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Gluten Free Double Chocolate Muffins – Lupus

Welcome to "Bake with Me" Today we have an amazing show for you

We are gonna do two fantastic things just like always We are gonna bake double chocolate muffins and I'm gonna introduce you to our wonderful guest Please help me welcome, Jenna I'm so glad you're here I appreciate you coming

Tell me why I invited you to be here today Because, I need to learn how to make these fabulous cupcakes Doesn't everyone? I mean that's what we're here for, but there's another reason and you're incredible so please tell us I have lupus Lupus

Okay So I think a lot of people have heard of lupus but they're not really sure like exactly what it is Could you give us a little breakdown? It's like, it's an autoimmune disorder that you're born with and I acquired it I guess through a family member I found out later on just recently it was my aunt, through on my mom's side Oh wow

Okay, so we are definitely going to talk more about that Double chocolate muffins I mean we got to get started on that, right? Lupus is important and that's going to come as we're baking

So first we're going to start with our dry ingredients, We have two cups of gluten-free flour, we have 3/4 cup of unsweetened cocoa two and a half teaspoons of baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, 1/2 a teaspoon of salt and we have 1 and 1/4 cup of granulated sugar As always what do I use? Organic cane sugar Nicely done Now, would you mind starting on our wet ingredients? Sure We're gonna grab 1 cup of buttermilk, which by the way guys, you don't have to go buy buttermilk you can use any milk

I use almond milk You just put a tablespoon of either vinegar or lemon juice in the bottom of your measuring cup and fill the rest with milk Your milk of your choice Pour that in Thank you and then we're gonna have 2 eggs pour it in yes please

Awesome I'll take your bowl and then we have 1 teaspoon of vanilla Thank you We're gonna add a little bite make our chocolate really stand out by using 2 teaspoons of instant coffee Coffee? I know isn't that fun? And then we have each a quarter cup of oil (any vegetable oil of your choosing) and a quarter cup of melted butter

All right so I'll take those for and if you don't mind while you're mixing up the wet ingredients tell me a little bit about how you even knew to go get checked for lupus Well it happened accidentally I was pregnant with my daughter and they took my blood screening that happens normally when you're pregnant and they accidentally ran it through a lupus screening They accidentally screened you for something, an autoimmune disease, that you wound up having? Yes, so of course I knew nothing about lupus but they told me that I may lose my baby and I was like what I have no idea so they I had to go through so much blood work and stuff that I had it get done and then it came back and they said ok you're not gonna lose your baby but you do have lupus so we'll do this test later on and then a couple like I had I didn't even know much about it I was just more worried about my daughter's safety and then I had her and then I changed doctors and the paperwork got lost I knew that something was wrong with me so I did get pregnant with my son and then quickly after and developed a tumor and I lost my ability to have any more children But your two children are healthy? Yes, my two children are fine so I had them and everything was good but I didn't know that the tumor that was related to my uterus was because of Lupus

Oh man So in my opinion it was no accident that you were screened for this I mean that's amazing I was made aware of it but I had to go to a doctor and doctor and doctor afterwards and they still couldn't figure out what was wrong with me and and then later on I had all the signs and symptoms of rash, my joints hurting me, my body I just I wasn't feeling good I couldn't digest certain foods

I was just sick all the time I'm so glad that you had the diagnosis then you could learn how to treat it from there Exactly, yeah All right, so let's mix our wet ingredients How we doing? We feel good about it? I think so

You tell me It looks just so pretty doesn't it? Mm-hmm, well we're gonna mix those wet ingredients in with our dry You can put that over there for me please So how did what did you do? You said you weren't feeling so good you know you were feeling awful, so how did you fix that? Like what kinds of things did you do to make you know it live-able with the lupus? Well they put me on all this medicine from digestive medicine to steroids to even a lower form of chemotherapy medicine and it was really affecting my stomach so all this medicine A lot of things right, not just your stomach? It was my sleep everything, so of course I felt a little bit better but then I was feeling worse inside and so I could move but then I was just sick and so eventually I stopped everything and I said you know what there has to be something else out there

Another way I realized that autoimmune has a lot to do with your digestive system yeah and I found a shake that um that I started to do in the mornings okay and when I started doing the shake I had all these essential nutrients and stuff that I don't even know how you can even get a lot of these healthy vitamins and stuff What your body was missing Yeah I couldn't even take vitamins my stomach wasn't digesting it so it was it was a vegan type of shake that really helped my stomach and then I was able to get off mostly all my medicine That's amazing Now I just suffer with a little bit of fibromyalgia and and then I have to make sure that I eat somewhat healthier

Is that common with the lupus to have fibromyalgia as well? Yeah it goes hand-in-hand because of the body and it flares up Wow, so you eat healthy? Yep I try to eat mostly healthy So mostly, well then we all need a special treat or two every once in a while like I don't know double chocolate muffins Oh my gosh I am so excited

