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is inflammation of the liver. Hepa is the Latin "liver" and the English suffix "itis" refers to inflammation. is characterized by other conditions such as jaundice, abdominal and stomach discomfort, hepatomegaly and dark urine (this is a sign of severe acidosis).


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What causes hepatitis? A: Toxemia! When an organ such as the liver becomes overly toxic, it becomes inflamed and inflammation causes the organ to expand.

The liver is one of the five elimination channels of the body (whether you are a female, there are six elimination channels). It is the body's main filter organ and can perform more than 500 functions. And because the liver secretes certain substances, it is also a gland. All toxins are first offset or attacked by the liver. The liver is well resistant to toxicity until it becomes overwhelmed and allows less toxic substances to slip through the bloodstream while fighting the most deadly toxins in a sacred posture to save the host.

Certain toxins such as cigarette smoke, alcohol/beer/wine, drugs, so-called vitamin C, illegal drugs (cocaine, heroin, pentachlorophenol, etc.), birth control pills, car exhaust and fumes, carbon monoxide, household cleaning chemicals, Cosmetics and hygiene chemicals have greatly damaged the health of the liver. These things make the liver work harder and work overtime.

Let us not forget the toxins of SAD (Standard American Diet). Meat is a severely saturated toxin, including cancers that cause sodium nitrate and nitrite, synthetic estrogens and chemical dyes. Dairy products contain cow dung and synthetic estrogen.

Meat (slaughtered animal meat), dairy products (bovine snot/mucus/pus) and starch (hardener) produce acid, which causes inflammation of the body, which in turn leads to excessive mucus production in the body.

The liver is the body's first line of defense. This is why the liver must stay healthy. Without a clean, well-functioning liver, you can't live and experience the best health. In fact, whether you delete the letter "R" from the Synonym "liver", what new words do you have now? reply: L-I-V-E !!!

Hepatitis is nothing more than a medical term used to describe liver problems. Now, there are various changes in the disease. The Synonym ends with letters such as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, all of which are so-called viruses. What does the Synonym "virus" mean in the end? reply: Poison! So for Djehuty, hepatitis is just a joke, because I know that hepatitis means that there is mucus blocking the liver, and there is a lot of toxin saturation in the liver. In short, this is hepatitis.

And God forbids a person to get hepatitis vaccine innocently or ignorantly, which is said to help fight hepatitis, because the hepatitis vaccine itself contains toxins or poisons. Therefore, hepatitis vaccination or vaccination failed the entire purpose.

Equally important, I mentioned that toxic livers can play a role in depression (bipolar disorder) whether it does not totally lead to depression. Have you ever heard of the Synonym "melancholy"? Melancholy is two words: "melan" and "choly". Melan = "black" and "choly" = bile. Melancholy means black bile. The bile is initially green, very alkaline, produced by the liver and stored in the gallbladder and released into the digestive tract to neutralize the acid. However, the black bile is acidic and stored in the fourth brain of the body, which is located in the third chakra (sometimes called the fourth chakra) called the solar plexus located above the stomach button (navel). . The fourth brain (the solar plexus) is your "feeling" brain, which explains the "intestine" feeling or the "butterfly in the stomach" feeling/feel that you feel from time to time. whether the fourth brain is damaged, the other three brains located in the head of the nervous system headquarters are also damaged. The human body is truly interconnected and integrated.

An important note about bile – dark green feces/feces that sink at the bottom of the toilet are not a good or healthy sign. People with depression are very acidic (toxic) individuals.

Liver transplant? Why do you have to consider such processes and operations. How to remove a person's toxic liver and hand it over to another person to help a person? Insanity! Remove a toxic liver and replace it with another toxic liver! Pure medical insanity! Poor former NFL player and Chicago Bears running back Walter Payton! He does not have to die. Peyton allegedly died of a unique liver disease. However, in fact, Payton died of ignorance of the truth (healing effects for every disease known to man).

Liver transplantation is now a big commerce. When you know a lot of natural liver (related to the liver) herbs in nature, they are totally unnecessary.

Liver transplantation is now a big commerce. When you know a lot of natural liver (related to the liver) herbs in nature, they are totally unnecessary.

