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Gluten Free Chocolate Doughnuts with Glaze (recipe included)


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Hey super snackers I'm going s you how to a delicious and indulgent free doughnut

Check it out Tthe first step is to take your milk or coconut milk and add the apple cider vinegar to it We're just gonna swirl that and set it to the side, we need it later Now into my mixer I'm gonna pop the olive oil, the coconut sugar, salt, and the vanilla We're gonna give that a whirl

Now, two eggs Give it another whirl Alright I've got my cocoa powder and my espresso powder together, to stir that together and then my all-purpose flour blend, use your favorite kind, and my baking soda and my baking powder are all going right in Okay now that that's all blended I'm gonna scrape the sides down and then the milk is going into this mixture I'm gonna let this go until it's fully incorporated it's gonna be runny, it's okay, that's what we want

Don't freak out Okay, while our are baking I'm gonna make a super simple ganache So I'm starting my chocolate chips I'm gonna add in my powdered sugar a pinch of salt and my vanilla I'm gonna pop this butter right into my milk and this is going in the microwave until it's boiling Like, boiling All right I've got my nuclear hot milk I'm gonna pour it over these chocolate chips this is gonna sit for two minutes and then I'm gonna give it a mix All right now that my doughnuts are cooling my glaze is ready I'm gonna dip each one and let the glaze set

My doughnuts are all dressed and they just need a few more minutes to set The waiting is the most impossible part

Source: Youtube

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