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Guide to earning more money for 2019


Hey! It’s Katie Happy New Year! Another new year, fresh start and I believe a lot of us are very eager to list down our ‘New Year’s Resolutions’

Well are you one of those people who wants to earn more money like me for this year? I am here to help you! Without further ado, let’s start! This idea for the third New Year’s Resolution is open for everyone You have to be 18 years old and above Whether you are a student, drop-out or those who never finished school, housewives, house husbands, helper, retirees, elderly, aunts and uncles Also to those who are working who wants extra income to pay for monthly expenses, and to those who are still applying for a job are welcome to join All you have to do here is to invest in the following equipment to start

1 You need to have a computer or a laptop 2 You also need to have a phone with internet, location enable and GPS feature 3


The third item, is you need to have an internet connection For the internet connection, it doesn’t have to be the one with the strongest network or highest Mbps The first option that I am going to give you is about answering surveys A survey is a set of questions given to a certain group of people where they need to answer questions and there are asked to give their opinion about a subject Download Mobrog on your phone or you can type www

mobrogcom on your computer You need to register first, complete your profile and answer surveys that are available for you to answer Each surveys are paid in Philippine peso From 15php to 60php

You can withdraw your earnings through PayPal once you have reached 250php Number 2 option is for those likes going out, joins a marathon, has field-related work or an adventurer Just download Sweatcoin on your phone Make sure that you phone’s internet and GPS are working whenever you are using this application What this application do is it exchanges steps to dollars

You need to earn 1,000 steps to get 1 sweat coin and you can exchange it for gadgets, online courses, airline ticket, insurance, or if you want to claim it in cash, much better You need to earn 20,000 sweat coins to earn $1,000 If you are one of those who got luck people who the $1,000 rewards, I hope you will use the money in the right way Third option is for those like to browse on different websites and is good in English different websites and are you one of those be measurable in a moment English Just download Usertesting on your phone

Or type wwwusertestingcom on your computer You are required to have a headset with a working microphone Make sure that when you use this application, you are in a noise-free environment

For this one, you need to evaluate different kinds of websites and you need to record your voice while doing each tasks You voice should be loud enough and answers should be clear The websites that you are going to evaluated are from well-known companies Number 4 option is for those who likes to spend hours on the computer or phone chatting Just download Zwerl on your phone

You need to answer questions from other users through chat Copy-Paste are not allowed Therefore, you need to provide your own answers You need to earn at least $20 to get paid You will receive the payment after 30 days or on the next month

Last option is common to some Filipinos and this is Pera Swipe Just download Pera Swipe on your phone and earn Pera points by swiping You can use the points in exchange of load, gift cards, and gaming points You wont earn money from using this application Instead, you get to save money from buying load or shopping

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