Natural healing hepatitis

Excellent liver or liver herbs include: milk thistle seeds, dandelion roots, Boldo leaves, artichokes, turmeric, Oregon grapes, barberry, Goldenseal roots, Bupleurem, gentian, fenugreek seeds, Chanca Piedra, Fringetree bark, Wahoo Bark, Liverwort, Blue Flag, White Peony, Celadine, Agrimony and Quasisia Chips to name a few. By far the three best liver herbs are milk thistle seeds, dandelion roots and Boldo leaves. Milk thistle seeds is equivalent to excreting the liver and washing it in a washing machine.

Many people consume synthetic vitamin C nowadays, and they definitely don't supply vitamin C or other nutrients. In fact, most of the commercially available vitamin C is just ascorbic acid produced in the laboratory, and the consumption of this special vitamin C can cause great toxicity and harm to your liver. True vitamin C is found in nature (rosehip seeds, hibiscus, West Indian cherries, Camu fruits, Alma fruits, capsicum fruits, etc.).

Question: whether your vitamin C is from ascorbic acid, where does ascorbic acid come from? God does not make ascorbic acid in purely monolithic structure. But men do have your problems here.

Coffee enema

Coffee enema can bring miracles to the liver. It can be executed once a month. Coffee (of course biological) causes the liver to dump toxins like a tree trunk. This process is one of the best treatments for toxic livers. Worried about caffeine? Well, when coffee is administered through the rectum, caffeine is not absorbed by the body. Caffeine is only absorbed when drinking coffee through the mouth. Singer Jane Jackson performs coffee enema. Janet knows some very favourable things about coffee enema. In addition, coffee enema is ideal for overcoming hangovers and migraine headaches.

Castor oil package

The castor oil packaging process is one of my favorite methods of liver cleaning. You apply castor oil (of course external) to your liver, then apply a piece of plastic on it (become very viscous), then place a hot pack on it and let it rest for about two (2) hours. This process is done under a towel or under some newspapers, as the oil slides down the side of the body. The castor oil packaging process can also be carried out monthly or every 3-4 months.

Activated carbon (carbon)

Carbon or activated carbon is the best thing on soil, and we can now clean the body, particularly the liver, particularly toxins. Carbon is something very powerful! It is very alkaline and can poison toxins, heavy metals and harmful gases that weigh 2000 times. This is why we add carbon to our body detoxification kit. Without it, the kit would be incomplete.

Olive oil and castor oil

Olive oil lubricates and purifies the liver, helping to dissolve hardened stones (stones) such as the kidneys, bladder and gallstones. One tablespoon of olive oil can be consumed daily or as needed. Castor oil has the same function as olive oil, but is also an insect repellent (anti-parasitic) in nature because castor oil blocks worms and parasites in the colon and liver.


Fasting is also a good way to clean the liver. Fasting purifies blood, thereby purifying all organs in the body, particularly organs (colon, liver, kidneys, lungs and skin).

Finally, the liver is a natural toxin-containing organ due to the large amount of poison/toxin that we consume every day. The liver always contains dirt. Mothers, do you now understand why children don't like or don't like to eat dinner and eat liver? As a little boy, I hate eating the liver and really never eat it. When you eat the animal's liver, you are eating the most toxic part of the animal.

And watch out for all these liver products on the market in health food stores. My little brother was taking some liver cleansing pills from cattle (bovine, cattle) in the mid-1990s. He didn't have any clues before I finished reading the bottle. The main ingredient of this special liver product is "bovine liver". How do you consume bovine liver to clean the liver? Pure insanity and infinity! And my little brother paid more than $60 for this nonsense.

There are many natural things and processes that can help a person cure 100% of hepatitis, mainly herbs. My good friend brother. Sheik Mamoud Bey told me a few months ago that he had a good friend of hepatitis. He gave the body a detoxification, completed a three-week course of treatment and treatment, then returned to the doctor for examination, and was told by his doctor about his hepatitis. Disappeared. I have helped many people with so-called hepatitis suffer from systemic detoxification or our combination of hepatobiliary-spleen formula and vitamin C. Therefore, I told the American public in the records that hepatitis (A, B and C) is easily cured by herbal and dietary improvements.

Do you know why actor/comedian George Burns can smoke cigars and drink, and still live to 100? reply: Because in addition to laughing (this is a great medicine), he cleans his liver and colon with his liver cleansing herbs and high colon (now called "colonics") and enema nearly every weekend. This man is very smart (in this regard) and knows things that ordinary people don't know. However, what George Burns knows and applies, I just revealed in this short article.

Thank you for reading!

This article is a greeting from www.DHERBS.Com and the Chinese herbalist Djehuty Ma'at-Ra

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By Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

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