwdriver to do that

Then allow that to drop down through that opening You can then discard the old bushing Now to install that new bushing, we'll clean that area out and then we'll install it from the finish side Tuck the end with a hole in it in first and then snap it into place Next, we'll want to thread that hinge through that opening

We'll start with the hooked end of it and then just carefully feed it through We'll go to the backside, we'll reinstall that rubber bumper and now we're ready to put the main top back on the washer Because we've disconnected this wire harness from the top of the cabinet just to give you a better view of how that magnetic switch fits into the main top You can see in one end where there is a plastic clip, and we'll depress The other end has a fixed tab on so it fit through that opening in the top, pivot it around and then we will slide the end in with the fixed tab, pushing it all the way forward, then snap the back end in with the movable clip

Now when installing the main top, there's a couple of things that we want to make sure that we get in place First of all the three plastic tabs on that console need to fit down into these respective slots on the main top We'll position the top just slightly to the left and then slide it into place We also want to line up some hooks on the top of the cabinet into corresponding slots on the bottom edge of that main top

These hooks on the cabinet are located close to the console, and you can see that the hook portion is at the front Now, what we will do is lower that main top-down onto that, push the top back to hook it into place We'll begin by lining it up, we'll tilt it up and we're going to engage the plastic tabs on the console first Then we can slide that over until it's even on both sides and then we need to line up that tab with the slot on the bottom of the main top Make sure we have both sides engaged and that's sitting down flush, then we push that top back and then just try to lift that bottom to make sure that it is hooked on both sides

Now, once we've done that we'll secure that main top the two screws at the front Next, we'll fit that lid switch up through the opening in the main top, making sure that we have the spring clip in facing towards the back of the tab and the tab on the front Slide it into place and then just simply snap it down onto that main top Now we can put the front panel back on and just make sure we line up the two slots on the bottom of that front panel, put the two hooks on the frame Then we have to line up these plastic locating pins on either side of the cabinet with the corresponding holes on the backside of the front panel

Once those are lined up, we can just give that panel a sharp rap at the top and make sure it hooks into place with the spring clips on the top Now, we're ready to put the lid back on We'll start by putting the right-hand hinge into the bushing We'll tilt the left-hand hinge up Slide it through that opening on the bottom of the lid

Do the same on the right Now, we just need to line up the screws and secure it to the lid You may have noticed that these screws had a little bit of blue Loctite on them Now, that has been removed by taking the screws out You may want to put a drop on each of those screws as you reinstall them

Now, we can close up the lid and push the washer back into place Your repair is complete "

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