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[GET] paid to promote other peoples products | FREE 100 Day Affiliate Bootcamp

hey all sir Russell Brunson I want to to welcome you to join bootcamp calm and during this free offer I'm going to show you how to retire in just a hundred days as a fast funnel super connected now i'm sure some of you guys to the audience who think Russell that sounds too good to be True, but I promise your guys you pay note this video only we believe is true that you will know the exact path and the process it is take to get you there and i promise you It's much easier than you think now ask you what I guess as You are here where you are probably clicked A member you love to draw and here is how much you all want what you want doing all day is just building funnel okay as well you if it does not worry you're in good company that is the same thing I want to do so well all day long one of those phones or no Mobile phones for customer I want to talk about funnels if I do not sound tractors me can not make full-time income, that's all i want to do and so I am going to show you guys a lot Simple path in a simple way you can do It is through a concept that we only created the hundred day plan okay Now the way it works I'm going to show your guys, if you are very simple follow, process less than an hour a day for a hundred days at the end of that process You will have enough remaining income Come into you can be completely retired Your car payments we took care of and you will be able to spend all your time do nothing but what you want to do which is probably as I click pulls so it's kind of going to talk about it Now you want to introduce yourself, just leave us say it has your full-time job the become next 100 days ok it means you went clocked in you every morning at nine o'clock and nine o'clock five o'clock You were focused on nothing promoting clickthunnels as an affiliate let's say during the whole eight hours period that all you could do is just give one free trial a day away ok now i'm pretty sure most of you guys think russell it will be beautiful Easy fun is all I do is just focus on giving me one hearing a day okay Now I advise if I'm eight Had hours, I hope I can get the way More than one, in fact, guesses that Most of you, it will not take you eight o'clock most of you, it's not going to be to take most of your guys five o'clock will take less than one hour okay and so i want kind of stress that the students can take something you all day long but if you would spend the whole day the same time as you spend it your current work or whatever do here and spend the whole day All you have to achieve your sole purpose until retirement in 100 days is just about give away 13 trilha ok again i will not make it You spent eight hours what I think You can do it in less than an hour and I show you guys how well now why it is important, I want to or stand it every time you Refer to some of the fast funnel free and then get a free test after the 14th days they are upgraded and cool thing is that you are not paid for you guys, but that's the best part when You get paid right so you're going to be can be paid there are some green ones there to show your guys money now show us how you are paid because This is something people ask a lot An affiliate you pay forty percent commission on every single person you are Referring basically to quick draws there are two levels there is ninety seven dollar monthly level and there are also a month of $ 297 that made it means all people you sign up for a free test 18 after the trials over whether there is a 97 on a monthly level means you're going to get a little bit less than this but about forty dollars per month as long as they have a stay a member for every sign of the $ 297 level usually starts as 120 s a little less than about $ 120 a month as an affiliated good guy this so well let me walk you through how this works basically all you do is you wake up every morning and say hey how can i give away just one trial per day if I give away one trial per day what am i do I'm literally giving myself a raise every day this should be yours mantra should hang up on your wall you should have as big as you can see saying i want to get myself arrested a how do i get me a race because all you do is get one person and you give yourself a raise every single day okay let me sketch it out so you do not miss this point because it's huge okay so here's du gjør det hver morgen du siger i'm going to give away quick funnel to somebody who needs it not about you but every business on planet earth needs quick pump to give that away to somebody what happens they get a quick pump account they have an amazing experience their business is their life everything is transformed forever they're so happy they are holding balloons in the pitcher today and then when they do that what happens to you great first when you give it away you make and I'm a low-end forty Dollars come on ok now that's where it all starts can not do that every single day we focus on you Dwayne just one trial per day now I wanted some ass on det som skjer gjør det hver eneste day for a hundred days okay so here you go here's your $ 40 you get the first person signed up they are excited you change their life forever and you get paid forty bucks awesome the next day u wake up you get outside that you Simon Estar doing instead of spending eight hours you spend maybe you know an hour and a half you get that person's you guys going to find out boom and that forty dollars give yourself a raise now you are eighty dollars a month tree and the next day you wake up say i'm going to do fast i can you spend 30 minutes you get the third person find out boom you gave yourself a Race of the day you are done you can go goof off with your kids will be here stiffer is nine hundred twenty dollars a maandag de volgende morgen wake up you can be better every single day this time you spend at minutes you guys five them