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GET PAID TO POST ADS ONLINE How I Made $200 In A Single Day In Posting Ads Online


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ong>toong> ads Hey guys, ong>ong> are you? It's Melissa Diaz here from Rio Grande important [Eco] and here am My granddaughter [is] just chloe Samantha

She is she I don't know I love that picture it puts me [such] good [mood], and it's my why it's my also my inspirations besides my kids, but guys that's I think if you have a why in life, it's your main reason ong>toong> be successful and and Just just it room it reminds me every of why I want ong>toong> be successful in life [alright] get paid on: underline;”>to post ads So I just wanted ong>toong> ong>makeong> this video really quickly [because] I Wanted to talk to you about a system that I've been using the past at the December jet since December 23rd 2013 all the way up till now [the] system that I've used that's helped me made g> Leverage your marketing budget and offset your advertising cost which means which [means] that it You know let's say you're promoting something like the empower network, or let's say you're promoting something called wake up now, or Ingreso Cybernetico Or if you're promoting up 300 it doesn't matter what it is You're promoting and let's say that you have on your business, okay if This business it enables you build my income daily enables you ong>toong> a hundred dollars instantly every single day Okay, which is let's say an extra three thousand dollars a month and it helps you leverage or Any type [of] advertising cost you may have a lot [of] people like to use pay traffic pay traffic helps you get better results But build my income daily not only helps you do that helps you Skyrocket your traffic on: underline;”>tools and resources You need in order to get extra traffic ong>toong> your website So I'm just going on: underline;”>to show you proof of income because right the proof isn't being so I'm going to song>howong> you that and Before I show that right now

Give me a second here I'm going [ong>toong>] take you to the classic because like this paypal has like That I really okay, so here is the new site from PayPal it pays you $100 Well, it's not $100 They take out [3] dollars and 20 cents You know that Paypal it has this little fees, but you know what that's not bad I've gotten paid like let's say 2 payments of 96 dollars and 80 cents That's um That's a lot of ong>moneyong> for just one day of not doing anything Just posting [and] having something Having a system work [for] me, okay happens

This is one [of] the auto poster, so Practically, I'm doing nothing I just set it up It takes like less than five minutes ong>toong> set [up] and it's just doing it on its own But [I] just wanted to explain you guys What the build my income daily system is [please] ong>toong> auong>toong>mation software marketing software tools and resources for any online business right and you can use this system it's not free so if you guys if you're looking for something for free No, you're in the wrong place [I'm] not gonna I don't market any free products

I do not use any free products I'm I'm marketing something if something, that's pay me a hundred dollars Instantly on a daily basis that I've made fifty thousand dollars with I'm not gonna It's not free okay This is ong>toong>ols and resources and when you're in a business you have ong>toong> ong>toong>ol up if you don't ong>toong>ol up guys um well Your chances for success [are] a little bit slim, so I'm just going to be honest with you here I'm so [um] Let's just let's just back inong>toong> what they come daily entails It's a socket you and making profit It does have automation marketing email marketing system It has a sales funnel system, and it can explode your traffic adjuster what it is that you're Building what is it business it is that you're building and it tells you exactly what it is that you get? You get the 21 pre-written add ong>toong>ns of free marketing services sell splash page daily success and sales capture pages You know you get all of these products

I'm not going ong>toong> read each and every one I am and you can generate ong>toong>ns of guys listen free targeted traffic [okay], okay, it's so impractical [marketing] a website because if you don't have traffic you're not going on: underline;”>to get any sales and When you get no sales you [have] no income [okay], so very important on: underline;”>to ong>makeong> it if you do not work I mean They're not typical but I've made over fifty thousand dollars And I couldn't even make that in two years, okay Honestly, [I] could even make [that] full time in two years The system has two packages all right they have the pro software package Which is a hundred [a] one-time payment of one hundred and nineteen ninety nine guys and the other payment is to $99

