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Gujiya recipe without mawa | राजस्थानी चूरमा गुजिया – मावा के बिना बनी होली के लिये खास गुजिया

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Namaskar Welcome to nishamadhulikacom Gujiya is a unique sweet for the festival of Holi It is tastier to eat We made it using the varieties of methods Today we will make it using a new method Today we will make Choorma Gujiya Come, let us start the cooking The dough of refined flour is required to make Choorma Gujiya We took 2 cups of refined flour in the bowl We took 4 tablespoons of clarified butter

We will add 3 tablespoons of it to the refined flour Mix them well Now, we will add lukewarm water to knead the stiff dough We kneaded the stiffer dough We utilized more than a 1/2 cup of water to knead the required amount of dough Cover and keep it aside for half an hour In the meantime, we will make the stuffing for Gujiya We have to make Choorma for the stuffing of Gujiya Firstly, we will have to knead the dough We took a 1/3 cup of wheat flour Add a 1/3 cup of chickpea flour We took both the flours Now, we will add 1 tablespoon of clarified butter to it Mix them well Add a 1/4 cup of milk in the intervals to knead the stiffer dough Keep it slightly thicker asv compared to the dough of Paratha We kneaded the stiffer dough We utilized a 1/4 cup of milk to knead the required quantity of dough We will make a Paratha from the dough We will roll and flatten it for Loi We will flatten it thicker than the Paratha The pan has heated Add some clarified butter on it Add Paratha on the pan to cook We will cook it on the low-medium flame until brown spots appear on it It has slightly cooked from the bottom so we will flip it Let it cook from another side Spread some clarified on the other side too and flip it Spread some clarified butter on this side too Spread it evenly Cook it on the low flame until brown spots appear both the side It has become brown from both the sides We will remove it from the pan We will break it too We have to cook it quickly The Paratha has cooled down, we will add it in the jar We will grind it finely It has ground well It has become coarsely ground Now, we will roast the powder for a while Add 1 tablespoon of clarified butter in the pan Melt it Add the powder of Paratha to it We will stir and roast it on the medium flame until its color changes and a soothing fragrance occurs

Its color has changed, there is a soothing fragrance too It has roasted We will take it out in a bowl Now, we will mix more ingredients to it It is a 3/4 cup of powder sugar We can use Boora instead of it It is a 1/4 cup of grated coconut Add a 1/4 cup of finely chopped cashews Add a 1/4 cup of almond flakes Add a teaspoon of cardamom powder to it It will help to enhance its taste too You can add any dry fruits according to your taste You can increase or decrease their quantity according to your choice Mix all the ingredients well The stuffing is ready It is also known as Kasar The Choorma Kasar is ready Now, we will make the Gujiya The dough has set too We will mash it to make it smooth Now, we will divide it into dough lumps We will make it round shaped by rolling, mashing and pressing it Give it a shape of Peda Roll all the dough lumps likewise The dough is slightly thicker so we will mash and roll it We prepared all the Loi We will cover them so that they won't dry Now, we will flatten and stuff the Gujiya Take a dough lump Flatten it thinly The flattened Poori shouldn't be thin from the centre and thick from the corners Flatten it evenly We flattened it into the diameter of 3 to 325 inches We flattened a Poori We haven't used dry flour or clarified butter to coat it for expanding it It indicates that the kneaded was perfect We will hold it on the hand in a manner that it appears hollow from the middle Add 2 to 25 tablespoons of stuffing to it Keep the stuffing in the middle portion

Apply some water around its corners Fold it as shown Fold it partially Press both the ends Stick to seal them We pressed all the corners well Stick them well Now we will seal it Use both hands to seal it Press its corner using your thumb and fold it Again, press it and fold it Like this We are pressing and folding it again Press and fold it As you can notice, a design is forming over it We will fold the whole corner likewise Press and fold it It is an easier process Still, little practice is required Seal it The Gujiya is ready We will place it in a cloth and cover with another Stuff, roll and prepare all the Gujiyas likewise We can flatten 4-5 Poori in the single round and then stuff them We stuffed all the Gujiyas We will cover and leave them for 1/2 an hour We will add melted clarified butter in the remaining Kasar and bind its Ladoo The Gujiyas are resting to become dry In the meantime, we will make the sugar syrup for it We took 2 cups of sugar Add 15 cups of water to it Cook until sugar dissolves in it Later on, we will check it Stir it in the intervals The sugar has dissolved in the water but, we have to cook it little more We will add saffron strands in the sugar syrup to enhance its taste Add 25 to 30 saffron strands to it You can avoid it if you want too Still, Gujiya will taste good Cook it for 2 to 3 minutes and then check it We do not need the thicker consistency of sugar syrup Touch some sugar syrup with your fingers to check it There is no wire forming in the sugar syrup There is a half wire forming in it The sugar syrup is sticking like honey It has cooked We don't have to cook it more Remove it from the stove Cover it so that it won't cool down quickly Now, we have to fry the Gujiya Preheat clarified butter It has melted and heated too The lesser heated oil is required to fry Gujiya The flame should be extremely low Add it to fry There are bubbles forming in it Fry it on the medium-low flame until it appears Golden brown It is floating and has cooked form the bottom too We will flip them Be very careful Flip it carefully, make sure it doesn't burst the Gujiya We have to fry it on the low-medium flame until it appears golden brown from both the sides It has become golden brown from both the sides Drain them out Fry all the Gujiyas Likewise We will add the first round in sugar syrup Flip it after 2 minutes We dipped it for 4 minutes in the sugar syrup We will take them out on the plate Drain out the second round too We fried all the Gujiyas It takes 15 to 16 minutes to fry a gujiya We kept its outer covering slightly hard Cook it on the low flame only If we will fry it on the high flame then, it will fry from the outside and will stay raw from the inside The bubbles will also form over it To make the perfect and crispy Gujiya, cook it on the low flame

The different taste of Choorma Gujiya is ready to be served The Gujiyas which were dipped in the sugar syrup is juice from the inside They are sweet from the outside too It is tastier to eat The Gujiyas which were not dipped in the sugar syrup are the best option of those who does not prefer the sweeter food They are sweet from the inside and tasteless covering balances the taste It is an easier process It is time consuming too If two or three people work together to make it then they can make it easily Be attentive while cooking it Knead the stiff dough for it not the stiffer dough It shouldn't be soft While stuffing and sealing the Gujiya, make sure you do not split it with your nails While frying it, make sure the clarified butter is less heated The flame should be low to medium If you will pay attention to these 3 factors then, you will make amazing Gujiya So you cook it and eat it Share your experience with me I really enjoy reading and replying to your comments Do subscribe to my channel

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