to find up you give yourself a rate it keeps going up can you at every single day and every day you get better and better and it goes from taking you an hour taking you five minutes taking you literally no time at all to the point where you have abs ready and it's just signing up people for you around the Clock that's we're going to get in the next hundred days at the end of a hundred days you have a hundred people Who are signed up okay now this is where The magic happens if you do the math on dat als je honderd mensen krijgt signed up your affiliate commission if they do not upgrade it Darla if you're on The lowest level which is pretty awesome is paying four thousand dollars a month I ask you a question what would you do? as an additional four thousand dollars per month okay for some of you guys that Cover your house payment that covers your car payment they cover your student Lån dine gældskreditter okay that's the power beyond there's just a hundred people hundred people have to change their life give them by giving a free clip of account and at the end of that you have a recurring commission of four thousand dollars per month okay now if I was to go get a college degrees next five years of my life and at the end of it I get a job starting wages at four thousand dollars a month is not very likely okay so this is amazing when you're focusing just 100 days and like it says my human full time is very very very part time but it gets better than a confusion of 100 members Not only as quick quick calls gonna send u a check every single month for four thousand dollars a month the other thing we're going to do is as soon as you get 100 members we are actually going to pay the lease on your dream car some curious what is your dream car okay everyone is different might be Corvette might be a Ferrari might be Lamborghini might be a station wagon might be a minivan might be a you come idea tonight everyone's picture of a dream car is different I'm guessing though for you your dream car is definitely having a lightning strike on the side of my head okay so you get yours dream car we will cover the lease Betaling op uw droomauto tot vijf hundred dollars a month assu you have 100 customers when you have 200 active customers we cover up to a thousand dollars a month a thousand dollars month will give you almost any car you want it all comes with lea stands on a test law re on a corvette it's pretty it's pretty amazing and so as soon as you do that okay soon if you guys get one trial a day every single day for just 100 days at that's when it literally is given you Du kan gå på pension, okay give this goes through the math if i get a hundred people to sign up and they have active accounts my residual commission check every month is four thousand dollars a month okay your naps on that that's 48k per year I do not care who Du er det som en respektabel indkomst for only working 100 days a year okay plus we cover the lease payment on your dream car okay so your car papers covered for thanks can go towards your house payment je student met wat het is of jou can about money to goof off on vacation just what it is for you that is 48k Going to cover okay and that's assuming at du jobber for 100 dager og da du stopped okay so some of you guys might pray overachievers maybe you're going to keep working ax100 is to keep going right or maybe you're staying with Brussels one child a is cool bonus what Hvis jeg beslutter at putte i 20 minutter arbejde today instead 10 okay what if I decide to spend a little extra time what if i faktisk gjorde spend the full eight hours and you said look Russell I'm an overachiever I want to do more okay which is the math let's say you just get twee accounts per dag in tegenstelling tot de one this is exciting you guys think if this Is assuming that that means you're basically at the end of this hundred day you're quitting in your time so you get to a day that gives you 200 accounts that make your residual income check excuse me I'm not even for we're at 8k per month to do that's on that that's 96k per year okay and that's assuming you work for a hundred days to dress the year off those you guys who are overachievers and you decide to work for 110 days 120 days at 96 quickly becomes 100k 100k quickly becomes 200k the 200 quid someone's turn 50k any kinks going up from there okay not to Faktum er at din bilbetaling for your dream car not some lame car but Your dream car is covered as well okay det er om du bare giver bort to accounts per day you guys get this now on top of that is one thing i want to mention do a lot of people do not even know this is inside the quick for affiliate program but the coolest thing we have a cool concept that we call sticky cookie so I'm a draw a picture of a cookie right here there is a cookie nu vi kaller disse to key cookies Because can happen you are going to be all excited about clickfunnels your me sign for your person a day you can give quick funnels away people are going to go they're going to join there's my quick click funnels logo you change his person's life they've got the balloon they are happy but what's going to gebeuren nadat ze gaan gaan all ingrained and click funnels and be outside they are going to say man quick fellas awesome but i do not know they had a program called call funnel scripts down the resin help me write the copy better in my son or this person hears gonna go they're going to come over and learning by final scripts and guess what because there's a sticky cookie Associated with your email address when they buy funnel scripts guess what happens to you boom you get paid okay nu a little while layers are going through the same well look at this this book on secrets to Russell row this book is awesome they buy the book helps me become better at creating funnels and guess what happens you're right boom you The Commission okay a couple of weeks later I do a webinar promoting some other really cool funnel building program or product