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GE Washer Repair – How to Replace the Strap Retainer (GE # WH1X2726)

"Hi, It's Steve Today we'd like to show you how to change the suspension strap retainer on your washer

It's a really easy repair, let me show you how we do it With power disconnected to the washer, we're going to pull slightly forward, so that we can access the mounting screws on the back of the console We'll also need to remove the front panel and then lift the main top off so that we can access that strap retainer We'll begin by removing the three screws on the console, your normally a 1/4-inch hex-edge screw Simply remove all three

Now, with the screws in the back panel removed, we just tilt that console slightly forward, and then we're going to pull it over to the right That will disengage these three plastic tabs on the bottom We'll just set that aside for now Next, we'll need to remove the front panel, and then about 3 inches from either side, is a spring clip We're going to depress that with a stiff putty knife

Slide that knife in the gap, locate that clip, depress it and then pull the front panel forward That will disengage that clip Do the same on the opposite side You'll tilt the front panel forward, and lift it off of the hooks on the base We're just going to set that aside

Next, we'll remove two more 1/4-inch hex-edge screws, one on either side of the cabinet, that secure that main top to the actual cabinet With those screws removed, we can lift up on the front of that top You make sure that that console is not attached to it Then we're just going to pull that slightly forward, while raising the front of it Next, we'll need to disconnect the lid switch from the bottom of that main top

If your model uses the magnetic switch, you'll have a magnet attached to the lid, and the lid switch attached to the main top We'll take a putty knife or a flat blade screwdriver, we'll come in on the back side of that switch, then you press the plastic tab Once we've released the tension on that, we should be able to push that switch up through the main top Just pull it towards the back of the washer, where you'll see that plastic tab that locks it in place, and then just tuck it down through that opening Now you can remove that main top, and set it aside

Next, locate the strap retainer that you're going to remove On this particular one, it is in the right rear corner We'll begin by disconnecting that suspension strap from the outer tub You'll need a 5/16"" nut driver to remove that Just lift the strap off the tub cover

We'll just pull that tub to the side, reaching under here with a nut driver We remove that screw, remove the broken retainer, and then slide the strap onto the new retainer You note there is a hook on the one side of that We'll need to slide that tab through the opening into the slotted portion for that tub Now with the retainer sitting on the end of that strap, I'm just going flat through from the bottom, engage that hook, and then we can pivot retainer into position

We'll take the retaining screw, we line that up, and then we'll tighten it with a nut driver Next, we'll reposition that tab strap over the extension on the edge of the tub cover and secure it with the retaining screw Now we're ready to put the main top back on When reinstalling that main top, we want to make sure that the slots on the bottom of the top line up with the metal hooks on either side that are just forward of that end caps on the control panel Once we have those set down over those hooks, we can then push it back to lock it in place and then secure it with the two screws on the front

We can then put our front panel back on, just make sure the two slotted openings on the bottom sit over top of these two hooks on the base frame As we tilt that front panel into position, we'll make sure that we line up this locating pin on the right-hand side with this hole We also have four holes in the back of that front panel, that line up with these plastic pegs, helps keep the cabinet straight As we tilt that back, we'll line those up and then just make sure that we have the top latched into place and the spring clips are engaged Now we're ready to reinstall the control panel

Line up those three tabs, with the slots on the back of the main top Now with the control panel held in a vertical position, we're just going to slide that over to the left until it's flush on both sides At that point, you should be able to tuck the back panel in underneath the top edge, and then we'll secure that with the screws We're now ready to push the washer back into place, reconnect the power, and your repair's complete "

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