99 one time do they have hit and face all right I'm going onest with you [um] the fees that are inside the system are Completely optional, but I do suggest you use it It's traffic Wave they give you the first 30 days for free and then you can use Then you pay like Seventeen ninety and five or seventy nine I don't remember ong>howong> much [it] is but it's an also another income stream from inside the system, okay? So [that] would be one of the fees inside the system, but it's an it's an email auon: underline;”>toresponder, so it's worth it [the] other one would be the back page why because whenever you're posting an ad on backpage They have like a captcha um service and if you're posting a thousand [72] ads You're not going to put like a bunch of secret Captchas in a thousand 72 places that will take you a bunch of times so [that] capture service wants you like $695 5,000 capsules and that all that you need and I just wanted on: underline;”>to be any surprises [hanging] because a lot of people join companies and see that their hidden fees I rather just tell you upfront what it is, okay? So [I'm] guys what any system back-office gives you as I said before it gives you up to with a bun auon: underline;”>tomated capture pages I'm just going ong>toong> song>howong> you give you [a] little [speakin] [see] oh And guys just like I said sorry Give me [a] second here Give me [a] second my computer just went crazy it went not on: underline;”>to me All right um Jake I said um It helps you it helps you grow your business, and it has promotional materials inside, okay has the automatic capture pages It gives you a bunch on: underline;”>to [choose] from I like seven eight and nine but when you and me I will help you and I will coach you one-onone personally for one hour one hour through google hangout, or through Skype, okay? [I] can teach you [the] exact same strategy that I use and I can also introduce you ong>toong> another training That's gonna rocket your sales because it's going to help you ong>makeong> $5,000 a month [alright], so there's all [of] these Things inside that all of these ond they have the marketing resources The marketing [reach] is what in the first place it has the safe list the traffic exchange the free classifieds It has forums and social networks forums [I] would suggest you use blogging social networks also, or videos free classifieds You can just post the ads the traffic exchange post [see] [ads] in the safe list post the ads Okay, but um I would suggest you use a value based postings when it comes to farms and and Social media marketing, okay, also um it tells you here in the beginning On what it is that you exactly need ong>toong> do in order ong>ld me the first first thing when I first got started so let's start out what you have gotten yourself inong>toong> check your daily success clamp additional materials It tells you what's important it goes in and read and share all of the marketing secrets, and you repeat those daily And that's what I have done guys, so I would suggest that you once you get get the system You know just add me as a friend Inbox me and if you want ong>toong> get started right [away] I'll just help you get I'll just help you get started on the right track [I'll] give you that one and one coaching Free why am I doing is free the one-onone coaching one hour for free? It's a limited time only the reason that I'm doing it is because I want to help you succeed I want to help you Duplicate the system

Just [like] many others have duplicated the system Okay, [so] [guys] this has been Melissa I'm dia's if you want to learn more about what it's inside to build my income daily system Just add me as a friend [I'm] right here on face book you're going ong>toong> find me okay [my] page, I just started it's a brand new page Like my page that's on this video the videos on this in Melissa's instant page It's like it's a brand new page that I've made up I'm going ong>toong> be putting trainings on that page on how ong>makeong> on: underline;”>to post ads I'm sorry if this video ong>toong> song>howong> you everything in the system Thank you for your time You have an excellent day God bless you all bye-bye get paid cb_ad_member = "4138191" cb_ad_format = "728x90_as" cb_ad_category = "" cb_ad_channel = "TRENDINGLOTS" cb_ad_selection = "keyword" cb_ad_keyword = "Health%2C+software%2C+income%2C+tech%2C+make+money%2C+cure+for%2C+Affiliate+Marketing%2C+Paid+Surveys%2C+earning%2C+pay+per+click%2C+Weight+Loss" cb_ad_productivity = "pop" cb_ad_border = "#FFFF88" cb_ad_bg = "#FFFFCC" cb_ad_link = "#000066" cb_ad_text = "#222222"
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