revenues that we sell to our member base to help them to become better with click funnels and then my team is spending money on facebook ads for existing customer base we are driving traffic of doing all the hard work for you this person sees one of my facebook ads that I paid for them come over here they go they see them watch the webinar they get excited they buy the product and guess what even though I paid for that ad and Facebook I the person drove to the ad I did alt fordi du brakte dem som a kunde du får betalt og at dere is the power sticky cookies so not only are you getting the residual commission check for every single month today are saying a quick funnels member not only you're getting this your dream car covered and paid for every time they buy One of the products assurances from us in the future, the sticky cook you can kom tilbake og sørg for at du bliver betalt commissions for that is that amazing this looking over we deliver literally because put spells become your retirement plan so for the rest of your life all du må gjøre er hva du ønsker å gjøre which is building funnels you can go phones for yourself for choir evidence but you recurring income stream coming from just the quick phones affiliate Program can and should be enough for you two retire on the s understand this is happening every single day in fact one of our clickfunnels affiliates he's just 23 years old okay not in college not a full-time job in the last few months he's given away over 500 absolutely accounts he has been able to retire at the age of 23 and he gets affiliate commissions on 500 people Kaiba not only that he covers the dream Car payment every time when these customers are buying more thing she's getting paid he literally never asked to work again for the rest of his life he's a 23 year old kid I do not know about you That's a much better future than going two college going to school hoping and praying for doing something else and the best thing is that US is a click funnels team we handle customer support we handled the up stone we handle the train we handle everything all you have to do is just introducing people to the tool That has changed my life and it will Change your life and it's going to Change your customers life as well you guys give this is why this is so exciting now i'm going to show you guys a process it's so simple okay that bokstavelig talt hvis du ikke lyder dette do not be an internet marketer okay if you Failure this process you should quit okay do not normally tell people that but this is true if you fail at this it's time to Quit because that's how simple is there's no easier way to make money online so i'm going to be walking you guys through right now okay we're going to do that through a program that we call the 100 day challenge now 100 days challenge i'm going to show you guys over the next hundred days how to become one of our superfoods now there's training in contrast to most people's training is free why is it free because I benefit when you become a super silly i have benefited you refer more people a quick phone so i'm not going to charge you the two thousand dollars i would typically sell this course star I'm gonna let you Have it for free if you commit to me som du vil fokusere på dette for det næste 100 days okay I do not want it to be that I'm more passionate about your retirement than you got to commit me for the next 100 days that you will focus on the time of a challenge if you do that i will promise you a few things you were going to learn more about internet marketing then you will learn anywhere else online you learn how to drive traffic with facebook app you're going to learn how to set of funnels you're going to learn how to build a list you can learn all these amazing Things I'm gonna do it for free for you Hvis du lover å begå for bare a hundred days that sounds fair okay du er villig til og du er villig til commit for 100 days all you do is scroll Down below there is going to be linked down below and a button for you to click på når du klikker på den knappen er det going to ask your name and email address og det er det som koster en mission there's no problem there's no I'm not selling this and I'm trying to upsell you anything this is a free program and literally you guys this facility campus we're gonna be walking through for the next 100 days can be Your map for freedom I'm literally going to show you how to retire in just a hundred days as a quick funnel super affiliate if you commit to this for a hundred days every single day you get an email from me can tell you what steps Du må følge deg video die u volgt de stappen en u faktisk gjør det på det ender af hundrede days your life will be changed forever your financial wise i'm guessing the way Your finances globe can help you personalize your freedom that yours happiness everything will go up when you follow this hundred a challenge like i said in the past I have sold a filigree camp for over a thousand dollars at times up to two thousand dollars or more men fordi du er en click funnels member because we want you to promote click tunes you want to give you a car going to give you huge Commission checks we've decided to do the unthinkable and give you this whole program for free all you have to do is first off opt-in in the email down below and second off commit to 100 days 100 days will change ditt liv, men bare hvis du begår så hvis You commit to me I will you have this whole training program for free but you gotta make that commitment to me right nu okay, så hvis du begår dit ophold nu out loud I know you're watching a video by wanting to commit say Russell I commit to folks in this for a hundred days if you tell me that I know I can change your life okay so all you are nu klikker du på knappen Below I'm gonna show you guys how to retire in a hundred days as the quick form superfluids click on the link down Below and I will see you on the next page

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