As long as the majority of the time you're eating well and doing what you need to do right yeah okay that's so good I'm so glad to hear that you were able to manage with things within everyday diet and exercise I love that Yeah All right, so speaking of diets we're gonna add in two cups of chocolate chips That's where our double chocolate comes from

We had our unsweetened cocoa and now we have chocolate chips You can use any chocolate chips? You can Dark chocolate is good for you it's a healthier chocolate Okay It has a lower glycemic index and these I use have none of like any of the allergens the top allergens so there's no dairy no nuts no

So this is kind of like a special type of chocolate? Yeah, it's just you know want to make sure it's gluten free and dairy free Gotcha And all that good stuff So your kids are well now How old are they now? My daughter is 17 gonna be 18 next month

I can't believe it So you've had this diagnosis for a while? Yeah and my son is 15 and and so yeah it's it's been a journey I started with the shake in 2017 and then like I said within a month I was able to get off a couple medicines here and then the next month a couple more and and I didn't I don't want to live on that and so now you know yes I have lupus but I don't claim that over myself It just doesn't have you Exactly

I just I deal with it and you know what the biggest I found it's not just the eating it's also stress because autoimmune has to do so much with stress Yeah, it's your emotional state How do you take, like I have to take breaks and kind of sometimes throughout the day I just need like a 30-minute type of meditation where I just need it And you take it because you know you need it Yeah

Good for you All right so here we go we have our prepared muffin tin it just means that we put some paper in it and it makes this recipe makes about, really depends on how large you make your muffins, but you could get 24 out of it if you only fill your muffin like half way up in the tin, but I like to make my muffins nice and big sort of like what you can get at a bakery because they taste just as good So I fill my scoop and I drop it in I fill it all the way to the top and they'll rise good You want to pre-heat your oven to 425 degrees

You're gonna bake these for three minutes and then lower your temperature to 350 and bake them another 12 to 17 minutes Mine average about 15 minutes but what you want to do is put a toothpick in make sure it comes out clean but don't be fooled guys when you take your toothpick out it could be melted chocolate that's on there not batter so make sure you're testing it You're gonna want to tap your muffin and it's gonna want to spring back and that's when you know your muffins are done Spring back Spring back

So we are gonna finish putting these in the tin, we're gonna bake them at 425 for three minutes and we'll be back when our muffins are baked Welcome back Our double chocolate muffins are baked the kitchen smells amazing I can't wait to dive in but I'm going to because I want to hear from you miss Jenna Is thereNot Yet! First you have to tell us if there's anything else you feel people should know about lupus Well lupus is a very big thing it's strikes the body a lot like cancer a lot of people do not know that they have it and it's usually in the later stages when they know How can they recognize it? What kind of symptoms should they look for? Well the beginning signs are and I will say this lupus can affect the inside which is more dangerous or you can just have the outside usually people that have just the outside symptoms which is just more of the skin they'll if they go out in the sun they get a rash they're allergic to the sun but it puts a lot of strain and stress on the body getting a lot of sun exposure so that's why the auto immune system goes "AHH" and freaks out, but really you'll have a rash, you'll have stuff now if you have it more on the skin usually you're you just maintain it with like a steroid but steroids can also cause the body to break down so you have to be careful on that but if you have it from within where it attacks your organs, again a lot of people do not know that they have this until in the later stages and if this happens your joints will hurt your body will hurt, you'll wake up stiff like you can't move, you'll feel like you have the flu, you'll feel sick but with no other than just like your whole body hurting, you'll have heat in your body, you'll have like a fever things like that If these things are chronic with you then you definitely want to check with your medical provider Yep and just and I will say it has to do with how you're eating how your stress and what you're putting inside your body because those things can add to your body like trying to of course you're you're trying to take care of yourself body was trying to heal itself and maintain but when you add stress like eating certain foods that you shouldn't be eating or just emotional stress in the body flares up

It will exacerbate all those symptoms Yep But every once in a while can we have a treat of course like double chocolate muffins Like, right now? Yes Okay

Choose your muffin Jenna Mmm, I was eyeing this I knew you were gonna go for the biggest one Grab that one I'm gonna take the smallest

for now All right let's give it a try You ready? Cheers

Cheers I don't know how you do it, Robin It tastes like cookie dough It's so good Get in your kitchens, bake these muffins, have fun stuff your face

Jenna, thank you so much for coming out Thank you And telling us your story Mm-hmm We really appreciate it

You guys mmmm go bake these muffins They're amazing! Enjoy and we'll see you on the next show Thank you so much for watching If you want more information on the disability that you learned about today click the link below and please subscribe to our channel Peace, love and happiness

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